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Reasons why Cloud VPS Hosting could be The Right Choice For You

by Lorean
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After the technology has set its role in the modern days, the best advantage humans have is Cloud VPS hosting. But the major hot topic which is going on is which hosting is better whether Cloud hosting or VPS hosting? Before starting a new organization, you need something that can help you to safeguard the website and other stuff. A good internet solution is everything you need for the same. The serious issue is to choose the right cloud VPS hosting and which one is the best? With HostGator, you will be able to understand which hosting is the best for you. 

Now lets know the functionality, features, and differences between cloud VPS hosting. 

What is cloud VPS hosting?

Before the traditional way was used to secure the networks like VPS and cloud hosting but now Cloud VPS hosting has changed the life of the era of cloud computing. Cloud VPS Hosting was combined both cloud and VPS (Virtual Private Server) into a single web hosting. It is a merger to render flexibility and scalability of cloud hosting, performance and control of VPS hosting. 

In cloud VPS hosting, the website gets the virtual machine that is isolated on the same physical server from the other virtual panels or machines. It lets the users have full control over the website and helps to improve the performance as well. 

Benefits that Cloud VPS Hosting holds-

As cloud VPS hosting is a good and worthwhile option to grow and run the business, it also holds several benefits that you need to know- 

1. Scalability-

Cloud VPS hosting allows you to add or remove any kind of resources stored. It makes the work of scaling easy for the website to scale up and down. You can increase and decrease the number of resources like data, storage, computing power and also the network bandwidth to make a change accordingly.

2. Reliability-

As cloud VPS hosting allows your website to get hosted on multiple servers, even if it fails from one of the servers, it will not stop working.  It also ensures that the performance of the website does not slow down.

3. Increased Security-

With cloud VPS hosting, you get the full security of the resources and data you have stored on the website. As it is used by millions of users, so to take care of the security of your data and other resources, cloud VPS takes the part.

4. Customizable Firewall

With HostGator you can get the best cloud VPS hosting as it allows you to use a fully customized firewall for your business growth. It also maintains the protocol of your liquid web and takes care of your digital assets.

5. Optional VPN 

To keep your data secure with cloud vpn hosting from HostGator, you can add VPN to your cloud setup. This transmission has the encrypted connection between the servers and will only appear in the private network even if they are on the public environment.

5. Load Balancer For Cloud Hosting

As it transfers the networks into multiple networks, it helps to balance out the load of the cloud hosting and website. Hence, it helps the website to run smoothly without any extra glitches or lagging on the website. 

Difference Between Cloud VPS Hosting And Cloud & VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS Hosting  Cloud Hosting and VPS hosting
It has both the features of Cloud and VPS Hosting like scalability, control, and performance.  Cloud Hosting only involves reliability and scalability and VPS hosting manages the control and performance. 
Your website is being segregated from other virtual machines on the same server.  In this, it is dedicated to your virtual machine only. 
Suitable for the business who needs more control over their website and also wants the affordability of cloud hosting. Ideal for the business that are more salable on the hosting solutions with more control than shared hosting. 
As it holds the nature of both cloud and VPS hosting, it has a good performance rate.  Both have good performance but not similar at the same time. 

Here we found out that Cloud VPS hosting is an advanced version of both Cloud and VPS hosting for the great resources and data storage that can be virtually available in the private network environment. 


Here we come to the conclusion that Cloud VPS hosting is a great option and leave behind the traditional method of providing resources to the users. Cloud VPS hosting is reliable, has good scalability, full security approval, and also at the same time transfers it to the multiple servers privately.  For the best services of Cloud VPS hosting, HostGator is the best platform to get the resources from. HostGator not just involves VPS hosting but other web hostings too for the convenience of the users. For more visit neonpolice.


Which is better VPS or cloud hosting?
As per the choice of the web developers and others, cloud hosting is best to keep data, storage and other computing resources. 
Is VPS a cloud service?
Yes, VPS is a cloud service which is operated by web hosting. It virtually splits the single physical machine into multiple private servers that share the resources. 
Is cloud VPS good?
Cloud VPS hosting is more advanced than VPS hosting, hence it is good to share the resources. It not just ensures the security and scalability but also the speed and less management of the resources. 

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