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Explore The Best Hotels In Seattle For Your Next Trip

by Lorean
Best Hotels In Seattle

Despite the epidemic, Best Hotels In Seattle, Hotel market has recently experienced a much-needed infusion of excitement and reinvention, from introducing new CitizenM outlets to launching Lotte, a traditional South Korean luxury brand. The historic Fairmont Olympic in Downtown Seattle underwent a massive makeover. The original owners and designers of local treasure Hotel Ballard sold it to hitherto silent partner John Lowrance and his wife, Adele Maruo. Following an increase in new hotels in past years—The Graduate and Palihotel in 2018, The State in 2019—visitors may more easily select a hotel that meets their requirements, budgets, and interests. Read the full article curated by Neonpolice to learn about the best hotels in Seattle and the best hotels in downtown Seattle. Also, you can see the official website on booking.com to get some great insights on the best hotels in Seattle.

List of Best Hotels in Seattle

There are multiple ways to find the best hotels in Seattle. Therefore, Neonpolice has curated a list of the best hotels in Seattle for easy research. The list of the best hotels in Seattle is as follows:

1. Seattle Graduate

Seattle Graduate

Seattle Graduate | Neonpolice

The Graduate, one of the few exceptional hotels outside the core Downtown district, is minutes from the University of Washington campus and has a spectacular view, which the rooftop bar takes full advantage of it. Because of the building’s unusual, original architecture, nearly all 158 rooms have corner views of the city. The University District focuses on the University of Washington, which means many young people, cheap food, a lot of pubs, and easy access to public transit. The negative is that there is a lot of street noise, and it is incredibly late at night. Even individuals who are no longer students will find entertainment nearby. A block away, the Neptune Theatre entertains people with music and comedy, and the picturesque UW campus is worth a trip for the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture or the Henry Art Gallery. A few streets away, on Saturday mornings, the adjacent University District Farmers Markets, one of the country’s oldest and most significant local farmers markets, opens its doors.

2. Hotel Theodore

Hotel Theodore

Hotel Theodore | Neonpolice

The Provenance chain’s recent renovation of Seattle’s elderly Roosevelt Hotel has an open lobby with an atrium roof, low-slung armchairs with gleaming leather cushions, and the same blue and caramel elements seen in the 153 rooms and suites above. This hotel opened in November 2017 and immediately drew internet bargain seekers who took advantage of early bargains. Given the stylish, brand-new furniture and the prime downtown location, this is a budget-conscious traveler’s dream. Bath enthusiasts should book a Studio Suite to luxuriate in a magnificent clawfoot tub surrounded by white subway tiles. There’s also a nightly ‘local craft cocktail hour,’ with a local spirit and one or two drinks to explore.

3. Thompson Seattle

Thompson Seattle

Thompson Seattle | Neonpolice

The Thompson delivers one of the most enjoyable stays in Seattle, with exquisite design touches, breathtaking vistas, and a hazardous number of delicious cocktails flowing from its two bars. The hotel has swiftly established a reputation as Seattle’s most fashionable, thanks to an angular glass facade designed by local company Olson Kundig and modern-yet-friendly furniture within. Dark woods, blue accents, and majestic pin-striped duvets are throughout the rooms, which are smartly appointed and restrained. Furthermore, you hear it always: The Thompson boasts the friendliest personnel in town.

4. Seattle Lotte Hotel

Seattle Lotte Hotel

Seattle Lotte Hotel | Neonpolice

This Philippe Starck-designed hotel takes up 16 stories of the spectacular 44-story F5 tower in Downtown Seattle. Because of the ideal location, practically everything is within walking distance, including the historic Pike Place Market.

The apartments appear much more significant than they are, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows with expansive views of Elliott Bay. On the 16th level of the hotel, Charlotte restaurant serves the envisioned ideal of Northwest cuisine: Alaskan halibut, king salmon, and Dungeness crab. The beverages, which include a fantastic choice of toast-worthy sparkling wines, live up to the luxury—and are reasonably priced during happy hour on Tuesday through Saturday afternoons.

5. Hotel Edgewater

Hotel Edgewater

Hotel Edgewater | Neonpolice

The Edgewater is a traditional Seattle hotel with mountain lodge furnishings on the waterfront. Children are prevalent in this area, and the hotel caters to them with teddy bears and bathtime rubber duckies.

6. Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel

Seattle's Four Seasons Hotel

Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel | Neonpolice

It is a luxury with a woodsy Pacific Northwest feel. The rooms are spacious, and amenities include a rooftop infinity pool and espresso-themed massages at the spa. The hotel Tesla to take you around is all part of the pampering experience, but believe us when we say the main draw here is the views—gorgeous, moody Elliott Bay vistas that are unobstructed and completely captivating.

7. Seattle South Lake Union CitizenM

Seattle South Lake Union CitizenM

Seattle South Lake Union CitizenM | Neonpolice

In 2020, the Seattle facility of Dutch hotel firm CitizenM will become the company’s first West Coast site. It risks having a soulless vibe with possibilities for entirely contactless service and total control of room amenities (lights, heat, blinds) via the app. However, the company’s focus on low-budget rooms with high-end features still encompasses the service and the building.

The rooms are basic yet modern and comfortable, built for those who want to spend time exploring the city, co-working on the living room-like main floor, or meeting friends in the busy lobby of this central hotel that feels stylish and intriguing. The compact rooms have numerous amenities: huge beds, powerful showers, and blackout shades. The decor’s simplicity is appropriate.


While planning your next trip with family and friends, these are the best hotels in Seattle. Moreover, you can also check out the official website of Neonpolice to learn more about the best hotels in Seattle Washington, and the best hotels in Seattle downtown.


What is the best part of Seattle to stay in?
Tourists’ Favorite Seattle Neighborhoods

  • Pioneer Square.
  • Waterfront.
  • Seattle Center.
  • South Lake Union.
  • Capitol Hill/First Hill.
Where do rockstars stay in Seattle?
The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle has a reputation for being a rock and roll haven, with noteworthy guests including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain, and Stevie Wonder.
What is the #1 hotel in the US?
Tallman Hotel is the number one hotel in the US. 


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