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The Crepe City London Dominates As Europe’s Leading Event

by Lorean
Crepe City London

Ever heard of the Crepe City Sneaker Festival – yes, the leading event in Europe and it still remains so! The event started its journey in London in 2009 by hosting a small event in a basement venue and since then, it has grown massively as the sneaker scene in the UK has accentuated. It is a great place for sneakerheads and streetwear fans to meet other members of the clan and make the best out of the event.

Major Crepe City Events Of The Last And This Year

Crepe City Amsterdam 2022

Crepe City London

Crepe City London

The event debuted in Amsterdam last year, where 150 traders from the Netherlands and the UK showcased the rarest and unique pairs of trainers. It was held on Sunday 31 July 2022, lasting 6.5 hours, at NDSM Loads.

The tickets were of three sorts: VIP, Standard, and, Afternoon. VIP tickets included one hour of exclusive access, entry from noon plus a drink; standard tickets included an entry from 13:00; afternoon tickets included an entry from 14:30. All ages were welcomed and there was free entry for children under 10 when accompanied by an adult.

The event was power-packed with competitions, panel discussions, live performances, and DJs. There were street foods and bars too. There was a huge range of exclusive sneakers from brands like Nike, Air Jordan, and Yeezy and trendy streetwear from Supreme, Palace, Stussy, etc.

Crepe City London 2022

Crepe City London

Crepe City London

The event was quite interactive and fun. It was held at BOXPARK Wembley on Sunday, November 6, 2022, between 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Crepe City has collaborated with renowned brands like Foot Locker Europe to promote their products. Foot Locker is a leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailer and has been in the market for more than 30 years. Furthermore, Crepe City has served smaller resale platforms by helping them gain visibility in the market.

The publicised collaboration between luxury brand Dior and the world’s leading basketball sneaker brand Nike Air Jordan stole the limelight, and the resale value of ‘Jordan 1 Retro High’ went up to €6,000. Martin Lotti, VP of Design at Jordan Brand, said “Our partnership with Dior offers a new look into the style of basketball and blends high-end streetwear with luxury fashion”. Everyone had their eyes on the much-awaited collaboration

Crepe City Berlin 2023

Crepe City London

Crepe City London

The Crepe City returned to Berlin, bigger and better than that of 2022 at STATION BERLIN (Luckenwalder Straße, 10963 Berlin) on November 19, 2023. The event was breathtaking as sneakerheads from all over Europe came together to cherish their love for sneakers and street-style wear

The event was filled with leading retailers from all over Germany. They offered the sexiest pairs from brands like Nike, Jordan, and Yeezy, as well as rare finds and it excited the crowd like nothing. It engaged both a seasoned collector and a layman, as the festival offered something for all people out there. There was a wide range of sneakers from celebrated classics to ecstatic trending models.

The Crep Protect was also present with their on-site sneaker cleaning service, plus they hosted varied games and giveaways with their free ‘Cop or Flop’ key master machine. The StockX was also present there and their authentication team helped the buyers to verify their sneakers on-site, also there were surprise merch giveaways and a chance to win sneakers at the Guess the Grail Spectacular!

The event was a perfect portrayal of fashion infused with passion. There were captivating stage programmes with performances by some of Berlin’s biggest DJs and the street food vendors offered mouth-watering foods

Crepe City London 

Crepe City London

Crepe City London

Yes, it will return to London on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at BOXPARK Wembley, where the sneaker vendors of the UK will showcase the best of the best designs, the rarest and richest pairs of trainers out there. The event will be for 8 hours, right from 12:00 – 20:00 GMT.

The Crepe City London will not just offer coveted sneakers but also some appetising food, as well as crème de la crème performances and a DJ playing throughout the day.

 Indeed, it is going to be an epic event that a true sneakerhead won’t want to miss out on. The day will be all about immense fun with a wide range of exclusive collectables of sneakers and apparel. The Crepe City London 2023 will surely offer a big opportunity to interact and connect with other sneakerheads, divulge the latest trends, and explore and exploit an exquisite marketplace. The event offers something or the other for everyone out there, be it a veteran connoisseur or a novice dilettante

One can indulge in the excitement of venturing into their dream pairs or just get involved in the pleasure of browsing the vast collection. Well with a variety of sneakers in there, one is sure to find a desirable one. In addition, one should certainly check out StockX activation, with Legit Checkers in attendance to stand a chance to win some amazing pairs. Crep Protect will also be in attendance to keep one’s sneakers looking new and also, bring their ‘Cop or Flop’ key master machine to stand a chance to win some wild prizes.

Also, Boxpark Wembley is the gourmet street food destination of an epicure, right in the heart of Wembley Park, with 22 amazing restaurants and 3 bars.

Crepe City London is not merely a  chance to go on a shopping spree but a festival – a celebration for a community of companionable individuals with a mutual passion for sneakers and street culture, having fuel for establishing a strong bond, exchanging stories and goodies, and procuring insightful insiders.

The icing on the cake is the host Nova will be on stage with engaging games and exciting giveaways and also there will be a special showcase performance from Sneakbo. Interesting, right?

Crepe City London 2023 – Tickets

Crepe City London

Crepe City London

The tickets are of two sorts for the Crepe City London Festival – early admission and standard admission. The early admission ticket includes entry to experience the event from 11 a.m. and also includes a free drink (beer or soft drink, while beer is only for 18+ – ID will be required). On the other hand, the standard admission ticket includes entry to experience the event from noon.

All ages are welcome in Crepe City London as there are no age requirements and there will be free entry for children below 12 when accompanied by an adult. The beautiful and considerate part, the venue is wheelchair accessible, and safety measures will be in place.

So get your tickets ASAP and become part of the amusing event!




Crepe City Sneaker Festival is a must-visit, high-spirited event for sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts. Surely, the kind, one would certainly remember. A fine place for camaraderie with fellow sneakerheads, and jovial fun with live performances. The festival returned to major cities like Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, and Amsterdam in 2023 and now it is returning to London. The Crepe City London 2023 is going to be fun, taking over Boxpark Wembley again with its breathtaking events all along. For more information, visit Neonpolice.


What is Crepe City London?
Crepe City Sneaker Festival is a leading event in Europe and is returning to London this winter.
When and where Crepe City 2023 is taking place?
Crepe City 2023 is taking place in London on November 26 at BOXPARK Wembley
How can one purchase tickets for Crepe City London 2023?
One can buy tickets for Crepe City London from platforms such as Boxpark, and Eventbrite.

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