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5 Men’s Fashion Trends For Fall 2023

by Lorean
Men's Fashion Trends

Let’s imagine you need to find a killer outfit and don’t have enough time to shop. You walk into the store of Calvin Klein feeling hopeful, but things take an unfortunate turn. The lighting in the dressing room is dim, and your options get worse as you try them one by one. Let’s be honest; till the time I don’t discover an ultimate styling trick, I feel defeated. Clothes for men have become a big business as it has moved from men’s tailor to men’s clothing. With my newfound love for shopping menswear, I’ve rounded up the top 2023 Men’s Fashion trends that anyone can wear.

We’ve more than halfway through 2023, so the idea of gendering tops and bottoms is definitely behind us. Generally, fashion trends can be worn by whoever loves them. Women’s styling trends focus on pieces like corset tops, crochet sets, feather trim, or casual trench. The specificity gives them clear parameters if you want to replicate the vibe – but often leaves little room for personal styling preferences.

Since style for men today value self-expression and the freedom to make their own identities rather than fit into a mold, rules of fashion are few, though quality and fit are the biding principles. For example, there are so many ways to incorporate the sleek ties that Prada highlighted on the Summer 2023 runway.

These men’s fashion tips will be everywhere this fall and will surely revamp your wardrobe for the rest of the season. Check out the top five looks of the year to plan your future outfits. 

Top five looks for Men’s fashion

1. Denim Doubledown

Denim Doubledown

Denim Doubledown | Neonpolice

Men’s and women’s fashion trends often coincide, so it’s not surprising to see an influx of fully denim outfits dominating men’s clothes. You will need a companion when styling an outfit with double denim. And with the right mates – undershirts, belts, and different shades of blue, you’ll be well on your way to nailing Canadian formalwear like a diehard denim guy. Denim bucket hats, frayed hems, oversized shirts, and baggy jeans are clear winners for men’s fashion trends in the denim game.

2. The Masterpiece Tie

The Masterpiece Tie

The Masterpiece Tie | Neonpolice

Neckties, once a required accessory in all professional settings, are now a strong suggestion or done away with altogether. But it’s been a while since they were a conscious fashion decision. For the past five years, the “cool” look at weddings and formal gatherings has been to wear a suit without a tie (much to my parents’ disgust). But like all other classic pieces, it also has managed to loop around and make a comeback. Designers like Dries Van Noten and John Elliot proved that they keep together a more casual outfit like jeans and a leather jacket. The person who is working from home can participate in the trend.

3. Sheer Tops

Sheer Tops

Sheer Tops | Neonpolice

The Sheer tops first appeared in the late 70s and are now back in the limelight. Sheer shirts are an excellent way to update your wardrobe. For the ideal casual summer men’s fashion trend, layer this style of the black top over a white tank. Looking for a party outfit? Combine your translucent shirt with a check-on-check blazer and slacks. The factor that led to sheer tops becoming so famous is that many celebrities like Mendes and Momoa have adorned them. When it comes to fashion, every trend starts on a runway from where it reaches a red carpet and finally reaches the masses.

4. Lounge Set

Lounge Set

Lounge Set | Neonpolice

A lounge or patterned set makes a fashion statement with minimal effort. Wearing a playfully patterned set is the best because it’s a fashion trend you’ll want to copy immediately. Of course, you can always break up the patterns by wearing the top and bottoms individually with basic apparel like jeans or a knit sweater.

5. Plaid Shirts

Plaid Shirts

Plaid Shirts | Neonpolice

Ditch the plaid shirt because we are going for plaid shirts, trench, and coats this fall. Plaids are alive and vibrant and come in multiple doses and shades for men’s fashion. Also, this plaid look is fit for a scarf or a neutral trench coat lining.


Men’s clothing has surpassed men’s tailors in popularity, making it a significant industry. The laws of fashion are minimal today because men’s fashion prioritizes self-expression and the liberty to create their individuality over fitting into a template. Yet the quality and fit remain the guiding principles.

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What fashion trends are out in 2023?
The preppy style for men includes plaid shirts, patterned sets, sheer tops, masterpiece ties, and denim double-downs, enhancing the looks. These are the latest fashion trends that came out this year for men.
Are skinny jeans out in 2023?
The skinny jeans trend can never be dead as they will always look good, regardless of year or season. They always offer a timeless fit and ensure a versatile and flattering look.
How can a man look trendy?
For the summer 2023 season, the trend has gone into overdrive. To look trendy, consider your lifestyle, and stick to neutral and versatile pieces of clothing which make one comfortable. For instance, one can wear a plaid shirt over pants or carry a complete denim look.
How should men dress attractively?
To dress attractively, one should look after his appearance, never shy away from color, wear those jeans which fit him, and spend money on shoes and a good watch. Most importantly, keep accessories to a minimum.

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