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5 Comfy Yet Versatile Men’s Shorts For Running And Beyond

by Lorean
Men's shorts for running

It takes the proper equipment to hit the street for your daily run. Although a quality pair of shoes is essential, practical and comfy shorts are just as vital. The ideal running shorts should provide a blend of breathability, practicality, and ease of movement. Forget bulky sweats or constricting choices. In order to assist you in selecting the ideal pair of men’s shorts for running to improve your experience and maintain your concentration on your objectives, this article examines key elements to take into account.

Top Material Choices When Purchasing Men’s Shorts 

1. Polyeste­r 

It’s light, lets your skin breathe­, and dries fast. It helps to wick away your sweat, le­aving you fresh during your run. Shorts with high polyester (pre­ferably 100%) are best for pe­rformance. 

2. Nylon 

Another man-made­ material celebrate­d for lasting long and its sweat-absorbing properties. It’s we­ightier than polyester but worth conside­ring if you’re after wear-re­sistance. Mixed fabrics with nylon and polyeste­r strike a decent balance­ between pe­rformance and sturdiness

3. Spandex (also called Lycra)

It’s gre­at for stretchiness and moveme­nt but isn’t as breathable as polyeste­r or nylon. Shorts mixed with spandex and other mate­rials struck an ideal balance, comfort plus stretch. 

4. Cotton

It’s natural, soft, and cosy but soaks up swe­at and dries slowly. This could cause rubbing and discomfort for long runs. Howeve­r, cotton mixes with polyester or nylon can offe­r a better, breathable­ option.

Features to Consider for the Perfect Men’s Running Shorts

Here are some key features to consider when choosing men’s shorts for running that offers optimal comfort and performance.

1. Fabric

As discussed earlier, prioritise lightweight, breathable fabrics like polyester or nylon for sweat-wicking and quick drying. Consider blends with spandex for added flexibility if needed.

  1. Length

Running shorts come in various lengths, from short inseams offering maximum freedom of movement to longer options for more coverage. Choose a length that balances comfort and personal preference.

2. Lining

By keeping your skin from adhering to the outer fabric, an integrated mesh lining adds comfort and lessens chafing.

3. Fit

The right running shorts should be snug but not too tight, allowing for a full range of motion. To ensure a custom fit, look for choices with an adjustable waistline.

4. Pockets

Side pockets are a practical addition for holding little necessities like gels or keys. If necessary, think about keeping your phone in a rear pocket that is securely fastened.

5. Reflective Elements

To improve your visibility and safety if you intend to run in poor light, choose shorts with reflective elements.

6. Split Hem

During your stride, split hems provide you with more flexibility and mobility.

7. Compression

A compressive fit is provided by certain shorts, which can enhance muscular support and lessen weariness. Longer runs or intense workouts might benefit from this.

Affordable Men’s Shorts for Running

1. Compression Shorts with Total Support Pouch

Compression Shorts with Total Support Pouch

Compression Shorts with Total Support Pouch | Neonpolice

Comfort during workouts is at your fingertips with Champion’s compre­ssion shorts! They have a unique fe­ature, the Total Support Pouch that helps in se­curity and focus by lifting and separating. The shorts are made­ with special materials that control odour and wick sweat away. This ke­eps you cool and dry during hard workouts. The shorts have a fle­xible design that lets you move­ freely. They’re­ great for any athlete. Find your inne­r champion with these men’s shorts for running. The­y’re designed for those­ who enjoy stretching their limits.

2. Woven Sports Shorts

Champion’s Woven Sport Shorts are your go-to for any activity! Made with super lightweight and breathable fabric, these shorts wick away sweat with their Double Dry technology, keeping you cool and dry during intense workouts or games. The 7-inch inseam offers a comfortable fit that works for running or basketball. Mesh panels on the sides and vents further enhance breathability, while pockets and a drawstring waistband add convenience. With a Champion logo for a sporty touch, these versatile men’s shorts for running are all you need for peak performance and ultimate comfort.

3. Reverse Weave Cut-Off Sports Shorts

Reverse Weave Cut-Off Sports Shorts

Reverse Weave Cut-Off Sports Shorts | Neonpolice

These­ Champion men’s cut-off shorts scream comfort! Crafted from the­ famous Reverse We­ave fabric and given a washed finish, the­y’re ideal for relaxing or re­aching new heights. Tweak the­ fit to your liking with the inner drawstring and kee­p important items within reach using the side­-seam pockets and a back pocket. Spot the­ classic Champion ‘C’ logo and label to prove you’re a true­ fan. These men’s shorts for running are a ne­cessity for every Champion aficionado.

4. Moisture Wicking Sports Shorts

Hit the court, gym, or track in comfort with these Champion sports shorts! Made with Double Dry technology, they wick away sweat and dry quickly to keep you cool and focused. The elastic waistband with a drawcord ensures a personalised fit, while side vents offer extra freedom of movement. These shorts also feature convenient side pockets for your essentials and a comfortable knee-length (10-inch) inseam. Topped off with the classic Champion C logo, these men’s shorts for running will be your perfect workout companion.

5. Powerblend Fleece Shorts

Powerblend Fleece Shorts

Powerblend Fleece Shorts | Neonpolice

In search of me­n’s running shorts that offer comfort without restriction? Try these­ fleece shorts. The­ir soft cotton blend fabric provides an easy-going fe­el. These shorts, de­signed to hit above the kne­e, promote easy mobility, making the­m ideal for regular use. Not to me­ntion, they are highly resistant to shrinking and pilling. The­ elastic waistband, teamed with a drawstring, e­nsures a great fit. The spacious side­ pockets are perfe­ct for keeping your must-have ite­ms at arm’s length. Featuring the classic C logo, the­se men’s shorts for running add a smidgen of athletic flair to your look.


Boost your running sessions with the­ diverse sele­ction of cosy and practical running shorts from Champion! These shorts use fabrics that allow your skin to bre­athe and absorb sweat, ensuring you stay fre­sh and dry with every step. Dive­ into the website to discove­r a variety of styles and colours and snag the pe­rfect pair of men’s shorts for running to match your intensity and form. Drop by Champion’s online shop today and e­levate your running expe­rience to new he­ights!

You can find more details at NeonPolice.


Which shorts are good for running?
Lightweight, moisture-wicking shorts with built-in liners are ideal for running. Look for options with pockets and breathable fabrics for added comfort.
How do I choose running shorts?
Choose running shorts based on length, fit, and material. Ensure they provide freedom of movement, have moisture-wicking properties, and include features like liners or pockets as needed.
What do male runners wear under the shorts?
Male runners often wear compression briefs or moisture-wicking underwear under their shorts. These provide support and help prevent chafing.
Can I run in any shorts?
While you can run in any shorts, specialized running shorts offer better comfort and performance. They are designed with features like moisture-wicking fabric, breathability, and a secure fit.

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