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Top 10 British Fashion Designers for the best outfit decisions

by Lorean
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In the present era, there are thousands of legit and renowned designers. Thus, finding the best one for you becomes very tricky when the market is so loaded. But you do not need to worry now, as we have worked hard to find the ten best UK clothing brands from the best fashion designers for your best outfit.

10 British Fashion Designers for the best outfit decisions

1. Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood | Neonpolice

Vivienne Westwood from Derbyshire is one of the premier British fashion industries. He came up with his label in the 70s and has given credit for shaping the British fashion industry. 

She used Union Jack in stylizing the punk movement and many clothing lines introduced by her and on the best-touted brands around.

She is known for creating loud and bold designs, and her creations also reflect a fiery element inspired by music and the punk era. Her collection lets wearers feel light and present their character. She is known for breaking fashion rules and leaving fun elements in the clothes. She has no sign of growing any slower; thus, you embrace the unique styles created by this legend.

2. Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakely is known for her niche luxurious, elegant high-end designs. She has stylized many celebrities and stars throughout her career, including Diana Princess. She is best known for her cocktail and evening outfits range. She has her clean signature style and has also made her mark in knitwear, jewelry, tailoring, and accessories.

3. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney | Neonpolice

Stella McCartney is one of the most renowned British designers of the modern era. She learned the Knitty and gritty of fashion from the famous Central St Martin College of Art and Design.

Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Moss are one of the few models who are her friends and featured in her graduation show. Celebrities like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow also adorn Stella’s outfit designs. Stella’s brand is known for its eco-friendly image, and she strictly adheres to committing herself not to use any materials that do animal torturing, and she doesn’t use leathers and fur in her creations. She is also a vegetarian in her personal life.

4. Alexander McQueen

McQueen gained the title of “British Designer of the Year” four times between 1996 and 2003, making him one of the youngest designers. McQueen joined several other designers in MAC’s promotion of cosmetic products made by fashion designers. The collection, unveiled on October 11, 2007, was inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup looks for the Autumn/Winter McQueen catwalk. McQueen was dubbed the “enfant terrible of British fashion” and was well known for his imaginative and provocative creations. Hugely popular both domestically and overseas, Sarah Burton took over the company’s leadership after her dad passed away in 2010 and went on to create distinctive dresses.

5. John Galliano

John Galliano

John Galliano | Neonpolice

The British designer, born in Gibraltar, is renowned for his elaborate designs and spent many years working for French fashion brands such as Dior and Givenchy. For his 2011 wedding to musician Jamie Hince, Kate Moss wore a Galliano gown inspired by the 1920s.

At the Stade de France, Galliano debuted Givenchy’s first couture collection on January 21. The fashion media gave the creation excellent marks. Also, Vogue Patterns was permitted to use some of Galliano’s Givenchy designs.

6. Catherine Walker

The designer, raised in France before relocating to the UK in her 20s, rose to prominence in British couture very quickly. Walker designed over 1,000 pieces for Princess Diana. The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s tour of North America in 2011 also chose her designs.

Walker, renowned for having made over a thousand dresses for Diana, Princess of Wales, was famously buried wearing a black dress he crafted for the papal audience with Pope John Paul II at the Apostolic Palace.

7. Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes | Neonpolice

Zandra Rhodes, famous for her choice of colors and textile use, started her journey in the late 60s. Amongst many other celebs, she styled Freddie Mercury and Diana Princess of Wales with her creations.

She is also the founder of the fashion and Textile Museum based out of London. 

8. Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley was born in Somerset and is known for her feminine designs and bohemian style. Kate and Pippa Middleton are some of the few admirers of Temperley’s creations.

Referred to as the “English Ralph Lauren”, she has been creating waves, as acknowledged by American Vogue.

9. Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy | Neonpolice

Philip Treacy is an Irish-born and London-based artist who did her alma mater at the Royal College of Art and is very popular amongst millennials.

Treacy has given many pieces of art, including accessories and hats, to many stars, including Princess Beatrice, who wore Pretzel created by Treacy at the royal wedding in 2011.

She is associated with many celebrities like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Princess Beatrice.

10. David Koma

David Koma graduated from Central St Martin and is a famous fashion designer from London. We can get an idea of his popularity from the fact that during his Summer 2011 London Fashion Week show, Samantha Cameron was one of the spectators in the front row.

David Koma has won many awards and accolades, including selection for the Vogue Fashion Fund.


There are numerous fashion brands for clothing in the UK. One can easily find the right one subject to the condition that you weigh down all your options with proper research and choose a designer whose creative elements resemble your styling aspirations. One must feel lucky to be around these many versatile fashion brands in the UK. 



Who is the most famous British fashion designer?
It isn’t easy to name the most famous British designer, as Britain has produced one of the finest talents in the world fashion industry. Alexander Mcqueen, Vivienne.

Westwood and Stella McCartney are some of the most famous British fashion designers in the UK.

Who is the most famous fashion designer in London?
 Stella McCartney, Burberry, and Vilshenko are London’s most versatile and famous designers. All of the above designers have succeeded in creating global brands, and their creations have a mass appeal.

What is the biggest fashion brand in the UK?
Suppose we consider the turnover and brand value metrics to judge the big fashion brand in the UK. In that case, Burberry beats every other brand hands down and can be unquestionably the big fashion brand in the UK.

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