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Fashion Advice for Every Body Shape For Men

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Body Type (Men)

You cannot resemble the man in the picture despite a careful choice of clothes with the conscious matching of colors and patterns to style an outfit. You probably overlooked a small but vital factor while styling your outfit, body Shape. Different bodies have different dimensions and shapes. Therefore, we all have unique bodies. However, it is significant to understand that no average or perfect body Shape exists. Hence, a guy must know his body shape to style the perfect outfit for himself and showcase his best.

Men’s Body Shapes And their Suitable Outfits


Triangle Body Shape

Triangle | neonpolice

In this type of body shape, men have a larger dimension of waist and hips than the upper body. Hence, the design of clothes for this body shape should create an effect of a wide top and narrow waist to balance the proportion. It would be best to consider how your clothing will help you achieve balance and shape.

  • The combination of a fit waistcoat with a check blazer and solid trousers fit this body shape. The duo of patterns and solid colors will provide the visibility of body shape and distract attention from the wider waist.
  • The sleek appearance of vertical stripes lengthens and slims the upper torso. 
  • Horizontal stripes are favored, provided they are noticeable from the chest vertical.
  • Jackets having slouchy shoulders will overstate your shoulder line. Hence, it would be best if you chose structured jackets.
  • Prints and details across the chest and shoulder area help to widen the narrow upper body. Thus, go for jumpers and crew neck t-shirts with color panels over the chest area and darker colors in the middle section.

2. Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle | neonpolice

The inverted triangle body shape is another body Shape with the base at the shoulders and the belly button. The chest and shoulder portions are broader than the hip area. A narrow waist and emphasized shoulders and thighs result from intense gym workouts. Your outfit strategy is to highlight your toned and fit body.

For a muscular body, closely fit clothes that focus on the sharp lines of the body are perfect. Therefore to balance the upper body proportion, add bulkiness to the rest of the body.

  • The horizontal strip pattern is perfect only for the middle and lower parts of your body to add some width.
  • Ensure to size up while wearing shirts to flaunt out your wonderfully fit body. Instead of shouting about your fitness by donning figure-hugging outfits, give a hint of it.
  • A slim cotton polo shirt stretching across your shoulders and chest will give a tailored look at the waist area.
  • Since the collar shape narrows your chest and deflects attention from the broadest area of your body by directing it downward, V-necks are best for you.
  • Patterned pants, military shorts, or checked pants draw attention away from your somewhat broad upper body. You should avoid wearing skinny-fit jeans.
  • Go for jackets that are slim-fit and have more gaps between the widths of the chest and the waist.

3. Rectangle


Rectangle | neonpolice

Men with this body shape have a thin and tall appearance with almost the same shoulder, waist, and hips dimensions. You can create a mild taper look from top to bottom by wearing apparel that widens the shoulders. Achieving a nipped-in shape across the body’s center is crucial and easy.

  • Horizontal stripes, particularly over your chest area, are highly advised because they will give your thin frame more width.
  • Structured tailoring via blazers and suit jackets add width to your shoulders and draws attention to your waist.
  • For instance, a button-down shirt and a crew neck jumper layered look will add instant bulkiness to your frame.
  • A well-tied or draped scarf is a simple method to distinguish your appearance and elongate your chest area.
  •  Brighter colors and details will enlarge the dimensions of your otherwise skinny frame.

4. Oval


Oval | neonpolice

The center of the torso in this body shape has more dimensions than the shoulder and hip portions. It is visible in the remaining body with shorter, wider limbs that broaden at midpoints. Hence, guys with an oval body Shape like clothing that slims and frames them a little. The rule is to go for simplicity and choose dark solid colors.

  • Always go for comfortable and loose waist trousers to avoid wrinkles.
  • Wear suspenders or braces whenever you get the chance. They slightly draw out the trouser front, allowing it to flow smoothly beyond the crotch.
  • The pants should always fit at the natural waist, where they can flow softly over the bottom of your stomach instead of forcing it all upward.
  • Men with large thighs and bottoms should go for pleated pants so that the sitting posture is comfortable.
  • A shirt must fit properly to prevent billows that add even more bulk or wrinkles. Choose a brand that suits you, if necessary. A spacious collar spread is ideal for big guys.
  • The suitable jacket for huge guys should be dark, single-breasted, and barely tapered. It will be challenging to button and stretch over the stomach with a sharply tapered waistline. The jacket frames the body, effectively sandwiching it between two thin lines, making it an ideal addition to practically any ensemble.
  • Using a bow tie can help you avoid wearing a tie that hangs over your tummy bulge.

5. Trapezoid


Trapezoid | neonpolice

In the trapezoid body shape, the narrowest part is the waist, and the broadest one is the collarbone and shoulder. As a key for your outfit, wearing slim and fitted clothing will highlight your athletic body Shape. If you are average in height and build, always have a few standout features in your collection. In the jacket, a simple colored pocket square makes a big impression. Also, good shoes and a quality watch both have the same impact.

  • Avoid wearing garments that are too big. Look for a brand that offers a snug fit, or have your pants tailored.
  • You can choose most of the colors and patterns depending on your taste.
  • Shirts having vertical lines will offer a lengthening effect on your body. At the same time, plaids and checks give a horizontal effect. Therefore, your height will decide which one is the best fit for you.
  • Go for blazers and suit jackets, as they will make your waist look slimmer and give a broadening effect to your shoulders.
  • Maintain a standard width and length of neckties. Ties that are short, slender, fat, or any other unusual size disrupt the balance of your torso.
  • A person with an average build requires clean lines and a solid sense of style to seem sharp. The greatest don’ts include entirely plain outfits, generic-looking, and anything loosely fit.


Your body Shape depends on the dimensions of your shoulders, waist, and hips. Depending on your body type, you can easily choose the style that suits you perfectly and showcases your body’s best portions. The body with a triangle shape is wider at the hips, while the inverted triangle shape is broader at the shoulders. In the case of rectangular shapes, the dimensions all over the body are almost the same. Oval shaped body is wider at the waist while the trapezoid body is narrowest in that portion of the torso. Hence, knowing your body type will assist you best in planning your outfit.


  • How should I dress for my body shape?
    There are five types of body shapes for men. It would be best if you accordingly decided on your outfit.The Triangle body shape is broader at the hips and waist. Hence, the outfit that gives the narrowing effect to the top is ideal.
    The inverted triangle body shape is broader in the upper body. Therefore, the style chosen should balance the wider upper body.
    Since the rectangle body Shape has almost equal dimensions of the upper and lower torso, you should pick up the outfit giving a narrowing effect to the waist.
    The oval-shaped body is broader at the waist. Going for waist narrowing and shoulder broadening outfits can balance it.
    A trapezoid body shape with a narrow waist and broader shoulders looks perfect in slim and fit clothing.
    How do I find my style if I like everything?
    After knowing your body shape, you can choose a fashion ideal for yourself with the same body type. You can look at the way of styling the outfits and accessorizing them. It will assist you in planning your wear.
    What are the five body types?
    The five main body types are:

    Inverted triangle

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