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Protect Your Data Online Using NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitoring Feature

by Lorean
Dark Web Monitor

As we are advancing in digital technology, we have started to share every single information online. At present, all our specific details and information are shared with many sites and organizations that we don’t know about. We even don’t care about where our details are being stored while registering on new sites, using social media, and much more. Do you know that all that information may pose a threat to you if shared on the dark web? That’s why protecting your online data is necessary now. And NordVPN’s dark web monitoring is a very reliable and helpful feature in this case. 

In this blog, learn more about the dark web monitor of NordVPN, how to enable it and why is it necessary. 

What exactly is a Dark Web?

It’s different from the easily accessible information on the internet that most people think that the entire web is. It cannot be accessed using conventional search engines. To ensure total privacy, you need to use special browsers like Tor, which routes web page requests across several proxy servers. All of the Dark Web sites are only accessible through Tor and have strange domain names that finish in .onion to make them considerably more difficult to track. The dark web resembles an area used for illegal behavior.

What is a Dark Web Monitor?

Dark web monitor

Dark web monitor | neonpolice

A dark web monitor is a cybersecurity service that scans the dark web for sensitive information and personally identifiable information (PII). It helps you proactively respond to leaked data before damage is done. The tool finds stolen or leaked information, such as compromised passwords, credentials, intellectual property, and other sensitive data being shared and sold among criminals operating on the dark web.

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How does a dark web monitor work?

Dark web monitor uses tools that are similar to a search engine like Google, but they search the dark web for leaked or stolen information such as compromised passwords, breached passwords, proprietary information, and other private information that is exchanged and sold by criminals via the dark web.

Various tools offer improved detection against threats on the dark web versus identity theft monitoring tools or antimalware and antivirus programs. They help businesses and individuals alike by searching for confidential information on the dark web, including login credentials, trade secrets, and proprietary information.

Dark web monitoring continuously searches the dark web and pulls in raw intelligence in near real-time. Millions of sites are monitored for specific information, such as corporate email addresses, or general information, such as the company name and industry. Users can create a customized alert to notify team members and other relevant individuals in the organization such as marketing, legal, human resources, or fraud teams when a threat is detected.

Use NordVPN dark web monitoring feature for free

Dark web monitor

Dark web monitor | neonpolice

NordVPN provides improved privacy and security when accessing the dark web. NordVPN offers Onion Over VPN servers that allow users to securely access the dark web. Alternatively, users can download and install Tor, connecting to a NordVPN server before launching the browser (Tor Over VPN) for additional security.

NordVPN also offers a feature called Dark Web Monitor that scans the internet for any credential leaks associated with the email address used to sign up for NordVPN.Through the NordVPN app, the business will promptly inform you if it detects anything suspicious or hazardous.

In addition to these features, NordVPN uses military-grade encryption to protect your online activity and data from prying eyes. NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy that ensures your online activity is not tracked or recorded.

The NordVPN dark web feature is designed to prevent others from exploiting account information leaked to the dangerous dark web. It helps you stay safe without interruptions and runs in the background. You can enjoy continuous protection once switched on.

How to turn on NordVPN’s Dark Monitor Feature?

To enable Nord VPN’s Dark Web Monitor feature, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the NordVPN app on your device, then enter your login information.
  2. On the left side of your screen, click the small bullseye icon.
  3. Click “Turn on” — that’s it. 

Once you turn on the feature, it automatically scans dark web forums and sites for credentials associated with your NordVPN email address. If it detects any suspicious activity, it sends an alert to your NordVPN app.

Please note that this feature is currently available only for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android apps.

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Is dark web monitoring necessary?

Dark web monitor

Dark web monitor | neonpolice

Dark web monitoring is a proactive cybersecurity practice that helps organizations and individuals safeguard against malicious activities unfolding in the depths of the dark net. It looks for and keeps track of material that is discovered on the dark web, including credentials, passwords that have been hacked, intellectual property, and other private information that is traded and sold by criminals that operate there. 

Organizations are more susceptible to cyberattacks as a result of storing more of their data online. Handling these cyberattacks raises cybersecurity expenses, which could eventually translate into increased prices for consumers. For this reason, as part of their cybersecurity initiatives, businesses are beginning to keep an eye on the dark web.

Limitations of dark web monitoring

Monitoring the dark web has several limitations, and it’s essential to understand them to set realistic expectations. Some of the limitations include:

Dynamic Nature

The dark web is highly dynamic, with websites, forums, and marketplaces appearing and disappearing frequently. Monitoring services may struggle to keep up with these changes in real time.

False Positives and Negatives

Automated monitoring systems may produce false positives (incorrectly identifying a threat) or false negatives (failing to detect an actual threat). Human oversight is often needed to verify and interpret the information accurately.

Legal and Ethical Concerns

There are worries about privacy and ethical implications and it can be unlawful to enter certain regions of the dark web or engage in certain actions there.

Now, you understand that although monitoring the dark web may provide useful information about potential threats, it is only a small portion of a bigger cybersecurity plan. NordVPN provides complete security of your data through its strong protective features and that’s why most users rely on it for data security online.

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Protecting your data online from being shared to the dark web and keeping it safe is very crucial in present times. As we don’t know what threat criminals can pose using our data. NordVPN’s dark web monitoring capability is a highly reliable and beneficial tool. It is free for all NordVPN users. NordVPN also offers various benefits in its VPN services that make it a must-have service for all VPN users who want to enjoy surfing while keeping their identity private and their data secure. 

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Can I check the dark web?
Yes, you can check the dark web using some tools. However, browsing the dark web comes with significant risks. It is home to illegal activities, and you may encounter harmful content, scams, or even law enforcement operations. So, if you don’t have a specific need, you must avoid it. 
Is Nord VPN’s dark web monitoring feature free?
Yes, NordVPN’s feature for monitoring the dark web is available for free to all NordVPN users. 
Does Google monitor the dark web?
Yes, Google offers a Dark Web Report feature that allows users to scan the dark web for their email addresses. Through its Google One subscription service, the search engine already provides paid US users with a dark web surveillance service.

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