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10 Best Shirts for Men to have in your Wardrobe

by Lorean

Shirts are no-brainers in a man’s wardrobe, featuring styles every man would want to add to his wardrobe collection. However, your affinity for pinstripes may not always transfer to a romantic date night or a sunny getaway worldwide. There are some specific shirts that every man needs to own. However, there are some shirts that you can wear anywhere, irrespective of the function you are attending. Selecting the color of your shirt can be a challenging task. Enter the guide—a simple checklist that will prepare you for every situation. So, whether going to a wedding or drinking cocktails by the pool, Neon Police has picked the shirt styles you will always want in your wardrobe.

List of Best Shirts for Men

The Workwear Shirt

Whether you’re still on Zoom or walking into an open-plan office in real life, an intelligent workday shirt (think stripes or an ascot check) implies you don’t simply show up; you show up. Striped or printed shirts for men are available in the market that you can buy and can be an excellent choice for your wardrobe. However, you might not be able to wear such shirts at your workplace.

Workwear Shirt for daily uses

Workwear Shirt for daily uses | neonpolice

Short-Sleeved Shirt

Casual without being casual, the short sleeve shirt balances comfort and sophistication like a top-tier trapeze artist. Consider it in a print or a soft, solid color. These shirts for men can be the perfect option if you are going for an adventure or just chilling out somewhere. However, it is essential to understand that you cannot use these shirts for men at the workplace as they can hurt your appearance and might make you look informal.

Short-Sleeved Shirt for summer

Short-Sleeved Shirt for summer | neonpolice

The Printed Shirt

Casual without being irresponsible, the short sleeve shirt walks the line between comfortable and intelligent like a top-tier trapeze artist. Try it in a print or a soft, solid color if you buy them for the first time. At first, they might feel different if you are used to wearing solid shirts all your life. However, these shirts for men are the perfect casual shirt type for any informal activity.

Printed Shirt for party

Printed Shirt for party | neonpolice

The Linen Shirt

Light linen in a delicate pastel shade will always be a winner whether you wish to pair it with chinos or boat shorts—because it’s casual, breezy, and ideal for an Indian summer. Linen shirts are casual for men that you can wear on holiday or for everyday use. Linen shirts for men are incredibly comfortable, which makes them perfect to wear on any occasion.

The Overshirt

The overshirt, once known as the shacked,’ is a simple option to dress light for casual circumstances. A particularly wise investment if you reside in colder climates. These shirts for men have recently gained a lot of popularity and are very common in the fashion industry. Oversized clothes, in general, have become popular and very common these days, and these can be the best shirts for men amongst all the other types of shirts.

Overshirt looks classic

Overshirt looks classic | neonpolice

The Lumberjack Shirt

A checkered, flannel shirt would be the perfect way to convey the kind of sensual, effortless masculinity that never goes out of style. For optimal results, wear open over a wifebeater. These shirts for men have been in fashion for a very long time.

The OCBD Shirt

The OCBD—Oxford Cloth Button Down—is a flexible classic that you can wear to any formal occasion where you want to make a solid impression. Select a color that goes nicely with denim and khakis. These are classic shirts for men who have been in fashion for a long time. These casual shirts for men are available in mostly all the major stores around the country.

The Dress Shirt

Slinging a sport coat over your everyday shirt for date night or a dinner gathering screams poor effort. Therefore, you should invest in a stylish shirt you can wear on any occasion. These shirts for men look the most beautiful in dark silk colors. You can select from various dress shirts that are available in the market. These shirts for men can act as casual or even formal at times.

Dress Shirt for all type colour

Dress Shirt for all type colour | neonpolice

The Holiday Shirt

Deciding what to wear on your holiday can be a challenging task. Therefore you need to research all the shirts for men that are available in the market that can be appropriate for your holiday. If your tropical vacation is worthy of a story highlight on Instagram, it also merits a shirt that knows how to have a good time. It is advisable to select bright designs and airy fabrics for the best outcome.

Holiday Shirt

Holiday Shirt | neonpolice

The Classic White

There’s no better shirt failsafe than a crisp, slim-fit white in a breathable material. Break out in the event of a fashion emergency. These shirts for men are the ultimate classic that every man should have in his wardrobe. You can style these casual shirts for men with a pair of jeans or even formal trousers.

Classic White on formal pants

Classic White on formal pants | neonpolice


So, Neon Police has covered it all if you need a few casual shirts to bulk out your work wardrobe or an OCBD shirt to impress your date. Select your favorite shirt from the options above and pair it with any of your favorite jeans or trousers to make your look unforgettable.


Which type of shirt is best for men?
inen shirts with light soft pastel linen will always be a winner, with chinos or boat shorts, informal, airy, and excellent for the Indian summer.
What are the most popular shirts for men?
The Button-down shirt, dress shirt, linen shirt, and polo shirt are some of the most popular shirts for men to have in their wardrobe.
Which shirt to choose with a tie?
Solids or stripes are preferable alternatives for ties to checkered textiles. – If you wear a solid-colored shirt, you can wear a tie with a pattern. – Wear a solid-colored tie with a striped shirt.
What color shirt should I buy?
If you have been wearing t-shirts all your life, then going for dark color options can be the right decision for you to make.

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