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Enrolled Your Kid In Swim Classes? Get These Soft Swimming Towels For Kids

by Lorean
Swimming Towels for Kids

Swimming towels for kids are considered to be significant accessories for any water-based activity, be it a day at the beach, splash-filled pool party or swimming lessons. These colourful and absorbent kids’ swim towels offer an integration of comfort, functionality, and fashion. These swimming towels are curated from soft fibre and absorbent materials that remain gentle on the skin. These are crafted in such a way that they quickly wick away the moisture, ensuring to dry off the body efficiently after the swim. These not only prevent chills but also discomfort, enabling kids to preserve heat by being warm and restul even after spending too much time in water.

Swimming towels for kids are specifically light in weight and compact in size, making them portable to be carried in the beach bag or backpack. Due to its portability feature, it ensures that parents can always keep the towel handy, whenever their little kids require it, be it for drying purposes, lying on the sand by spreading it, or constructing a makeshift fort by the end of water. Quick dry swimming towels for kids are not just versatile but also work as fun accessories that are critical to be carried for spending a family day at the beach or pool. 

What to Consider While Buying Swimming Towels for Kids? 

Swimming towels for kids are particularly designed to fulfill the unique and varying needs of young swimmers. A few key features that aid you in selecting an ideal swimming towel for kids are: 

Soft and Absorbent- 

Kids swimming towels are curated with delicate and soft fibres prepared from plush material that stays gentle on delicate skin. These towels are made up of absorbent material that rapidly dries off the water from the body to keep your kids warm after swimming sessions. 

Colourful patterns and textures- 

These swimming towels for kids are often featured with vivid colours and fun patterns and designs that make them look appealing. Right from the playful textured towels to favourite characters printed on them, such towels create an exciting element among kids. 

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Close-packed and lightweight- 

The towels with lightweight material are portable, making them easy to carry to the beach or pool outings. Due to compactness, towels can be easily folded, taking up minimal space in your backpacks or bags. 

Rapid drying properties- 

Many swimming towels are made with the feature of drying up rapidly, enabling them to be reused throughout the day or can be packed and carried away easily after use. 


Swimming towels for kids are made up from durable materials that are easily adaptable, with the ability to withstand frequent use and washing away either through hands or washing machines. These must be curated to last long even after experiencing multiple swimming adventures. 

Suitable size- 

Kids’ towels are often found larger in size in comparison to standard towels, providing greater coverage to the body and helping in easy drying off. 

Hooded feature- 

Some of the swimming towels for kids come with the added feature of a hood. These provide extra heat or warmth and completely cover the head and neck area. 

Get Soft Swimming Towels for Kids on Decathlon! 

Decathlon is committed to providing you with premium quality swimming towels for kids. They understand the importance of keeping smaller ones dry and warm during their water adventures.

  • NABAIJI- Dark grey microfiber swimming towel 

NABAIJI- Dark grey microfiber swimming towel  

NABAIJI- Dark grey microfiber swimming towel | Neonpolice


This swimming towel for kids is specially designed for kids swimming lessons. It will quickly dry them up and be ready for next adventure. The premium quality microfibre is not only soft but also stays gentle on the delicate skin. Its quick drying property makes these reusable and enables you to wipe your body as many times with the same effectiveness. 

Grab your premium quality towel with drying property at Decathlon.

  • NABAIJI- Baby Cotton Swimming Poncho – Leo

This swimming towel for kids is specially designed to wrap up kids after bath who don’t like to sit still while playing. It is a perfect and comfortable poncho or cover specially designed for kids who fall in the age group 1-5 years. It is elegant and cute enough for your kid’s use. 

Grab a variety of towels at Decathlon today!

  • NABAIJI- Blue/green microfiber swimming towel 

NABAIJI- Bluegreen microfiber swimming towel 

NABAIJI- Bluegreen microfiber swimming towel  | Neonpolice

These swimming towels for kids are curated with lightweight but quality material that makes them portable. Its quick-drying property would appeal to you to buy and wrap up your kids in a comfortable wrap, keeping them warm. 

Get your microfibre towel at Decathlon and explore a wide range of swimming towels now!

  • NABAIJI- Savine Print Baby Cotton Swimming Towel with Hood

This swimming towel with a hooded feature provides extra warmth and heat to the little ones covering both neck and head completely. Prepared from 100% cotton fabric, it quickly absorbs water from the body and is gentle to the soft skin of the kids. This hood towel has a 3-year warranty with the promise of the material not getting withered away or destroyed. 

Get your hooded swimming towels for kids at Decathlon now! 

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Decathlon’s collection of swimming towels for kids is a functional swim gear option. By providing swimming towels tailored particularly for kids, Decathlon caters to the unique preferences and requirements of young swimmers and their parents. Be it your presence at the pool, beach or water park, these quick-dry swimming towels for kids are convenient enough for the kids to dry off quickly and stay warm after taking swimming lessons. 

For more information, visit Neonpolice.


How many towels do kids need?
Answer- The number of towels required ultimately depends on your kids’ bathing routine and laundry habits. While on average the towels for kids needed is 4-5 days. 
How long is a pool towel?
Answer- A standard range or size of a pool towel is around 30×60 and can rise. Pool towels that offer room to at least one person are a standard size for pool towels. 
What size is a swim towel?
Answer- One of the popular sizes of swim towels is 30×60. While the size of hotel room towels is 90×160 / 180 cm or 100×180 cm in size.

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