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Eye Masks To Improve The Quality of Sleep For A Quality Life 

by Lorean
Eye Masks

Eye masks are generally the best accessories for improving the quality of your sleep. Whether you are someone who loves to sleep with total lights off or with dim lights on an eye mask can generally improve the quality of sleep. If you are wondering why there is so much emphasis on eye masks, then remember that your daily productivity is directly affected by the quality of sleep you get and an eye mask can improve your quality of sleep. 

Eye masks can tackle the sleepless experience and help you get an easy sleep on time. You might have sleep difficulties not only at home but also while travelling. Eye masks can help you get quality sleep and if you want to know more about the benefits of having an eye mask, you should keep reading. 

Is it Necessary to Use Eye Masks?

Well, it’s completely up to the individual whether to use an eye mask or not. You don’t need to force yourself to use it if you are someone who dozes off easily even when the lights are on. But if you are very sensitive to lights while sleeping, if you are having sleep difficulties and are unable to go to sleep on time, then for a practical solution we recommend using an eye mask. 

If you are wondering how it works, then this mask is used for covering the eyes and covers the entire eyes without letting the lights get into your eyes. It makes it easier for the eyes to have a complete light-off experience. This prevents any form of distraction while sleeping. 

They are also not gender or age-fixed. Eye masks are suitable for use by men, women, kids, and elderly people. There is no danger associated with it and it is perfectly safe to use anytime anywhere for a night of good-quality sleep.



Benefits Associated with and when to use Eye Masks

The utility of an eye mask can depend on the sleep difficulties and routine of an individual. That’s why we will look at the variety of options for when and where to use one and the benefits the eye mask brings. If you start to observe that you are not getting the quality sleep your body needs, there are constant distractions (excessive lights) around you, and your sleep schedules have been changed then the eye mask comes in handy. 

1. Use while Travelling 

Traveling can be the most common factor in trouble sleeping especially if you are a frequent traveller. The sudden change in a sleep routine can hinder you from getting a good sleep on time. There might be many other challenges that you can face while traveling and this is where an eye mask can provide the maximum comfort to doze off easily. It could provide the privacy that you need to keep your eyes from getting distracted. Plus they are small and lightweight, thus super easy to carry around. Check out this nice silk eye mask on Saatava. 

2. Sleep Support for Shift Workers

It’s a very common sleep difficulty that some people can generally experience due to a night shift schedule. If you are an individual who has a different working shift, unlike the daytime workers the eye mask can improve your sleep quality. It provides comfort to your eyes and enhances a soothing sleep routine overall. When the rest of the world is working and you need a sound sleep after work, eye masks are your best practical solution.



3. Sleep Support for Dry eyes 

If you are sleeping in a dry air environment it could leave your eyes feeling dry after a sleep. Since your eyes become vulnerable while sleeping to get easily affected. That is why an eye mask will keep your eyes protected from dry air and stimulate the moisture your eyes need. Moreover, your eyes also get the warmth they need and gently loosen the muscles which solidifies the eye glands. 

4. Sleep Support for tackling anxiety and tension 

One of the common sleep difficulties is related to tension and anxiety which can boost the symptoms of migraines or headaches. Since eye masks are made from light and soft material, they provide light pressure on your eye which helps to reduce the tension around your eye muscles. In addition, the cooling pressure of the eye mask can reduce the pain as well. Check this Silk Eye mask, made from high-quality light material, out on Saatva! 

5. Sleep Support for REM cycles 

If you are not new to using an eye mask then you are well aware that an eye mask provides a dark environment to boost your sleep routine. It’s also a proven fact that darkness (no lights on) can improve the quality of sleep for an individual. The eye mask provides an environment where you won’t have to worry about lights on or off. Hence, you get more REM sleep experience. Plus good quality sleep is also related to boosting learning and memory power. So you don’t want to miss that benefit of having good quality sleep with an eye mask that positively affects your brain’s learning power.  


6. Sleep Support for Older People 

This is crucially the best practical solution for older people who tend to be more sensitive to lights. This can directly affect their quality of sleep. There could be other related sleep difficulties that older people may face. One of the best ways for older people to improve their quality sleep routine without any distractions is by using eye masks. The light and soft material of the eye mask will gently cover the eye areas.


Sleep difficulties are not necessarily related to insomnia. But still, there are many factors that we experience in our day-to-day lives that can easily steal away the quality of sleep our body needs. Having an eye mask can save you a ton for sure. If you are looking to shop online Saatva brings some best sleep eye mask collections to boost your sleep routine. For more information visit Neon Police


Should you use eye masks?
There is no general rule on how regularly or often you should use an eye mask. But you can use it whenever you feel like you need your own privacy to easily doze off. As long as you need good quality sleep the eye mask is safe to use. 
How long should eye masks stay while sleeping?
You can keep the eye mask covering your eyes for the entire duration of your sleep. This blocks the lights from distracting your sleep in between and creates a soothing dark sleeping environment until you wake up.
What material is best for sleeping masks?
Silk is generally considered the best material for eye masks. This is because the fabric is soft and lightweight and excellent for blocking the lights. Plus the martial provides a gentle covering to your eyes. 

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