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Grip The Road: Choose The Best Motorcycle Tires For Your Ride

by Lorean
Motorcycle Tires

That fresh set of motorcycle tires handles your usual routes making braking safer and accelerating easier no matter the weather. But decoding sidewall codes, assessing compounds and sizing up profiles presents daunting prep work given the rubber’s crucial role gripping the relationship between machine and road.

To help you in this process, we provide you with a list of top-performing street, off-road, track, and all-season tires that have been tested for their handling, stability, and mile ratios. So, read on to find the perfect set of motorcycle tires that can take your riding experience to the next level.

Explore the Advantages of Modern Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires might seem like mere rubber connecting your ride to the road, but they’re the silent heroes of every journey. In the past, riders often faced trade-offs between longevity, grip, and performance. However, modern motorcycle tires have transformed the game, combining advantages that redefine your riding experience. Here’s why upgrading your rubber is worth it:

  1. Unparalleled Grip
  • Innovative rubber compounds: Advanced materials ensure superb wet and dry traction, allowing confident cornering and hard braking.
  • Silica-infused treads: These patterns provide exceptional grip in varied weather, even on rain-slick roads.
  • Zone-specific tech: Tailored tire zones offer stability in the centre and agility on the edges for confident cornering.
  1. Performance Enhancement
  • Lightweight build: Shedding weight improves agility and responsiveness, elevating your bike’s handling.
  • Optimized profiles: Engineered designs enhance stability at speed and smoother cornering, offering better feedback.
  • Reduced rolling resistance: Enhanced fuel efficiency for more miles per tank.
  1. Durability Boost
  • Puncture-resistant tech: Self-sealing compounds and reinforced sidewalls reduce puncture risks.
  • Extended tread life: Advanced materials ensure longevity, saving money and reducing waste.
  • Heat management: Efficient heat dispersal prevents premature wear, ensuring optimal tire performance.
  1. Innovation Beyond Grip
  • Smart tire tech: Sensors monitor pressure, temperature, and wear, enhancing safety in real-time.
  • Run-flat capabilities: Some tires enable safe riding post-puncture for extended journeys.
  • Sustainable options: Eco-friendly materials reduce environmental impact, catering to conscious riders.

Modern motorcycle tires are a technological leap, elevating your ride in every aspect. Whether chasing peak performance or seeking safety and comfort, there’s a tire to match every rider’s needs. Embrace the grip, performance, and assurance that modern tires offer. Choose wisely based on your style and consult experts for the perfect partner on your two-wheeled journey. Upgrade and hit the road with confidence, backed by advanced rubber that’s got your back (and front) mile after mile.

High-Performance Motorcycle Tires for Speed Demons

1. Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart 160/60 ZR17 69W

The Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart tire features dual-compound technology with a stable, long-wearing centre and grippy shoulders for aggressive cornering on sport bikes. The rear-specific sculpted tread pattern provides excellent wet weather performance, while the jointless nylon carcass delivers a smooth ride quality. This radial tire is optimized for powerful motorcycles that require advanced traction for high-speed cruising.

2. Maxxis M6024 130/90-10 61J

This classic 90 series front tire from Maxxis is designed to deliver stability and precise handling on lightweight entry-level street motorcycles. The long, straight tread lines channel water away while the firm rubber compound establishes confident contact with the road. Built to handle the daily commute as well as weekend riding adventures without wearing down quickly, this durable tire works for all-around street riding applications. 

3. Dunlop Sportsmart MK3 200/55 R17 Tl 78W Rear M/C

Dunlop Sportsmart MK3 200/55 R17 Tl 78W Rear M/C

Dunlop Sportsmart MK3 200/55 R17 Tl 78W Rear M/C | neonpolice

Crafted to meet the demands of heavier motorcycles, this Sportsmart MK3 model offers superb traction and accurate handling thanks to rigid siping across the muscular tread pattern. The stiff sidewall construction and reinforced internal belt boost high-speed capability while advanced compounds bolster durability for touring and commuting duty. This rear tire shines brightest on large cruisers and heavyweight motorcycles. 

4. Michelin Road 5 180/55 ZR17 (73W) GT

Boasting cutting-edge Michelin EPT technology for maximum longevity, the Road 5 rear tire excels on a wide range of high-performance street bikes with precise steering feel and impressive grip in both dry and wet conditions. The evolved tread design incorporates Michelin’s 2CT+ dual compound for miles of spirited handling paired with a shock-absorbing profile and durable casing construction.

5. Metzeler Roadtec 01 180/55 ZR17 Tl 73W

Developed for powerful sporting motorcycles, the Metzeler Roadtec 01 features diagonal grooves guiding water away efficiently during aggressive wet cornering while angular shoulder blocks stick through tight turns. The proprietary new Black Chili 2 compound retains pliability across a wide temperature range while the 0-degree steel belt drives precise and predictable feedback at lean angles. This performance rear tire shines on naked, sport-touring and supersport machines.

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Motorcycle tires are often neglected when it comes to upgrading horsepower and aesthetic changes. Our comprehensive buyer’s guide outlines the key factors to consider for different applications such as cruising, adventure riding, and track days. By selecting the right set of tires from Idealo, you can achieve your motorcycle ownership goals with confidence. Visit their official website to have a look at the best motorcycle tires.

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How long will motorcycle tires last?
Depending on the tire quality, riding frequency, storage conditions, and maintenance, motorcycle tires can last between 5,000 to 15,000 miles on average before requiring replacement as tread depth wears down approaching unsafe levels below 2/32 inch.
Which tyre is more important on a motorcycle?
The front tire is considered more important than the rear motorcycle tire since the front transfers braking forces handles most steering/cornering, and determines loss of control and potential crashes should traction limits become exceeded in wet or compromised conditions.
Do motorcycle tires get hot?
Yes, motorcycle tires and wheels build up significant friction heat at high speeds, aggressive cornering, acceleration, downhill momentum, and when using brakes excessively, potentially causing tire pressure increases, tread separation or blowouts if heat damage occurs.

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