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Elevate Your Culinary Experience With Komputronik’s Heating Plates

by Lorean
Heating plates

A heating plate is a compact and portable kitchen appliance designed to provide heat for cooking or warming purposes. It serves as a versatile alternative to traditional stovetops and is commonly used in various settings, including homes, dormitories, offices, and even outdoor spaces. Modern advancements have led to induction heating plates, which utilize electromagnetic technology to heat the cookware directly. This technology offers rapid heating, precise temperature control, and enhanced safety features. Heating plates are popular among students, professionals, and individuals with limited kitchen spaces, as they provide a convenient solution for quick and easy meal preparation. Komputronik’s curated selection of heating plates stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to catering to diverse cooking preferences. From classic designs to the cutting-edge efficiency of induction hot plates, the collection reflects Komputronik’s dedication to culinary innovation. 

Advantages of Best Electric Hot Plates: 

Heating plates offer a range of benefits, including space efficiency, versatility, and energy-saving capabilities. They are particularly useful for cooking tasks that don’t require a full-size stove, such as boiling water, warming sauces, or sautéing small portions of food. 

  1. Space Efficiency: Electric hot plates are designed to fit seamlessly into various kitchen settings, making them ideal for small spaces, dorm rooms, and even outdoor cooking adventures.
  2. Versatility at Its Best: These plates cater to a multitude of cooking tasks, from boiling and simmering to sautéing and keeping dishes warm, accommodating a diverse range of culinary endeavors.
  3. Energy-Saving Brilliance: Electric hot plates are energy-efficient, focusing heat directly onto the cooking vessel. This direct heat transfer minimizes energy waste and ensures quicker cooking times.
  4. Instant Gratification: Unlike traditional stovetops, electric hot plates offer instant heating capabilities, allowing for swift and efficient meal preparation without the need for extended preheating times.

Selecting the Ideal Hot Plate: 

1. Electrolux EHF16240XK 

Electrolux EHF16240XK 

Electrolux EHF16240XK | Neonpolice

The Electrolux EHF16240XK is a versatile ceramic hob that combines modern design with advanced features. With 4 electric fields and touch panel controls, it offers efficient cooking at your fingertips. Its sleek black frame finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen, while the additional HiLight fields enhance functionality. This built-in hob, measuring 57.6cm in width and 51.6cm in depth, delivers both style and performance, making it a perfect choice for culinary enthusiasts seeking a seamless and sophisticated cooking experience.

2. Bosch Series 4 PUE611BB5E 

Discover the epitome of culinary excellence with a hob that combines innovation and style—the 4-induction-field masterpiece. Its frameless design in elegant black enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen while providing an array of advanced features. Seamlessly navigate your cooking journey with the touch panel controls, offering both convenience and precision at your fingertips. Boasting a compact yet efficient size of 5.1cm in height, 59.2cm in width, and 52.2cm in depth, this hob seamlessly integrates into your kitchen space. With 4 induction zones, a connected power of 4.6 kW, and heating plate control through intuitive sensors, this built-in marvel offers a harmonious blend of power and finesse for your culinary creations, transforming your cooking sessions into a delightful experience that marries innovation and elegance.

3. Beko HII64400MT 

Beko HII64400MT 

Beko HII64400MT | Neonpolice

Embrace the epitome of culinary advancement with a 4-induction-field hob that seamlessly integrates power and style. With a recessed finish in sleek black and dimensions of 5.2cm in height, 59cm in width, and 52cm in depth, this hob effortlessly complements your kitchen’s aesthetics. Boasting 4 induction zones, a connected power of 7200 kW, and the added convenience of a timer, this built-in masterpiece redefines cooking efficiency. It’s not just a hob; it’s a harmonious blend of innovation and elegance that transforms your culinary endeavors into a symphony of flavors and precision.

4. Beko HIBG64120SX 

Experience culinary excellence with a 4-burner gas hob that seamlessly combines functionality and style. With enameled grates and dimensions of 4.4cm in height, 61cm in width, and 51cm in depth, this gas on steel hob effortlessly enhances your kitchen aesthetics. Featuring 4 gas burners, igniter-in-knob functionality, and precise heating plate control through knobs, this built-in masterpiece redefines cooking convenience. It’s not just a hob; it’s a fusion of innovation and sophistication that elevates your culinary pursuits to a new level of precision and performance.

5. Whirlpool AKM268IX 

Whirlpool AKM268IX 

Whirlpool AKM268IX | Neonpolice

Experience culinary mastery with a 4-burner gas hob that seamlessly fuses performance and elegance. With a steel finish and silver hue, complemented by steel grates, this hob’s aesthetic charm is matched only by its functionality. Boasting 4 gas burners, a connected power of 7.3 kW, and intuitive knob controls for precise heating plate management, this built-in marvel sets a new standard for cooking convenience. It’s not just a hob; it’s a symphony of efficiency and sophistication that transforms your kitchen into a haven of culinary possibilities.


Heating plates by Komputronik exemplify the synergy between technology and culinary excellence. They embody the future of cooking, offering efficiency, precision, and convenience that fit seamlessly into our fast-paced lives.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a busy professional, or someone who appreciates efficiency in the kitchen, Komputronik’s heating plates cater to a spectrum of cooking needs. With their reliability, versatility, and advanced features, these plates bring culinary innovation right to your fingertips. For more information, visit Neon Police. 


What is the purpose of a heating plate?
The purpose of a heating plate is to provide a compact and portable cooking surface for various culinary tasks. Whether it’s for boiling water, simmering sauces, sautéing, or keeping dishes warm, heating plates offer a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional stovetops. They are particularly useful in spaces with limited kitchen area or as an additional cooking surface for outdoor or on-the-go cooking. Heating plates are designed to quickly and evenly distribute heat to the cookware placed on them, allowing for precise temperature control and faster cooking times.
What are the precautions for hot plates?
When using a hot plate, it’s essential to observe certain precautions to ensure safety and optimal performance. Firstly, always place the hot plate on a stable and heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials. Avoid overloading the plate with oversized or heavy cookware that might disrupt its balance. Regularly clean the plate to prevent food residue buildup that can affect its efficiency. Additionally, be cautious of the hot surface and use oven mitts or pot holders when handling cookware. Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and maintenance to prevent accidents and extend the lifespan of the hot plate.
What is the temperature range of a heating plate?
The temperature range of a heating plate typically varies based on the model and type. Electric hot plates usually offer temperature control options ranging from low to high settings, with temperatures ranging from around 100°C (212°F) to 500°C (932°F) or more. Induction hot plates, on the other hand, can often reach higher temperatures more quickly due to their direct heating method, offering precision control in the range of 60°C (140°F) to 240°C (464°F) and beyond. It’s essential to check the specifications provided by the manufacturer to understand the temperature range of a specific heating plate model.
What are the different types of heating plates?
Heating plates come in various types to cater to diverse cooking needs. Electric hot plates utilize coils or solid elements for even heating and are suitable for basic cooking tasks. Induction hot plates employ electromagnetic technology for rapid and precise heating directly at the cookware’s base, offering energy efficiency and enhanced safety. Gas hot plates use open flames for traditional cooking and are preferred for tasks requiring high heat. Each type offers unique benefits, allowing users to choose the heating plate that best suits their culinary preferences and kitchen setup.

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