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Show Off Your Music With These Entertainment Website Templates

by Lorean
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Entertainment artists like musicians have unique needs when it comes to building their websites. Their entertainment website templates come with unique features like subscription services, and built-in players that are not often found in other design templates. If you are looking to build a music-forward website, then you must think beyond the appearance of the site and more about what you want the site to do for you.  

Squarespace’s music entertainment website templates are beautifully and thoughtfully designed to incorporate cutting edge UI/UX best practices, which means your website will have the best of the best in ‘form and function’ baked right in.

1. Will Squarespace work for musicians?

Of course, it works for musicians! Why won’t it? By taking a glance through the entertainment website templates on the site, you will know that it is ideal for those whose work is more visual than auditory. The music-friendly templates can help you build a fanbase and promote your music like no other template out there! You will find templates with features like integrated SoundCloud and features to sell merchandise and tracks. 

2. Best Templates For entertainment website templates

From built-in players to fan club capabilities and concert listings, these entertainment website templates come with the features that musicians like you need the most.

1. Waverly



Waverly template is specifically for those who not only create and sell music, but also perform at bars, clubs, and events. The landing page of this template is divided into two parts: one for a photo of the artist and another for a brief description of their work. The navigation bar includes pages for your contact information and links to your SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter. 

The scrolling function takes site visitors through anything you decide to include: photos, tour dates, and more music in stylish block text. To make your site look more professional, you can use the call-to-action button to include ways to sign up for tour updates, newsletters, or any other information.

2. Kitui

The landing page of the Kitui template is made up of two main image blocks: a primary for the background and a secondary for what users often choose to be an album cover. They are also in black-and-white, which gives the site an eclectic vibe that can be accented even further with the bright text color. The landing page design has a single call-to-action button that can be customized.

The front page, emphasizing visuals, enables you to prominently showcase your latest album. Meanwhile, essential sections like ‘tour’, ‘store’, and ‘contact’ are conveniently located in the top left corner, offering additional details for site visitors. The design maintains simplicity, limiting extensive explanatory text to keep the spotlight on your music. Visitors can either listen via integrated Soundcloud or make purchases through the online store.

3. Cruz



The Cruz template is meant for all the musicians out there. The black-and-white look of the template gives it an artistic aesthetic. It uses the scrolling function to mix photos and albums with discography and show locations. This template also comes with a photo gallery that you can use for displaying photos of past performances. The music feature is convenient for adding multiple tracks from Soundcloud. The blog section in the template is a free space to add anything that was not covered elsewhere.

4. Vandam

Specifically for bands, this Vandam template on the site does not include the basic About and Work sections. There are music-specific Merch, Press, Tour, and Home options to help you sell albums and merchandise and let visitors listen to your tracks through the template-integrated Soundcloud. It is easy to customizable this template and you can also add other features that you think you need for your band and to grow your fan base.

There is a full-width homepage that lets you upload a single photo of multiple artists, while the press section features a simple blog. There is one more major perk: the template has a footer section that can be used to display upcoming shows.

5. Jasonwild



Jasonwild is another entertainment website template in which the Listen Now button on the landing page lets the music do the talking. The full-bleed, soft-focus image gives the website the feel of an underground nightclub. There are headers like music, tour, and store on the top that lets you include all relevant information without taking any focus away from your main image. Another feature of this template is the Wild Club fan club option, which allows members to sign up to receive exclusive content and early news.



The above list includes a mix of entertainment website templates that are specially made for musicians who want their work to look stunning and show off their music in a unique way. Take your time and lay out exactly what you want your website to look like and how you want it to do for your career as a musician. Keep in mind the various features of these entertainment website templates and search the site by words like ‘DJ’ or ‘music’ to find more such templates on Squarespace. 

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What are entertainment website templates?
An entertainment website template is a ready-to-use layout that focuses on creating high-quality entertaining-based content for a specific target audience. It could be about anything, be it news, videos, films, music, blog posts, or films.
How do I choose the right entertainment website template?
Decide on website elements, features and functions
Find a template that checks most of your boxes
Determine the type of website you need
Customize your website template
Can I customize the templates to match my brand?
Yes, you can customize the template according to your brand’s needs.

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