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Wholesome Guide For Memory Foam Mattresses- Benefits And Tips

by neonp
Memory Foam Mattresses

A good sleepover cloud-soft mattress is just like a dream come true. We all want our sleep to be uninterrupted and relaxing. In that case, always prefer to buy memory foam mattresses that are more comforting and are good for your body posture. Saatva stands out as the best when it comes to selling top-quality memory foam mattresses. They are easily available in various varieties, depending on the firmness level, different sizes, and according to the needs of the individual. Often, we cross-check the information and advantages of the mattress that we are going to buy, so here are some tips and guidance that you can follow.

What are memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are made of a material that can bear strong pressure without changing the shape and thickness of the mattress. The first was used by NASA to provide a cushion to the seats inside the spaceship to maintain the comfort and posture of the body without giving any pain. It was made for the astronauts traveling in outer space so that they can relax and feel relieved after feeling the extreme pressure in outer space. It has also been said by doctors that using the best memory foam mattresses is ideal for human beings. Saatva makes sure that their customers get the best quality mattresses for better and dreamy sleep. They have a variety of mattresses that can be bought by consumers according to the size of the bed.

Types of memory foam mattresses

Saatva provides many kinds of mattresses that are readily available on their website. All of them have their advantages and reasons for buying. So check out the types and select them as per your need-

1.   Latex memory foam mattresses

If you want something feathery and amusing, then latex foam is the best option. Saatva provides this memory foam mattress as it does not cause any harm to the body. It has anti-biotic and non-allergic properties and lets you keep free from any dust or bacterial infections.

2.   Regular memory foam

A memory foam mattress coordinates with your body to ease the pressure on the mattress. Making it ideal for sleepers who prefer side positions and who have chronic pain in their body. It also includes the superior capabilities of heat dissipation, maintaining a persistent body temperature, and is also very good for night’s sleep.

3.   Gel memory foam mattresses

We have heard about the gel-based foam mattress and now it is time to make it true with Saatva, which brings you the best memory foam mattresses in the form of gel. It has the same gel that is used for the padding and pressure-healing shoes. The gel has amazing properties of absorbing heat so that even temperature is maintained in the body. So if you have some issues with the increase in body temperature then these mattresses are the best option.

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Benefits of memory foam mattresses

Every mattress has its own advantages which leads a buyer to buy them for their personal use. Here memory foam mattresses also include some amazing benefits that you can be a part of with Saatva.

1.   Incredible pressure relief

Many people would face certain pain in their bodies when they wake up after a long sleep. Sometimes the problem is also severe when due to a malfunction of the mattress they are not able to sleep properly. So here with the help of memory foam mattresses from Saatva, one can get relief from the pressure or pain happening in the body. This mattress has a firm foam body that supports your back and does not cause any pain.

2.   Reduces pain

For people with joint and body pain, it is uneasy for them to sleep the whole night or wake up in the middle of the night. Buying memory foam mattresses from Saatva allows you to experience the best sleep at night. It had viscoelastic foam which is ideal for giving relief from joint pain or any other body posture issues. So for no more uncomfortable nights, do prefer buying these mattresses.

3.   Soft and noise-free mattresses

Most of the time we experience the noise-making mattresses in our home that make people

uncomfortable. To avoid such embarrassing issues, Saatva has brought memory foam mattresses that give relief to the body and noiseless nights even if you move in any direction while sleeping. These are even suitable for two or more people and experience no squeaky and cringing sound from the mattress.

4.   Non-toxicity

For people who are highly allergic to dust and other bacterial issues, memory foam mattresses are the best option. They have antifungal and antibacterial properties and are environment-friendly. These are common issues that any regular mattress can face but with these foam mattresses, you can stay away from dust and any allergic issues. So to buy the best quality and reaction-free mattress do prefer Saatva.

Some memory foam mattresses that you can buy

So as Saatva has been the oldest platform to buy the best memory foam mattresses, it has a few options that are considered by the other buyers too.

●     Loom and Leaf mattress

Loom and Leaf mattress

Loom and Leaf mattress | Neonpolice

This foam mattress gives you excellent pressure-point relief with proper comfort to your body. It has gel infused so that it behaves like a sleep cooler and maintains the body temperature. No doubt it acts as an excellent motion isolation for couples and has two firmness options available to support the sleepers.



●     Hybrid memory foam mattress

Hybrid memory foam mattress

Hybrid memory foam mattress | Neonpolice

For people who generally feel discomfort while sleeping and recurring body pain, they can go for this mattress from Saatva, It has a body-contouring feel and pressure relief. It is made with durable pocket coils for the ease of movement of the body and also allows great airflow to absorb the heat of the body. The extra added benefit is, it has antibacterial properties to prevent any fungal infection.

●     Saatva RX memory foam mattress

Saatva RX memory foam mattress

Saatva RX memory foam mattress | Neonpolice

With the regular mattress, you might feel some dust allergies or any other body issues. So to maintain the posture of the body and relieve the pain, this Saatva RX mattress is the best option. Available in 3 comfort options, it helps in alleviating discomfort, chronic back pains, and other joint pain issues. Its unique therapeutic support care adjusts the body curves and movement while sleeping and also the gel formula does not allow any infection to pass down to the human body.




The structure, firmness, and comfort are very necessary when it comes to buying the best memory foam mattresses for yourself. So when in search of the coziest mattress, do go for Saatva mattresses as they have the longest durability, are non-toxic for the body, give relief to the body pain, and also have many other benefits that make it ideal for your personal use. If you want to know what’re the ideal memory foam mattresses, and how they are beneficial for you, then visit Neon Police.


Do you have to wait 48 hours to sleep on memory foam mattresses?
Yes, as most of the time, it takes around 24-48 hours to produce one memory foam mattress and to get delivered to your home. So after making the demand and order, you need to wait for 2 days.
How long should you wait to sleep on a memory foam mattress?
You should sleep for around 7-8 hours on these mattresses which is usual for any human being. Even if there are any cases of dysfunctionality or any patient in the home, there is no harm in using the mattress with memory foam for more than 24 hours.
How long does it take for a memory foam mattress to be comfortable?
Most of the manufacturers ask you to wait for 24 hours more to get comfortable on the memory foam mattresses. It settles down as per the temperature of the room, the pressure of the body, and the sleeping techniques of the human body.

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