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Swoon-worthy Men’s Bomber Jackets That Will Make Winter Fashion The Easiest Game You Have Ever Played

by neonp
Men's Bomber Jacket

Men’s Bomber Jacket had the name ‘flight jackets’ in its infancy. What was once sort of a uniform made by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in WW1 to keep the fighter pilots warm in the uninsulated and open-air cockpits of the early planes had quickly evolved into a marker of fashion post the WW2 itself. Today, it is one of the most common jackets for all genders and has never shown any sign of slowing down. In this blog, Neon Police will talk about how you can choose the perfect men’s bomber jackets for your winter wardrobe and how you can slay in them with minimal efforts.

What are Bomber Jackets?

Since their inception itself, men’s bomber jackets have had an unparalleled effect in the fashion industry. They started growing popular in the general populace in the 40s when it was accepted in daily fashion from the ruggedness of army life.

What gave it a permanent boost in popularity was its rebellious look in Marlon Brando’s (Swoon!) A Streetcar Named Desire and James Dean’s (Further Swoon!) Rebel Without a Cause. The jacket soon became an emblem of that young, dashing, and rebelling hero who has the charisma of a knight.

Then came Top Gun in the 80s with Tom Cruise (How much swoon is too much swoon?) and the action hero look was established for bomber jackets. Do you remember that silver bomber jacket on Ryan Gosling (I mean- kill me already) in Drive? That jacket is ICONIC and nobody can negate that line.

Features of an Authentic Men’s Bomber Jacket?

Zipper and Button Closure Options

Men’s Bomber jackets offer versatility not only in style but also in closure options. Some feature the classic full-zip design, while others incorporate button closures for a touch of elegance. This flexibility caters to different tastes and occasions, making them a go-to choice for any situation.

Ribbed Cuffs and Collar

One of the defining features of bomber jackets is their ribbed cuffs and collar which provides you an extra layer of insulation against the cold and helps retain your body heat. The cuffs also offer you a snug fit around the wrist, keeping you cozy and stylish at the same time.


Men’s bomber jackets come with many internal and external pockets where you can stash your essentials like keys, phone, or even a small wallet conveniently. These pockets ensure your style doesn’t compromise practicality. Most of the pockets have flap pockets on the front and additional side pockets.

Outer Material and Lining

Men’s bomber jackets come in a wide range of fabrics, from classic nylon and polyester to leather, suede, and even lightweight wool blends, all of which cater to different seasons, moods, and occasions, allowing men to stay comfortable and stylish in a variety of settings. The lining too is very important for heat retention. The lining must be well sewn and should have a quilted inner lining for further insulation.

Top Picks For Men’s Bomber Jackets

1.   Jack & Jones Khaki Quilted Puffer Bomber Jacket

Jack & Jones Khaki Quilted Puffer Bomber Jacket

Jack & Jones Khaki Quilted Puffer Bomber Jacket | Neonpolice

This Jack & Jones Khaki Quilted Puffer Bomber Jacket has handy side pockets and is a fashionable addition to any cold-weather wardrobe. It has a zip-up front closure, long sleeves, and a collarless style, so you can throw on your favorite branded shirt and jeans and be set for whatever the weekend brings. Embrace the classic cut, keep warm, and look great with this adaptable outerwear.

2.   Navy Twill Bomber Jacket

This Navy Twill Bomber Jacket has a sleek and contemporary collared neckline, long cuffed sleeves, side pockets, and a zip-up front closure. The jacket is made of a sturdy twill cloth and has a standard fit that will give you the perfect silhouette. The outside is made up of one hundred percent cotton, while the lining is made of 100% polyester for maximum comfort and warmth.


3.   Black Leather-Look Oversized Bomber Jacket

Black Leather-Look Oversized Bomber Jacket

Black Leather-Look Oversized Bomber Jacket | Neonpolice

This classic Black Leather Oversized Bomber Jacket has a leather-like texture, making it the must-have item of the season. The jacket complements all kinds of hoodies and jeans as effortlessly as it does shirts and chinos. This loose jacket features a classic round neckline, long sleeves with cuffs, and a zipper running down the front.

4.   Khaki Twill Bomber Jacket

This Khaki Twill Bomber Jacket features a collared neckline, long cuffed sleeves, convenient side pockets, and a secure zip-up fastening. Crafted from durable twill fabric, it offers a comfortable and regular fit. The shell is made of 100% Cotton, with rib details composed of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane, while the lining is 100% Polyester.

5.   Jack & Jones Stone Bomber Jacket

Jack & Jones Stone Bomber Jacket

Jack & Jones Stone Bomber Jacket | Neonpolice

This Jack & Jones Stone Men’s Bomber Jacket boasts a high neckline, long sleeves, and side pockets, providing functionality and style. Its zip-up fastening ensures easy wear, while the soft woven fabric guarantees comfort. The jacket has a decent regular fit and 100% polyester composition. You can easily layer it over a logo tee and pair it with your favorite jeans for a chic weekend look that’s sure to turn heads.


With as many swoon examples of fashion icons wearing the stunning men’s bomber jackets, Neon Police has practically listed every reason why you must invest in a cool bomber this winter. With the ability to elevate LITERALLY any outfit, bomber jackets are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Check out these high quality classic men’s bomber jackets suggested by Neon Police and New Look; you will surely not be disappointed.


What is special about a bomber jacket?
A bomber jacket is not only lightweight, it also manages to maintain your body’s heat by retaining a major portion of it because of its sealing cuffs and waistbands.
When should you wear a bomber jacket?
Men’s Bomber Jackets are typically for the transitional weather when it’s not nail biting cold, but the breeze would still not let you survive in a single tee.
Can you wear bomber jackets at night out?
Yes, absolutely. Bomber jackets are very fashionable and are a classic choice for night outs.

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