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Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024: Date, Schedule, Designers, Trends, & More

by Lorean
copenhagen fashion week 2024

After concluding its bustling spring/summer 2024 season, Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) has swiftly announced dates for the upcoming spring/autumn 2024 period. The Scandinavian organization has set Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 to run from January 29 to February 2, 2024, and is now accepting applications to join the schedule.

Prospective participants can submit applications for both inclusion in the official show schedule and participation in CPHFW’s NewTalent program, backed by Circulose and dedicated to supporting emerging designers. The application period remains open until the October 3 deadline. The brand lineup will be disclosed on November 9, and the final itinerary will follow five days later. The Zalando Visionary Award will continue into the spring/summer 2025 season for the second time. 

This annual accolade recognizes a brand with a coveted slot on the official CPHFW spring/summer schedule, a monetary prize, and additional assistance for show production. Applications for the award’s next edition will open in early Copenhagen Fashion Week January 2024, requiring applicants to showcase their commitment to positive change through design, social impact, and innovation.

Date and Location of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024

Date and Location of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024

Date and Location of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 | neonpolice

Mark your calendars, fashion fans! Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 kicks off from January 29th to February 2nd in bustling Copenhagen. Experience dazzling runway shows at the City Hall, while exploring various other fashion hubs:

Trade fairs: Dive into vibrant fashion markets at CIFF and CIFF RAVEN at Bella Center, discover children’s trends at CIFF KIDS at Forum Copenhagen, and explore independent labels at Revolver Copenhagen at Øksnehallen.

Get ready for a week of inspiration, trendsetting styles, and the hottest collections from established and emerging designers. Be there for the excitement!

What can you expect from Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024?

New Formats and Extended Experiences

CPHFW is always at the forefront of innovation, and this season is no different. Get ready for exciting new formats and extended experiences that go beyond the traditional runway shows. Immerse yourself in talks, installations, and pop-up events that delve deeper into the world of Scandinavian fashion and sustainability.

31 Brands to Watch

From established powerhouses like Ganni and Stine Goya to rising stars like Skall Studio and Wood Wood, a total of 31 brands will be showcasing their latest creations. Prepare to be wowed by a diverse range of aesthetics, from playful prints and vibrant colours to minimalist chic and edgy streetwear.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is a leader in promoting sustainable practices within the industry. This season, expect to see even more brands embracing eco-conscious materials, upcycling techniques, and ethical production methods.

Top Designers to Look For at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024

Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov’s SS24, fresh from a Parisian milestone, electrified Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 with a kaleidoscope of exuberant prints and sleek forms. A celebration of uninhibited style, the show revelled in bold colours, playful patterns, and quirky details. Boxing gloves metamorphosed into rustic hats, footwear sported padded ankle wraps, and avian motifs took flight on sweaters and earrings, a collaboration with Vibe Harsløf. Embracing diversity, the runway united models of all shapes, sizes, and ages in a joyous spring/summer spectacle.


Titled ‘Position is Power,’ Ervin Latimer’s show boldly defied conventions on every level. Drawing inspiration from male archetypes of the New York Stock Exchange, Latimer curated a presentation seamlessly blending the subversive with corporate chic. The runway revealed a subversive corporate-core fantasy, transforming shirts into canvases adorned with Bic biros, featuring suits with back-to-front braces, and trousers adorned with tassels, playfully alluding to an office shredder dalliance. The collection fearlessly proclaimed ‘Money, powder, glory’ on T-shirts, presenting edgy twists on traditional office attire and making a fabulously audacious statement.


Emerging from Stockholm, Deadwood echoed a strong commitment to sustainability, aligning seamlessly with the SS24 ethos of Copenhagen Fashion Week. The brand’s runway showcased a thoughtfully crafted unisex collection, a slowly blossoming masterpiece created from upcycled leather and recycled cotton jersey. Denim took the spotlight, featuring contemporary unisex designs meticulously fashioned from deadstock and repurposed materials. Picture leather skirts paired with oversized hoodies and cropped jackets effortlessly matched with baggy jeans, all cinched together by oversized belts. 


Peter Lundvald Nielsen’s SS 2024 collection, showcased on models adorned with bandages and oversized mouthguards, revealed a profoundly personal narrative for the Danish designer. Reflecting on the imperative of self-preservation, the collection drew inspiration from Nielsen’s impactful experiences in LA. Padded silhouettes reminiscent of American football seamlessly merged with grunge-glamour dresses, providing commentary on extreme wealth while utilizing deadstock fabrics. This amalgamation of elements resulted in a collection that echoed one’s fighting spirit—a blend of style and resilience.


Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule

Monday, January 29th

03.00 pm – Nicklas Skovgaard

04.00 pm – Alextra Rotschild / Masculina

05.00 pm – Forza Collective

06.00 pm – Won Hundred

07.00 pm – Saks Potts

Tuesday, January 30th

10.00 am – Joao Marashin

11.00 am – Rolf Ekroth

12.00 pm – Aeron

01.00 pm – Stamm

03.00 pm – Lovechild 1979

04.00 pm – Vain

05.00 pm – Remain

06.00 pm – Alpha

07.00 pm – J.Lindeberg

Wednesday, January 31st

11.00 am – OpéraSport

12.00 pm – Skall Studio

01.00 pm – The Garment

03.00 pm – Wood Wood

04.00 pm – Mfpen

05.00 pm – Stine Goya

06.00 pm – Henrik Vibskov

07.00 pm – Baum und Pferdgarten

Thursday, February 1st

10.00 am – TG Botanical

11.00 am – Munthe

12.00 pm – Gestuz

01.00 pm – Mark Kenly Domino Tan

03.00 pm – Marimekko

04.00 pm – Deadwood

05.00 pm – Helmstedt

06.00 pm – Han Kjøbenhavn

07.00 pm – Rotate

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 Tickets

Official Show Schedule

Attending shows on the official Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 schedule is mainly reserved for industry professionals and press, and often requires invitations or accreditation. For open-to-the-public shows, ticket prices can vary greatly depending on the brand, designer, and seating location.

Presentation And Event Schedule

Participating brands on the Presentation & Event Schedule pay fees based on their annual turnover. These fees cover listing on the official website, access to potential buyers and press, and promotional opportunities. Public access to presentations and events may be included in the fee or require separate tickets, with prices again varying depending on the brand and format (digital vs. physical).

General ballpark

Open-to-the-public shows: Expect prices to range from DKK 200-500 (around €26-65) for general admission to DKK 1,000-2,000 (around €130-260) for premium seating.

Presentations & Events: Public access might be free for some events, while others might require tickets ranging from DKK 50-200 (around €6-26).

Top Trends: Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style

Top Trends_ Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style

Top Trends_ Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style | neonpolice

Scandi Prep Shirting

In Copenhagen Fashion Week trends, prep took on a distinctly Scandinavian twist. Think crisp stripes in cool blues and greens, oversized silhouettes that drape nonchalantly over tailored trousers, and pops of colour in unexpected places, like a neon pink cuff peeking out from beneath a blazer. It’s a look that’s equal parts effortless and polished, perfect for the modern woman who wants to feel both put-together and comfortable. 

Double Belts

The runways of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 would be alive with bold statements, and none stood out quite like the resurgence of the double-belting trend. Gestuz, a Danish powerhouse known for its playful juxtapositions of femininity and edge, took center stage with a masterclass in how to rock two buckles like a pro. For those seeking a more streamlined approach, Gestuz offered ingenious two-in-one belts that seamlessly fused two contrasting styles into a single statement piece. Think chunky chains interwoven with delicate leather straps, or embellished belts punctuated by metallic buckles.

The Big Shorts

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 would defy expectations with a bold statement: the big shorts are here to stay. Say goodbye to the ubiquitous micro-shorts that have dominated recent summers and embrace a more relaxed, laid-back approach to summertime fashion. This trend isn’t just about comfort and practicality – it’s also about creating a sense of effortless cool. The big shorts allow for a playful juxtaposition of proportions, making it easy to mix and match with a variety of tops and jackets. 

Abstract Printed Denim

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 will be awash with a fresh take on denim, as designers embrace the playful whimsy of abstract prints. Instead of the traditional solids, stripes, and rips, denim took on a new dimension with vibrant illustrations and watercolour washes. This season’s denim trend proves that denim can be more than just a basic wardrobe staple; it can be an art form, a canvas for creativity and expression. Whether it’s delicate brushstrokes, playful logos, or watercolour washes, abstract printed denim is a bold statement that adds a touch of personality to any look.



Instead of framing it as a concession, emphasize the opportunity for newcomers: “Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 lineup embraces several exciting new brands, offering them a full year to demonstrate their commitment to our sustainability standards. This isn’t just about filling slots; it’s about expanding our platform to inspire even more brands to take urgent action.”

No matter how you experience it, Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024 promises to be a vibrant celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the unique spirit of Scandinavian fashion. So, mark your calendars, get ready to be inspired, and let the countdown begin! For more information on Copenhagen Fashion Week dates, visit Neon Police.


How can I get tickets to Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024?
Most Copenhagen Fashion Week shows are invitation-only for industry professionals and the press. However, some brands do open their shows to the public, and limited tickets may be available for purchase. Once the schedule is released, you can check individual brand websites or contact their PR teams for information on public access.
How many people attend Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024?
Copenhagen Fashion Week is one of the largest fashion weeks in Scandinavia, with around 12,000 to 15,000 attendees each season.
How do you get into Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024?
To participate in Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024, aspiring participants, whether fashion designers or emerging talents, typically need to apply through the official application process outlined on the event’s website. This involves submitting relevant details about their brand or work, ensuring they meet eligibility criteria, and adhering to application deadlines. Successful applicants may be selected to join the official show schedule, participate in programs like the NewTalent initiative, or apply for special recognitions like the Zalando Visionary Award. Confirmation of participation and specific details are provided by Copenhagen Fashion Week organizers following the application review.

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