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Connect, Learn, And Grow: Your Gateway To Beauty At Beautyworld 2024

by Lorean
Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024

In 2024, Beautyworld Saudi Arabia will be the largest trade fair for beauty products in the Kingdom, attracting over 260 exhibitors and more than 15,000 visitors to the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. As the Saudi market continues its rapid expansion, the fourth edition of the fair will provide an important platform for global beauty brands looking to showcase the latest cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and salon supplies. With the Saudi government investing heavily to grow the domestic beauty industry and increase female participation in the workforce, Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 is set to facilitate valuable business connections between manufacturers and retailers catering to growing consumer demand nationwide.

Exhibition Dates And Location 

The three-day event will be hosted at the state-of-the-art Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, an ultramodern venue equipped with cutting-edge facilities to enable a world-class industry exposition. With prior editions of Beautyworld Saudi drawing praise for its organization, scale, and visitor engagement, the 2024 show is expected to set new records.

In terms of date and hours, exhibitors and attendees should note the following key details:

  • Dates: The trade show will begin on February 11, spanning three full days until February 13, 2024. This positions the event strategically just ahead of the Eid festive shopping period.
  • Location: The Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center will house the event, providing a contemporary setting with all required amenities and services. The venue boasts several column-free halls, meeting rooms, VIP lounges, and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.
  • Timings: Each day the show will be from 2 PM – 10 PM. This provides exhibitors solid exposure spanning eight hours daily across the three days – ample time to showcase collections, interface with buyers, and offer beauty consultations.

Anticipated Exhibitors And Visitors

With a growing population crossing 35 million in the kingdom, increasing spending power, and massive government-backed initiatives supporting women’s empowerment in the workforce, beautyworld saudi arabia 2024 truly represents a beauty market full of potential. Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 provides the ideal platform for international cosmetics manufacturers to showcase their latest offerings and make vital connections in this flourishing beauty landscape.

  • Beauty Brands on Showcase 

Over 300 exhibitors from more than 30 countries across the globe are expected to participate in Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 to unveil their products and innovations directly to buyers in the region. With the likes of L’Oreal, Unilever, and other giants already confirmed, the breadth of renowned names on the show floor will be unprecedented. Brands will span makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, salon supplies, and more – demonstrating immense category diversity for visitors interested in discovering new beauty sector suppliers.

  • Attendee Footfall Set to Impress

: In tandem with the extensive range of beauty brands exhibiting, organizers anticipate over 15,000 attendees comprising trade professionals, retailers, salon owners, distributors, government agencies, and general public visitors across the 3-day schedule. The expo has seen visitor numbers swell every consecutive edition, indicating fast-multiplying interest in the beauty category within Saudi Arabia. For manufacturers, the impressive turnout represents invaluable face time with decision-makers and customers that makes participation truly fruitful.

Exhibitor Categories

Exhibitor Categories

Exhibitor Categories | neonpolice

A truly diverse range of beauty categories will be showcased at Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 by 300+ exhibitors from over 30 countries. Attendees can expect to find the latest product ranges across:

  • Cosmetics and Color Cosmetics: This expansive category will cover major cosmetics like facial makeup, eye makeup, lipsticks, and more across mass, prestige, and luxury positioning from global giants.
  • Skincare and Personal Care: Anti-aging skin treatments, creams, facial kits, cleansers, toners, masks, and serums – skincare represents a mega market set to impress buyers.
  • Haircare and Styling: Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, serums, colors, essential hair oils, and professional salon-grade supplies.
  • Fragrances and Perfumes: Designer perfume brands, attars, Arabic fragrances, home fragrances, incense, and more within the blossoming fragrance category.
  • Ingredients, Packaging, Contracting and More
  • Salon Equipment Manufacturers: Store and salon furniture, styling chairs/stations, sterilization gear etc.
  • Packaging Producers: Cosmetic containers, bottles, tubes, and jars across glass, plastic, metal and eco-friendly materials.
  • Raw Ingredient Suppliers: Active ingredients, botanical extracts, vitamins, moisturizing components, and other formulation elements.
  • Private Label & Contract Manufacturers: Companies equipped for OEM beauty product development and manufacturing contracts.

Why Exhibit at Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024?

  1. Record Numbers of Working Women: Female workforce participation is scaling new highs, creating demand for professional beauty items.
  2. Women’s Empowerment Initiatives: Government reforms and support for equality of opportunity have empowered women to express themselves through fashion/beauty.
  3. Youthful Demographics: About 50% of the Saudi population is under 30 – indicating openness to experiment with evolving global beauty trends.
  4. Appetite for International Brands: Increased tourism, global connectivity, and social media fuel awareness and aspirations for prestigious beauty labels.

Gateway to New Distributors and End Consumers

For exhibitors, Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 represents the ultimate launchpad to tap this captivating beauty segment through:

  1. Access to Key Industry Distributors: The show floor draws top regional distributors, facilitators, and importers seeking new brand partnerships – making it ideal for onboarding channels.
  2. Direct Interface with End-Consumers: Public days mean exhibitors can build awareness, distribute samples, and receive valuable first-hand feedback from purchasers.
  3. Platform to Influence Retail Stores & Salons: Interacting with store/salon owners allows brands to craft retail marketing plans incorporating their data-driven insights.

Dedicated Programs for Retail Visitors

Dedicated Programs for Retail Visitors

Dedicated Programs for Retail Visitors | neonpolice

1. All-Expense Hospitality for Key Decision-Makers

The marquee offering is the Retail Incentive Program, entitling qualified buyers to complimentary return flights to Riyadh, accommodation for the show duration, and daily transportation – alleviating any travel expense barriers. Rigorous qualification criteria based on store size, annual beauty sales, and purchasing authority ensure that supported delegates represent retail organizations with real potential for exhibitors.

For instance, a minimum 100 sq. m. store focused on beauty sales would meet the eligibility parameters for this exclusive visitor promotion.

2. Specialised Retail Capability Building

Alongside facilitating visits, beautyworld saudi arabia 2024 also invests in educating retailers via the high-value Retail Academy. Through interactive workshops tailored for the show duration, store owners and retail executives gain powerful insights related to:

  • Innovative In-Store Beauty Consultation Approaches
  • Digital Interactive Technologies for Enhancing Shopping Experiences
  • Layout Design Tactics for Optimizing Beauty Product Display & Promotion

Conference Program Alongside the Expo

1. ‘Next in Beauty’ Conference to Shape Saudi’s Cosmetics Future

Complementing the exhibition is an exclusive two-day beauty industry conference titled ‘Next in Beauty’ running concurrently. Featuring eminent keynote speakers, panel discussions, and recognition awards, the conference program promises thought-provoking dialogues around trends, innovations, and growth roadmaps for operating in Saudi Arabia.

2. Guidance from Prestigious Industry Leaders

Next in Beauty kicks off with an inspirational keynote address delivered by a senior executive from beauty giant L’Oreal focused on strategic imperatives for the Saudi beauty market. This precedes an innovation-centric view from e-commerce experts Farfetch decoding how emerging digital channels are transforming distribution regionally. Anchoring day 2 is EY sharing an in-depth analysis of beauty consumer behaviors, preferences, and how companies can localize offerings.

3. Discussions Aligning with Saudi Ambitions

The Saudi-centric panel topics deliver required insights for brands keen to calibrate their expansion plans. Sessions include:

  • Trailblazing Women Reshaping Saudi’s Beauty Industry
  • Attracting and Retaining Beauty Talent Within the Kingdom
  • Leveraging Sustainable Production for Regional Markets
  • Understanding Preferences of the Modern Saudi Beauty Consumer
  • Made in Saudi: Prospects for Local Manufacturing

4. Awards Program Recognising Exemplary Initiatives

The final conference event involves distributing accolades like the Sustainable Beauty Practice Award and the Woman Entrepreneur of Arabia Award – both recognizing implementations driving positive impact in Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024. For exhibitors, the awards offer inspiration for launching meaningful initiatives in the market beyond commercial goals.

5. Actionable Insights to Fuel Saudi Success

With analytics, trends, and regional case studies on the agenda, the Next in Beauty conference at Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 promises data-backed advice for exhibitors seeking winning blueprints customized for Saudi Arabia’s maturing beauty industry.

Enhance Your Presence Before and During the Show

With 300+ sellers competing for buyer and visitor attention, exhibitors must deploy smart initiatives to maximize their visibility and engagement. Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 provides exclusive avenues spanning pre-event promotion as well as stimulating interactive elements across your booth.

1. Amplified Presence Building Pre-Show

Organizers offer select advertising opportunities helping brands get discovered by attendees researching before finalizing must-see exhibitor lists:

  • Show Catalog: Full-page ads in the exhibitor directory mailed out to thousands of beauty trade professionals
  • Banners: Digital banners on the Beautyworld Saudi website as well as strategic locations across the exhibition venue
  • Badge Branding: Logo placement for repeated impressions as visitors scan badges

2. Stimulating Booth Concepts Come Show Time

Many exhibitors also craft appealing experiential activations energizing visitor time at their booth including:

  • Celebrity Meet & Greets: Associating with a popular regional blogger/influencer builds hype
  • Makeup Consultation Zone: A branded beauty consultation area that offers personalized makeover guidance
  • Contests & Freebies: Games, giveaways, and product sampling relevant to your brand universe
  • Beauty Workshops: Branded classes like new season makeup trends or hair styling add experiential flair



With extensive attendee promotion, activations for trade buyers and growing interest in beauty products, Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 is a pivotal opportunity for cosmetics brands eyeing expansion in the high-potential Saudi market. The informative conference program provides the latest insights in addition to meaningful connections with distributors and end-customers on the exhibition floor. Global and local beauty enthusiasts should consider signing up for Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 from February 11 to 13, 2024. in Riyadh. For more information, visit, Neonpolice


What are the dates for Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024?
The upcoming edition of BeautyWorld Saudi Arabia is scheduled to take place from February 11th to 13th, 2024. It will be a 3-day exhibition running from Sunday through Tuesday.
Where will Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 be held?
The venue hosting the event is the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center in beautyworld saudi arabia 2024. The large event complex has hosted Beautyworld Saudi Arabia for several years, with the established facilities and infrastructure to handle this exhibition focused on the professional beauty industry.
Is Beautyworld Saudi Arabia 2024 open to the public?
Unlike some consumer-oriented shows, beautyworld saudi arabia 2024 is a trade-only exhibition. So unfortunately the general public will not be able to attend the 2024 event. Strictly only beauty industry professionals and stakeholders, including exhibitors, buyers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, salon owners, and beauty and personal care product manufacturers are allowed. The content is designed for B2B networking.

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