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Top 10 Summer Travel Essentials

by Lorean
Summer Travel Essentials

Cheers! It’s the vacation time of the year. Summers are here, and people are on their way to plan their annual vacation. Summer is the most approached season when people love to enjoy their time with their friends and families at the beach.

However, planning a vacation can be a little stressful for some people, mainly when little kids are around. One needs to be extra cautious of their travel essentials, so here is a short checklist to follow to make your trip easy.

Finally, 2023 brings in much more normalized traveling than before the pandemic, so let’s have the time of our lives with these great summer travel essentials.

 10 Best Summer Travel Essentials:

1. Reef Safe Sunscreen


Sunscreen | Neonpolice

First, taking care of your skin when stepping out is vital. Tanning is very common, even if you are lazing on the beach or going out for sightseeing, so don’t forget to carry an SPF with you to avoid those tan lines. My go-to sunscreen is Blue Lizard since it’s chemical-free and reef safe. It’s pretty affordable and well suited for all skin types. The best part is exposure to UV light changes the bottle color and will act as your SPF alarm to reapply it.

Lip balm(s) with SPF is a blessing in disguise. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm is my favorite as it’s organic, readily available, and most importantly, reef safe. So don’t forget to take care of your lips.

Hence, Sunscreens and Lipbalms are the major travel essentials for every trip.

2. Small Backpack

Small Backpack

Small Backpack | Neonpolice

Carrying a backpack makes things very easy as you can put your immediate travel essentials in it. You are planning for a trek, hiking, roaming around the city, or spending the day at a beach. A lightweight backpack is a must and will not occupy a lot of space in your luggage too.

3. Beach Towel

Beach Towel

Beach Towel | Neonpolice

A quick dry beach towel is a must if you are going to the beach or planning to have a fun day at the pool. It will help you pat dry your body and wipe off the beach sand. Therefore, it is crucial to carry it as your summer travel essential.

4. Pop-Up Tent

Pop-Up Tent

Pop-Up Tent | Neonpolice

If your baby is accompanying you at the beach this summer, then you can choose these pop-up tents with a pool combo so your little one can safely enjoy the water while being protected from the direct sun.

5. Slip-Free Sunnies

Slip-Free Sunnies

Slip-Free Sunnies | Neonpolice

You wouldn’t want your sunglasses to slip off your nose during a hot summer day because of sweat, so these non-slip, quirky sunnies are perfect for a fantastic beach look. You can go for more than one, as these don’t bug a hole in your pocket and are a major travel essential for all your hot & sunny travel destinations.

6. A Sarong


Sarong | Neonpolice

A sarong can be a look changer on your summer trip. You can style it as a cover-up on the swimsuit or even use it as a bandana on your head. It can also help in lumbar support.

7. Umbrella


Umbrella | Neonpolice

Weather sometimes can be a little unpredictable so carrying an umbrella is essential. You can enjoy your ice cream even in the rain outside. It will also protect you from direct UV rays at the beach or if you are strolling down the city.

8. Swim Suit

Swim Suit

Swim Suit | Neonpolice

A woman’s summer trip is incomplete without a swimsuit. Don’t stress over that perfect beach body. Be yourself and enjoy the time of your life in some stylish, vibrant swimsuits that are a perfect fit for your body.

9. A Wet Dry Bag

Yes !! You got it right; a wet-dry bag is one of the vital beach holiday essentials. It is a bag that has a waterproof layering on the inside. These bags will help you dry your valuable articles, like mobile phones, air pods, etc., and will be great storage for your wet bathing suits and towels. Even when traveling with kids, these bags are a boon for keeping drenched or dirty clothes away from the fresh ones.

10. Beach Sand Drink Holders

Beach Sand Drink Holders

Beach Sand Drink Holders | Neonpolice

Stay hydrated and stay fresh with your favorite drinks at the beach. These excellent holders will hold your drinks straight up out of the sand. You can even keep your wallet, sunnies, or phone in these.


Neon Police is here to help you with all your travel essentials to make your trips much organised and sorted for all the short as well as long trips. Make sure to keep all the above points in mind before you start shopping for your next travel destination.


What do I need for a summer trip?
Your travel kit must include the essentials such as sunscreen, backpack or beach bag, Beach towel, a tented pool, sunglasses, a sarong, swimsuit, umbrella, wet dry bag, sand drink holder, medication(s), and a hat. These are the most common summer trip essentials.

What should I pack for a seven-day summer trip?
Decide on your looks for each day and pair them up accordingly. Some must-haves are 3-4 tank tops, 2-3 pairs of shorts, two fabulous cotton dresses, three evening outfits, a couple of maxi dresses, etc., to add that Z factor. Don’t forget to carry comfortable shoes for a seamless, relaxing trip. Hair tie-ups and ruffles are significant too to have frizz-free hair.

What is the most forgettable item when traveling?
Charger(s) is the most forgettable item when we are traveling. So keep your mobile phone close and your charger closer.

What should I pack for a five-day summer trip?
Summer trips have the advantage of being light because summer clothes are not as heavy as winter clothes. A pair of shorts, crop tops, maxi dresses, and comfortable Tees are essentials for a five-day summer trip. You can pair these outfits with a quirky, stylish bag, sunglasses, and cute flip-flops. Most importantly, don’t forget to carry toiletries (sunscreen, toothpaste, wet tissues, deodorants, sanitary napkins, etc.

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