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Top 10 Must-Have Footwear for Men

by Lorean
Footwear for Men

Footwear can make your outfit look bizarre, in the same way as poor tires would do for a sports car. Every dress requires a specific pair of shoes that complements it or can make the entire outfit look bad. It may lead to you losing your confidence. We encourage all men to up their shoe game. Here we have compiled a list of ten shoes every man in their 30s should own. Along with it, we will walk you through the historical background also.

Must-Have Footwear For Men

1. Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords

Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords

Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords | Neonpolice

Oxford men’s shoes are one of the most famous shoes nowadays. Its origin is not so clear. Some people believe that in 1825 this style was adopted by Oxford University students, whereas some think it originated in Ireland and Scotland. A closely held lacing system and box-calf leather are the key characteristics of an Oxford shoe for men. It also differentiates it from a Derby shoe. An Oxford shoe is appropriate for funerals, weddings, and job interviews.

2 Tennis Shoes/Sneakers

Tennis Shoes/Sneakers

Tennis Shoes/Sneakers | Neonpolice

Tennis men’s shoes and Sneakers are arguably an essential pair of shoes that every man should have in his wardrobe. We can trace back its roots to the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Tennis men’s shoes were introduced as a cheaper alternative option to hand-made shoes for men. At that time, they were usually made from vulcanized rubber. Keds were the first brand to introduce tennis shoes at scale for the common public. At the same time, the introduction of sneakers took place by Adi Dassler. At present, sneakers have become a sensation amongst youth, and it has almost become accustomed to owning at least one pair. 

3 Wing-Tip Brogues Shoes

Wing-Tip Brogues Shoes

Wing-Tip Brogues Shoes | Neonpolice

Irish workers set the trend of wearing Brogues for outdoor activity at the start of the 20th century. A broguing pattern we observed in Brogues had a practical use case. It helps in draining the water without taking them off while working on the job. Many actors and models have adorned stylish versions of Brogues. The holes on Brogues can catch dirt quickly, and hence, one should clean them regularly.

4 Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots | Neonpolice

Chukka boots come from a solid military and sports background and thus became very famous amongst the masses. They were used by the British army during World War II in deserts and hence were desert boots. They come in great styles characterized by rounded toe-box and length till ankle.

5 Double-Monk Strap Shoes

Double-Monk Strap Shoes

Double-Monk Strap Shoes | Neonpolice

As per some beliefs, the introduction of Monk Strap shoes took place by the monks in the Swiss Alps. They used to wear sandals that were very similar to these. A traveling Englishmen later took back this trend to Britain with him. Monk strap men’s shoes are now available with a more modern and balanced version with two straps.

6 Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers | Neonpolice

Penny Loafers men’s shoes originate in Norway, with the first reference in 1936. North European fishermen are considered early adopters of Loafer, wherein they used to wear slip-on shoes similar to loafers. Loafers might not be the first choice on someone’s list, but they will make your collection more versatile.

7 Whole-Cut Oxfords

Whole-Cut Oxfords

Whole-Cut Oxfords | Neonpolice

The Whole-Cut Oxford consists of a subtle leather finish with no back seam. This men’s shoe has become very popular in the last three decades. Since a single piece of leather forms these shoes, they are very delicate and unique from other shoe types. It also demands the highest quality of leather. Only high-end producers can manufacture Whole Cut Oxfords of acceptable quality.

8 Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots | Neonpolice

Queen Victoria and beetle band members were the first celebrities to popularise Chelsea Boots, and she preferred it while riding because normal-laced shoe laces would catch up with stirrups. One can easily spot Chelsea boots from a distance because of their elastic sides. Chelsea boots were known as “paddock boots.” Men often prefer them as they are very comfortable since they don’t have laces. They can also be styled with leather at the top to complement denim.

9 Espadrilles


Espadrilles | Neonpolice

Espadrille comes from “esparto,” a grass in North Africa and Spain. This grass results in a high-quality paper. The sole of the shoe earlier used to be made from this grass. Espadrilles are an excellent option to wear in hotter months and provide a great style statement.

10 Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes | Neonpolice

Boat shoes are the best option to have when it comes to summer. Paul Sperry first created these in the late 1930s. They closely resemble moccasins and, if properly worn, can present an excellent option for summers. Boat shoes usually go in shorts. You should wear boat shoes for men without socks; once they break in, they take feet shape and become extremely comfortable.



Shoes are a crowning jewel in men’s attire. There are plenty of options ranging from Brogues to sneakers that one can opt for, so one should carefully weigh all available options. One should carefully consider factors like season, occasion, and price to select shoe options that best fit one’s requirements. Shoes can make a valuable contribution to men’s style statement and their appearance.

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Which type of footwear is best for men?
Footwear that is comfortable and goes well with climate and situation is considered best for any man. For regular wear, one can opt for sports shoes as they provide great comfort, whereas, for other occasions, sneakers and loafers are also easy and comfortable options.
What are the 4 types of shoes?
Men’s shoes are available in four types. The first one is the Lace-up shoes; some common examples are Derby and Oxford shoes. Buckled shoes are the second type, whereas Slip shoes can be considered the third type, which comprises loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, etc. Sports shoes for men are the fourth type, including tennis and running shoes.
What are male shoes called?
Men’s shoes are called different names based on their category, from Sports shoes to loafers. Buckled shoes and slip-on shoes are some mostly used names for men’s shoes.
Which type of footwear is best for daily use?
Sports shoes are best for daily use as they are ideal for stability, grip, and comfort. Besides this, they are designed to resist wear and tear and thus are more durable, something you want from shoes you wear daily.

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