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Best Collections Of Nike Uptempo: Exciting Offers On Top Shoes

by neonp
Nike Uptempo

The classic collection of shoes like Nike uptempo shoes hardly needs any introduction. When it comes to top Nike shoe designs, Nike uptempo is one of them. When it was first launched in 1996 it hit the market by storm. It was released as the lineup of Nike Air sports shoes. Over the years, Nike uptempo has evolved into different shoe styles and epic shoe designs.

Moreover, the shoe design has the attention of many popular basketball players. It was said that the oversized objects from the 90s graffiti and port features of the shoes were made popular by Scottie Pippen in the late 90s. The Nike uptempo continues to inspire the hearts of many even in the modern time. These shoes are available on DTLR and are a never-ending fashionable sports shoe option.

But getting top classic shoes is never cheap. They are definitely pocket-burning. Despite their high prices, you can still buy them at a cheaper price. DTLR is one of the best online stores where you can shop for a wide collection of branded sports shoes. Nike uptempo is one of them. This season, DTLR has a new collection of these shoes at amazing prices. Your cheap shopping on top branded sports shoes is now possible.

Distinguished features of Nike uptempo

  1. Large “AIR” lettering: Unlike any other top sports shoes by Nike, this design carries a bold AIR lettering. This makes the branding super obvious. The lettering is often wrapped around the shoe’s midsole. Nike has also made sure the lettering is not only visually attractive and large but also designer. The lettering also comes in different colour variations.
  2. Full-length air-sole: The Nike uptempo features an excellent full-length air sole unit. providing exceptional comfort. It not only enhances the sneaker’s performance but keeps the feet protected from sudden accidents. The shoe provides excellent traction to your ankle, which prevents your ankle from getting fractured.
  3. High-quality fabrics: Nike is known for having high-quality fabric material. One thing is for sure, the Nike uptempo comes with a combination of high leather and nubuck materials. The quality material not only ensures long-lasting but also premium comfort for your feet. Durable for both athletes and daily wearers.
  4. Multiple colours: Over the years, Nike has been adding different colour variations to Nike uptempo. The colour variation does not only include one blended colour but a mix of multiple colour layering; from classic black and white to blended colours found in shoes such as red, pink, yellow, red, and blue. This is a classic choice for those who are not only looking for quality shoes but fashion-forward design.

New collections of Nike uptempo shoes

1. Mens Nike air more uptempo 96

Mens Nike air more uptempo 96

Mens Nike air more uptempo 96 | Neonpolice

A high-quality classic design shoe you cannot go wrong with! It is made for every man to enjoy the ultimate comfort. The design is flawless, and the branding is highly sophisticated. The shoe offers maximum comfort to your feet. It comes with extra cushioning and a comfortable foam midsole for maximum support. The rubber outsole for durable traction, and the indeed anile collar for a stylish look.

Pair up with any of your favourite casual outfits to look immaculate. This is the best part of the shoe design you can easily dress up with any casual outfit.

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2. Women Nike air more uptempo

Apart from the Nike Uptempo special design for men’s categories, women’s collections are flawless too. The women’s Nike air more uptempo is definitely worth your money. It comes with excellent design and is a highly sophisticated shoe for any type of outfit. The midsole is excellent. The leather upper is durable and has zero colour fading. The perforations design on the upper shoes is for breathability. The lacing is still traditional style but overall the shoe is epic. This can be the best Christmas gift this season as well.

3. Womens Nike air more uptempo se

Womens Nike air more uptempo se

Womens Nike air more uptempo se | Neonpolice

The shoe has a similar design to the other collections of Nike uptempo, but the Womens Nike air more uptempo se is on another level. The light blue platform and the white upper layers with black lacing make the shoe epic!

Although the shoe has a super fashion-forward design, you can still dress up the shoe for different outdoor activities. With any casual outdoor outfits or sportive outfits, you can still find the shoe accentuating your look. Wear the shoe while playing basketball, running errands, shopping, and musical nights, and it is also great for jogging in the morning.

4. Boys Nike air more uptempo infant

How about a nice festive gift for your boys? The Boys Nike air more uptempo infant is what you need. The shoe is no doubt a fashionable choice. But apart from the classic design, the shoe provides excellent comfort to the feet. The traction is perfect, the outer layering is enduring and has zero colour fading. While the traditional lacing keeps the fit comfortable, the blended colour of white, yellow, and red overall makes them look adorable.

Dress up your boys by pairing these shoes with jeans, a sweatshirt, or a winter jacket, and add a beanie for an adorable look.


The Nike uptempo is definitely worth adding to your shoe collection. When the time calls for a sophisticated look you cannot turn away from these stylish footwear. They are the perfect pair of shoes for different occasions. Plus this time, DTLR is offering some exciting discounts on new arrivals. Experience affordable shopping with DTLR now!

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Is Nike uptempo expensive?
Yes, they are fancy sports shoes so they are fairly expensive but affordable shoes.  
When was the Nike uptempo made?
It was first released in 1996.
What type of shoe is the Nike uptempo for?
These shoes are Nike basketball sneakers. With fashion-forward design, they are suitable for fashion styling as well. Pair up with your favourite outfit to look cool!

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