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Hotels In Rome Are The Best When It Comes To Comfort

by Lorean
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Rome may be an old city, but the hotel in Rome is as modern as one would expect from Italy’s capital. The city’s options include an eclectic collection of design, glitz, and pure Italian encouragement. A high-minded guesthouse that’s halfway between a hostel and a hotel, the chance to sleep in an erstwhile monastery, a couple of personal penthouse dwellings with a discreet, as-you-please provider, and plenty of extravagant luxury abodes, from art-filled villas to classy-looking new brand-names To get you started, we’ve gathered a list of the best hotels in Rome, whether you’re looking for a high-end hostel or the best view of the Eternal City. Here are our recommendations for places to stay for your next trip.

List of the best place to stay: 

1.  Hotel Maalot

Hotel Maalot | Neonpolice

Hotel Maalot is a new five-star hotel in Rome that caters to a young, affluent clientele that is looking for colorful, individually tailored rooms furnished with contemporary artwork and swap meet finds. It’s one of the best hotels in Rome. With houseplant hands and reduced wicker high ceilings, observing silky sofas and tiled tables, the cafe and foyers are slightly more relaxing. The Maalot is a welcome change from the tired hotels in Rome’s historic Trevi district. With its mix of landmarks and must-see sights such as the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona, the area is a must-see.

2. J. K. Place Roma

J. K. Place Roma

J. K. Place Roma | Neonpolice


J.K. Place is a very elegant place. When you walk into the reception area, there’s no mistaking that you’re in Rome: white marble carvings, metal lighting, and clumpy-designed holy books line the racks. It’s graceful and modern—hotels in Rome are the type of place where you want to remain permanently. Everything is carefully crafted and completely lavish here, but what makes J.K. Place so special is that everyone, from the restaurant staff (late for your reservation? No problem) to the office manager, who will have your shirt pushed at 1 a.m. because you realized you needed it for the next morning at that time.

3. Rocco Forte House

Rocco Forte House

Rocco Forte House | Neonpolice

The Rocco Forte brand is known for providing some of the most standard and quality hotels in Rome, and Rocco Forte House is no exception. Film stars, musicians, and high rollers are drawn to these residences for their privacy, location, and luxurious accommodations. Your private retreat in an 18th-century palazzo with a panoramic view of Piazza di Spagna is Rocco Forte House. There are only five apartments, each with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining area, as well as a communal rooftop area with some of the best scenery in town. Hungry? Your personal chef is on call 24/7. Tired? Plunge into the tub with Irene Forte shower gels. You’re also right in the middle of everything, among Piazza di Spagna and Via del Babuino.

4. W Rome

W Rome | Neonpolice

Since Marriott first hinted and the best hotels in Rome’s city center that it would be trying to bring its upmarket, risk-taking product to the Eternal City, the entrance of the W has been the talk of the town. The flu epidemic caused some delays, but she’s finally arrived, attracting a well-traveled, design-savvy mass of people who know when they’re onto a positive thing: in this case, a lounge room instead of a lobby, welcome desk pods instead of check-in, and a secret garden with tropical vegetation where you can have a beverage while you stand in line for your room to be prepared. The design team (New York’s Meyer Davis) has created a sophisticated lobby and lounge area, daring to take a traditional setting and add colorful leather furniture against thick stone walls, as well as plenty of reflective surfaces that add a reflective glow to the room. There are eye-catching sculptures and wall-covering art, which are offset by black and grey marble flooring. They’ve kept surprises throughout, such as the secret door in the restroom that leads to the hotel’s secret garden, complete with a kissing bench, bird baths, and water fountains.

Hotel recommendations in Rome, Italy

You’re probably wondering where to stay in Hotels in Rome Itlay if you’re thinking about going to Italy. The Everlasting City has many wonderful neighborhoods, but which one is best for you?

I’ve lived in Rome for over 12 years and can tell you the finest places to stay in Rome based on the duration of your stay and your preferences.

This guidance is divided into two sections: the best neighborhoods in Rome for short visits (1-3 days) and the best neighborhoods in Rome for longer visits (4+ days). You’ll also find a wealth of insider information on travel and what to look out for when making hotel bookings.

If you just have one to three days in Rome, choose a neighborhood near a metro stop.

Why? Buses in Rome can be unreliable, either being out of service or being extremely late. Furthermore, traffic in Rome is notoriously bad, so getting from one location to another can take an eternity. You won’t want to stop wasting commute time if you’re only staying for a few days (or waiting for a delayed bus).

I’ve included information about how close each neighborhood is to the closest metro stop in this guidance. It should be noted that the metro does not serve all areas of Rome. Some communities are only served by buses and trams. While Rome is a very walking city, if you’re short on time or starting to come from the airport/train station, the metro is a must-have. It is also usually quicker than taking the tram.



That concludes the ultimate guide to the top locations to stay in Rome. Rome is a large city with distinct neighborhoods, so it’s critical to choose the best place to stay in Rome for you.

Have you been to Rome before? What hotel did you stay at? Please let me know in the comments. I lived in Rome on and off for a while, which meant I was changing constantly apartment buildings and exploring new neighborhoods. Check the neon police website for more fantastic places to stay. And also check Skyscanner for further details.



What is the safest area to stay in Rome?
Prati is known as Rome’s safest neighborhood, and it is home to many wealthy Roman families. Hotels and apartments close to the Vatican, Pantheon, Campo de Fiori, and Piazza Navona are also in safe and convenient locations.
Which area is best to stay in Rome?
Rome is divided into 22 districts, known as “rioni” in Italian. Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality, price tag, and atmosphere. Trying to figure out which city you must stay in while staying in hotels in Rome can be difficult, particularly when you have to consider your planned route and budget. San Giovanni Roma Termini and San Lorenzo Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori Square Piazza di Spagna Trastever Monti Prati
How old do you have to be to rent a hotel in Rome?
Hotel rooms in Italy vary depending on location, time of year, and any other component that influences hotel room price increases where you live. A minimum age of 18 is typically needed to book a room. However, you must have a credit card that is active.

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