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Top 10 Ways to Style a White Shirt

by Lorean
10 Ways to Style a White Shirt

Regarding the selection of outfits, there are a few regulars which we prefer more than a white shirt. Your shirt’s fitting and material certainly contribute to how you feel while carrying it. You can couple it with a blazer and pants to make it a work outfit. You can certainly complement it with pair of sneakers and denim to make it a party outfit. No matter how you style your shirt, it will not disappoint you.

When it comes to women, a white shirt is the most trusted fall-back option for every season. We all must agree that every girl has it in their closet. There are so many ways in which you can style it. For instance, you can pair your white shirt with jeans, a skirt, or a saree. The result is always a classy look. If selected in the correct fabric, it can make you feel confident.

For men, a white outfit remains a classic option. Whether a house party or a workplace meeting, it goes on in perfection.

The image associated with the white shirt holds a unique position in consumers’ minds. They feel a certain panache while wearing it. Also, it is an outfit for scholarly people.

We believe there is a false saying that it is difficult to carry a white shirt. On the contrary, it is a simple and subtle outfit worn by anyone.

Different Ways to Style a White Shirt

1. For Workplace

White Shirt For Workplace

White Shirt For Workplace | neonpolice

A white shirt goes well with a neutral trouser suit. Become a boss lady by wearing your white shirt in combination with a blazer at work. You can also roll the sleeves of the blazer up, which would add some style to it. Your blazer should fit your body to give a classic office look. Also, adding a wristwatch and heels will complete the look. You can also go for a formal bag with this combination.

2. Layer with a slip dress

Layer with a slip dress

Layer with a slip dress | neonpolice

Slip dresses deserve a portion of everyone’s summer wardrobe. The white shirt looks good with a slip dress. You can wear your lightweight shirt over a slip dress during day time and tie a front knot. We can also wear it over the white shirt to give it an entirely new look. Also, use accessories and bags to enhance the look.

3. White Button-Down Shirt

Button-Down Shirt

Button-Down Shirt | neonpolice

Going off the shoulder with your white shirt is a new thought. Also, give a slick look by pairing it up with jeans or a skirt. For instance, the cold shoulder white shirt clubbed with a beige-colored skirt looks fantastic. You can add heels and a nice pair of stud earrings to further glam the look.

4. With denim


denim | neonpolice

A white shirt and blue jeans give a super-classic look. It looks most amazing when worn with colorful heels. This denim shirt combo is perfect for casual days and also outing with friends. It is the trendiest women’s fashion style. Also, ripped jeans teamed with a white cropped shirt look super-classy. Paring it with white sneakers gives you a super-cool appearance the entire day. Further, adding a belted bag will enhance the look.

5. With Shorts


Shorts | neonpolice

Summers are incomplete with a pair of shorts. A white linen shirt paired with shorts has always been a perfect outfit for casual nights and even first-day date clothing. A Mandarin collar white linen shirt or the one with short-sleeves or folded long sleeves till elbows further charm your shorts. However, these must be bright summer-colored shorts.

6. With a Corset Top

Corset Top

Corset Top| neonpolice

The trend of wearing corsets over white shirts is trending in today’s fashion. It is a super-cool way to style an oversized shirt. Also, a statement belt balances the already admiring look. Layering a top over a white shirt is also very popular among young women. Hence, it would be best to try it when thinking of a fantastic casual day look.

7. With Wide Leg Trousers

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide Leg Trousers | neonpolice

Go for a white shirt and tuck it into your wide legs trousers. Whether you wear it to the office, an evening outing, or brunch, this duo will give you the perfect appearance. Moreover, these trousers balance the tucked-in white shirt and proportion them. Hence, you will love this combination and wear it on repeat.

8. With a Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt | neonpolice

This skirt is present in every women’s summer collection. Teaming a white shirt with this must-have outfit is perfect for your shopping day or an outing. Also, it is an appropriate duo for formal occasions. Accessorize it with silver hoop earrings and bold sunglasses. Not only a pleated skirt, but the white shirt also suits best with every kind of skirt.

9. With Culottes


Culottes | neonpolice

A culotte is an outfit that works well with every kind of top. Also, it is ideal summer wear for a casual day. In combination with a white shirt, it offers a comfortable look. Also, it looks good with a crop top or bell sleeves. It is the best outfit for girls going to college.

10. With Leather Pants

Leather Pants

Leather Pants | neonpolice

Many celebrities out there have been seen with this outfit choice. Skinny leather pants paired with a button-down white shirt complement each other. Hence, this duo looks super-stylish on a dinner date. Further, choosing an oversized shirt will be an excellent idea. Wear nude makeup to balance the look and glam up. This heaven-made combination gives the street style appearance and is effortlessly simple.


How can I Stylish my white shirt?
Jeans and white shirts make the best evergreen combination. You can also team it up with shorts, a skirt, leather pants, etc.
What looks good with a white shirt?
Jeans, a formal suit and shorts look best with a white shirt. Any casual bottom wear looks good with a white shirt.
How do you style a white shirt in 2023?
We can style a white shirt in infinite ways. One can pair it with a pair of denim, shorts, culottes, a skirt, a slip dress, etc.
How do you dress up in a plain t-shirt?
We can dress up in a white shirt in so many ways. You can team it up with denim shorts, a corset top, a skirt, a slip dress, etc.
How to wear a t-shirt
You can wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts. A T-shirt looks best with a pair of denim.

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