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Create A Relaxed Bathroom With These Soft And Fluffy Bath Towels

by Lorean
Bath Towels

With regards to your home, decor along with bedding and towels characterize your outlook and qualities toward life. It’s always a good idea to have extra towels in the bathroom, in case someone comes for a surprise visit, but storing them without turning the whole bathroom into a store room can be a challenge. In fact, much can be said about a person simply by looking at how they display their towels. In this blog, Neon Police will explore some quality bath towels and ideas to decorate your bathroom with them. 

Importance of Bath Towels 

Bath towels are convenient to grab quickly after bathing. They effectively absorb water and moisture from our hands and body. Towels are more effective than seemingly quicker methods that leave some water behind and are hygienic, practical and actually quite pretty to look at.

A towel can hide you from outside factors and protect your body from dirt if you do not want to take on clothes immediately after a bath or while your body gets the needed time to dry itself. You can rub your body with a towel to dry it, or simply leave it wrapped around for it to dry on its own if you want to avoid too much exfoliation by rubbing. 

Bath towels protect you from many dermatological and physiological problems. A wet body not only becomes itchy and uncomfortable but may also lead to you developing hypothermia if your environment is too chilling. Further, if your clothes remain too wet for a bit too long, they may develop mold which can cause a different lot of diseases; hence you need to ensure that you dry your clothes thoroughly to prevent any buildup. 

If there are too many people in your household, you can get a different coloured towel for everyone. This is especially important if children are present. Their skin is far more sensitive and exposure to a used towel may increase risk of skin infections. If you are a fan of whites, add a name tag or any other marker to identify what towel is whose.

Factors to Consider while Buying Bath Towels 

1. GSM of the towels

Heavier, thicker towels generally provide the softness and absorbency that any reasonable person would expect from a bath towel. However, it can be difficult to judge whether a product is heavy or thick enough, especially when purchasing online. This is where grams per square meter (GSM) comes into play. The GSM of a towel refers to its weight and generally speaking; the higher the GSM of the towel, the better performance you can expect.

2. Material of the towels

The best bath towels are made from 100% cotton.This means the towel fibers are longer, making the bath towel softer, stronger and more absorbent. Materials should be listed online or on the towel label with care symbols.

3. Density of the loops 

Dense loops ensure greater absorbency. Therefore, look for bath towels with voluminous, structured or tightly woven loops. If you can see the towel in person, look closely: if it’s fairly thick, you shouldn’t be able to see its deepest layer.

Small loops of twisted yarn make terry towels so absorbent because each loop creates a larger surface area for water absorption. However, a towel this soft dries more slowly than thinner versions.

A Turkish towel, on the other hand, has a denser weave that is generally less absorbent than other models, but is lightweight, durable and quick-drying. These towels are perfect for vacation. They take up little space in bags, can be used as a blanket during travel in cold temperatures, and dry quickly when left in a hot car after a day at the beach.

The different surface of the luxury bath towels with honeycomb weaves guarantees plush showering and drying experience thanks to their corrugated structure that allows air circulation. However, when tumble dried, these towels tend to shrink, which can lead to wrinkles at the edges, which is why you should avoid washing in hot water and dry flat or in the washing machine on low heat.

How to Decorate your Bathrooms with Bath Towels 

1. Origami towels

You can make cute animals and birds with your towels by twisting and folding them neat and precise, simply follow a youtube tutorial for the same. Odds are you may find the randomest of animals being folded from a towel on the platform. Your bathroom will surely transform into the cutest little towel biosphere that there is.

2. Bundled and wrapped 

You can use a hand cloth or a face towel to create a bundle and wrap around the larger towel to give it a neat appearance. You can also stick in some flowers and shampoos in the pockets to give it a master look.

3. Mix and match with colors 

You can add multiple colored towels in your bathroom and either stack it on a stool or layer it on a holder. Remember to have a color scheme though, you do not want it to appear too haphazardous and chaotic, but more of a chic display of art.

4. Layer up towels 

You can hang smaller towels on top of bigger ones to create a unique layering effect. That is, put a face cloth on top of a handcloth and lay it on a bigger towel. You can also use the color mixing method for the same.

Top Picks for Bath Towels for You

1. Plush Towel Collection

Plush Towel Collection

Plush Towel Collection | neonpolice

This plush towel collection comes with a bath towel, a hand towel and a face towel, all of which are made in high quality and luxurious long staple cotton, void of any harmful chemicals that may harm your skin. They are extra thick and have a high absorbance quotient. Plus they are oh-so-soft on your skin that is guaranteed to give you a luxurious spa-like feel. They come in a natural cotton drawstring bag that allows you to store it wisely.

2. Waffle Towel Collection

Waffle Towel Collection

Waffle Towel Collection | neonpolice

This towel collection comes in a high quality waffle weave that absorbs all the moisture but also dries rather quickly because of its perforating weave. They can also be a great gift for your near and dear ones. Remember to hang on a rack instead of hooks to maintain the integrity of the structure.

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Bath towels are a great way to dry your body and rid it of moisture so you can have moisture free wear. Remember to never wear clothes on a wet body and keep your towels dry too to prevent any mold build up. Check out these Neon Police approved plush and high quality bath towels by Saatva and elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom with style. 


Which towels do hotels use?
Hotels typically use towels made from a variety of cotton yarns and poly-cotton blends.
Which towel is best for skin?
It is best to use a fluffy and microfiber towel to absorb moisture without damaging the skin. 
How do I choose bathroom towels?
Look out for the GSM, the density of the weaves and softness of the yarns before buying a bathroom towel. 

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