Stylish Men's Smart Jackets | Trendy & Versatile Outerwear


Designed in collaboration with Google, it features a touch-sensitive cuff for easy smartphone control.

Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket

With 29 pockets to carry all your gadgets, this jacket keeps you organized and looking sharp.

ScotteVest OTG Jacket

Embrace sustainability with this solar-powered jacket, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket

Ralph Lauren Polo

Tech Jacket

Monitors your biometrics and offers a stylish, sporty look.

Stay dry and comfortable with a jacket that's both waterproof and breathable.

North Face Futurelight Jacket

Keeps you warm in the coldest weather, thanks to intelligent heat control.

Ministry of Supply Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket

"Swipe up and Embrace the future of fashion and technology, and step out in style while staying connected and comfortable."