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Secure Your Internet Traffic With VPN For Chrome Extension

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With the rise in advancement in technology there is a need for better and more secure tools when surfing the internet. Since there is no control over the traffic that comes into our web page the only solution to keep our websites secure and also to easily access different secure websites as though you are in a different location is through VPN. and VPN for Chrome extension is one of the most reliable tools to add to your device. 

What is a VPN?

A digital personal community, or VPN, allows you to create a secure connection over a public network like the Internet. It acts like an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server, hiding your IP address and online activities from prying eyes. When you operate a VPN, your net traffic gets routed by the VPN issuer’s servers in preference to your ISP’s servers. This permits you to pass geo-regulations and censorship, prevent throttling, and protect your browsing from hackers and scammers.

How does a VPN for Chrome work? 

A virtual personal community (VPN) is a vital device for protecting your privacy and security online. VPN for Chrome encrypts visits to internet sites and courses them through far-off servers, hiding your IP address and online activities. Chrome VPN extensions provide a brief and easy way to enable a VPN directly within your browser. With a VPN For Chrome extension, you can securely access restrained content and websites, preserve your surfing history private, avoid location-primarily based monitoring, effectively use public Wi-Fi, and bypass net censorship and throttling. Top VPNs for Chrome consist of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and ProtonVPN amongst others. Using a depended-on Chrome VPN extension lets you take control of your virtual security.

Benefits of Using a NordVPN for Chrome Extension

NordVPN is known for providing extra online protection from hackers, cybercriminals, and other potential scams and online threats by keeping your data and IP address confidential, and VPN for Chrome extension is one of the best protections that individuals get with NordVPN services. Here are some key advantages of VPN for Chrome extension:

  • Security 

NordVPN uses sturdy encryption (AES-256-CBC) to secure your internet site visitors and prevent your online activities from being monitored by unauthorized surfers. It offers a kill switch that instantly cuts your internet entry if the VPN connection drops to save you any record leaks.

  • Privacy

With NordVPN, you get entire anonymity online as your actual IP cope is masked. NordVPN has a strict no-logs coverage and does no longer tune or record your surfing history and site visitors statistics alike. This security is taken as a top priority by NordVPN. 

  • Speed 

NordVPN has a huge server community with over 5200 servers throughout 60 international locations. This lets you connect to a nearby server for a faster internet speed experience. NordVPN also gives distinctiveness servers optimized for activities like streaming and torrenting.

  • Accessibility

The NordVPN extension is extremely convenient and smooth to set up on Chrome with just a few clicks. It has an intuitive interface, and you could right away connect to the desired server place. The Quick Connect characteristic mechanically picks the optimal server.

  • Unblocking

NordVPN helps you unblock geo-limited content material on famous streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. You can bypass censorship and access restricted websites and apps in certain regions.

  • Multiple devices

 One NordVPN account helps connect up to 6 devices concurrently! Yes, this is possible. You can secure all of your devices like computers, phones, tablets, etc all in one plan. This is suitable for those who are running multiple devices for work and other professional purposes. 

  • Affordability

 NordVPN offers all its superior features at a completely competitive and less expensive price. One can consider it to be the most affordable software to subscribe to. It often has huge reductions on the subscription plans making it even more inexpensive for the users. 

With its strong protection, superb speeds, ease of use, and unblocking functionalities, NordVPN is one of the excellent VPN extensions that one can have for Chrome nowadays. Its extension effectively complements your privacy and permits you to get entry to the net freely.

Setting up VPN for Chrome extension 

Setting the Chrome VPN to your extension is super easy and here are a few steps to follow: 

  • Choose a VPN Provider: First, pick out a dependable and legit VPN carrier provider like NordVPN. Check reviews, security functions, speed, pricing plans, etc. to get a better grasp of the VPN system and features. 
  • Install the VPN Extension: Go to the Chrome Web Store and look for the official extension of the VPN carrier you selected. For instance, search for “NordVPN”. Click Add to Chrome to install the VPN extension.
  • Log Into the VPN Extension: Once established, the VPN extension icon will appear at the top right corner of the Chrome browser. Click on the icon, this could open the VPN dashboard. Now log in using your VPN credentials or join up for an account in case you do not have one.
  • Select a Server Location: The dashboard will show all the server places available. Select a server vicinity of your preference, usually, it is excellent to connect with a server nearest to your real place for the quickest connection.
  • Connect to the VPN Server: Finally, click on the “Connect” button within the extension dashboard to hook up with the chosen VPN server. The extension icon will turn green to indicate you’re now related via the VPN tunnel.
  • Enjoy Enhanced Privacy!: You can now browse the internet with enhanced privacy and protection. Your online activities are encrypted and your IP address is masked from prying eyes. You can now get access to geo-blocked content material too. To disconnect, surely click the “Disconnect” button.

That’s it! With only a few clicks, your installation of the VPN extension is completed. Now you can remain anonymous on Chrome.



Adding a relied-on VPN extension like NordVPN supercharges your Chrome browser with huge privacy and protection upgrades. It allows you to browse the internet anonymously, get admission to restrained content and websites, surf the internet safely on public Wi-Fi, torrent securely, and pass throttling. Plus, NordVPN is also super easy to use since the website is entirely user-friendly. With NordVPN for Chrome, you can guard your online presence and keep your peace of mind while browsing any webpage from anywhere. 

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How do I get a NordVPN on Chrome?
Get the subscription plan from the official NordVPN website. Then add the NordVPN extension to your Chrome (visit Chrome Web Store to store the NordVPN). And the last step is to log in with your credentials to connect to NordVPN!
Can the users use Google with NordVPN?
It restricts Google and allows you to browse other restricted websites. There is more to it, all your information is fully encrypted to keep your login activity hidden.
Is NordVPN safe and secure to use?
It’s one of the best VPN extensions for Chrome and provides optimal security features. 

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