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Know All About The Airfare To Dubai From NYC: Cheap Flight To Save On Your Pockets

by Lorean
Airfare To Dubai From NYC

Are you planning to fly to Dubai from New York City? Well, not to lie but Dubai indeed is a great place to visit. The lavish infrastructure, exquisite locations and tall buildings are worth exploring. The lavish structure, exquisite locales and altitudinous structures are worth exploring. Not only is the Burj Khalifa a must- see attraction in Dubai, but so are the luxury retail malls and rich artistic atmosphere. Even so, if you’re already in New York City and are seeking a flight to Dubai, we can help you. Read through this blog to learn all about trending flight deals and details regarding the same.

Featured Airfare To Dubai From NYC

The Emirates is offering cheap flights to Dubai from NYC for a limited period of time starting May 31st, 2024! You must not miss out on checking airfare to Dubai from NYC and book tickets before the offer ends. The featured fares from New York (JFK) to Dubai (DXB) being offered are mentioned below, you can check them out. 

Economy Class

The return trip airfare to Dubai from NYC starts from USD 842 if you book your flights for a trip anywhere between 31 May 2024 to 31 Aug 2024. You can book a flight directly on the website of Emirates and avail of the offer which will probably expire in about 7 days.

Premium Economy

The return trip airfare to Dubai from NYC starts from USD 2944 if you book your flights for a trip anywhere between 31 May 2024 to 08 Dec 2024. There are many flights available to book for a round trip from NYC to Dubai.

Business Class 

The return trip airfare to Dubai from NYC starts from USD 5534 if you book your flights for a trip anywhere between 02 June 2024 to 08 Dec 24. Finding available flights on the Emirates website allows for easy booking of business class escorted trips from NYC to Dubai.

Flights scheduled between New York and Dubai 

Currently, two direct flights are running from NYC to Dubai and the schedule for them is mentioned below! For an updated list, you can visit the Emirates website and reserve your flights by looking at the airfare to Dubai from NYC.

Departure Flight From Travel Time Arrival Arrival At
11:20  EK 204 John F. Kennedy International Airport 15 hr

50 min

07:50 Dubai International Airport 
23:00 EK 202 John F. Kennedy International Airport  12 hr

30 min

19:45 Dubai International Airport 


What you can explore in Dubai

If you are finally heading to Dubai from NYC, we have a list of suggested places and activities for you to explore while in Dubai!

Enjoy the beauty of Dubai Miracle Garden

Why not pay a visit to the Dubai Miracle Garden. The Garden is the largest natural Flowers Garden in the world with a coverage area of over 45 Millions of Flowers inside. Let us tell you something; this garden is not like any other garden you have been to before. Owing to the arrangement of flowers inside the garden, you are likely to find yourself transfixed gazing at these flowers. You will also notice the Emirates floral replica of A380 inside this garden which is made with fresh flowers.

Relax on the shores of Jumeirah Beach

However, if you are more acquainted with the desert, you may also find the beach equally stunning and deserving. There are a lot of palm trees and palm trees cover the Jumeirah Beach and the nearby restaurants and cafes will enable you to have a delicious meal before or while relaxing at the beach.

Walk through the lanes of Old Dubai

There could be no other joy greater than seeing the history of the city or country come alive in front of our eyes. While taking a walk through the streets of old Dubai, you will be surprised by the opportunities to observe the historical traces and constructions for example in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

Visit the Dubai mall

Shopping is something that you cannot afford to miss even if you do not fancy brands and spending money, the Dubai mall is something that you should not miss. It has more than 1200 retail shops that it has and offers branded and local brands’ shops. As well, there is a rich list of the hotels where you will be able to try delicious meals admiring the unique beauty of the state, or choosing one of the more than 200 restaurants and cafes in the country.

Catch the stunning view from Burj Khalifa

As if it wasn’t very obvious when in Dubai, Burj Khalifa is truly unmissable! The world’s tallest building deserves to be witnessed by everyone. This 163-floor high building will make you go crazy when you reach the top of it and witness the stunning view.

Have a fun time at Legoland Dubai

It is an enjoyable and entertaining place to visit if you have time in dubai. Legoland, a splendid theme park, enjoys some thrilling activities such as water recreational activities, jolly rides, fun mufti shows, construction zones, and so on. This is the perfect destination to go to when you are traveling, especially if it is with other relatives or friends. Not only a fun adventure theme park but also there is Legoland Water Park where visitors have one of the world’s best water slides.


If you are planning a trip from NYC to Dubai, it is crucial you check out all the deals and offers currently running on Emirates. A discounted price of tickets can help you save big on your pockets and enjoy even more wholeheartedly on your trip! You can look for the cheapest airfare to Dubai from NYC and reserve your seats on the available flights as soon as you can so that you don’t lose out on this exemplary deal that is being offered currently. Book your trips and have a wonderful time in the Venice of the Gulf!

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How much is the airfare to Dubai from NYC?
The latest Emirates flights from NYC to Dubai with Cheapfare747 are available that cost as low as USD 842.
Which airlines offer flights from NYC to Dubai?
You can take emirates’ non-stop flight from New York City to Dubai.
How can I find cheap airfare to Dubai from NYC?
To get the flight availability and the latest offer for flights from NYC to Dubai, you can visit Emirates airline official website.









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