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15 Hairstyles for a Formal Job Interview

by Lorean
Hairstyles for a Formal Job Interview

Hairstyles are critical in making a solid first impression, whether you are interviewing in person or over a video call. Your hairstyle for a job interview might be just as essential as your clothes. After all, the interviewer will observe your entire appearance, including your hair, cosmetics, and clothing. You don’t need a professional stylist; what matters most is that you are comfortable with your appearance and the image you offer to the company. It’s entirely normal to be yourself, especially if you don’t put much effort into your appearance. Hairstyles for a Formal Job Interview

Even if your interview is only a fast video conference from home, don’t look too unkempt or dirty. If you’re trying out a new job interview hairstyle, perform a practice run ahead of time to be sure how that professional hairstyle would look. Professional hairstyles for women can have you worry less about a terrible hair day because interviews are already stressful.

Hairstyles for a Formal Job Interview

There are multiple professional hairstyles for women that you can use for your interviews. Looking fresh and neat is the primary purpose of having professional hair. Some of the professional hairstyles for women are as follows:

Sleek Hairstyle

Sleek Hairstyles

Sleek Hairstyles | Neonpolice

Try a sleek, straight appearance with strands of hair. However, if you wear your hair down, you run the danger of touching or playing with it during the interview. You can keep your hair over your shoulders to avoid playing with them. If you apply lip gloss, strands might easily adhere to your lips. That’s very distracting. Keeping your hair over your shoulders can also save you from this problem.

Natural Waves

Consider natural waves if you have short hair and want to spice it up a little. It’s a quick and easy technique to improve your appearance. It will add weight and style without being overly dramatic or overdone.



Braids | Neonpolice

Don’t limit yourself to being simple, straight-down-your-back braid. Try a fishtail braid, a side braid, a braid of braids, or a french braid. You can certainly have some fun by keeping it low-key rather than all-out. You’re not going to a wedding; you’re going to a professional meeting.

Loose Hair

Loose waves are a lovely technique to give movement to medium to long hair. Simply curling the ends and leaving the top straight can give your hair a more groomed, professional appearance.

One Side Back

One Side Back

One Side Back | Neonpolice

You don’t want to pull your hair out of your face during your interview. A style with one side pulled back might be a good compromise between having your hair down and doing an updo. To achieve this look, twist or bring one side back and fasten it behind your ear with a bobby pin.


A ponytail can be appropriate for a job interview if you opt for a polished appearance. Choose smooth styling and taming flyaways with an anti-frizz product or styling cream. Pull a strand of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it over to conceal the hair tie, fastening it with a bobby pin for an exquisite touch.

Loose Curls

Style your hair in loose curls for a sophisticated look that isn’t too stuffy. You will look trendy and attractive during your interviews without putting much work into your appearance.

Short and Stylish

Short and Stylish

Short and Stylish | Neonpolice

Gone are days when there was a need for a prim and proper appearance at the workplace. Experiment with shorter styles that can be short on the side and a little longer on top. A short haircut reduces maintenance and shortens your morning routine. It also gives your outfit a distinct, edgy vibe.



Bob-Cut | Neonpolice

If you are willing to bring life to your short and straight hair, you can chop them up with zesty layers and texture. Having a bob-cut hairstyle for an interview can give you immense confidence. It will also make you appear stylish and confident during your interviews.

Pretty Pixie

Another beautiful short hairstyle that is a worldwide classic for women of all ages and professions is the pixie cut. It is straightforward, easy to use, and appropriate for all interviews and workplaces.

High Bun

High Bun

High Bun | Neonpolice

The high bun keeps your hair up and away from your face without sacrificing flair. Brush your hair over your head, leaving one piece free, and twist it into a bun. After that, fasten with a hair tie. Wrap the free bit of hair around the elastic and put the piece of hair underneath the bun with a bobby pin to disguise it. The high bun is amongst the most popular professional hairstyles for women.

Curled Ponytail

Applying medium-width curls to your existing ponytail hair, using your favorite curling method, and finishing with a lovely side pony can leave you with perfect professional hairstyles. Allow a few tendrils to hang loose for a more relaxed appearance, but make sure they don’t distract you or dangle in your face throughout the interview.

High-Class Low Key

If you wish to have simple yet fashionable professional hairstyles for your job, then you can try this hairstyle. Using a smoothing cream, pull your hair back and twist it into a low bun. This hairstyle is a timeless style ideal for a traditional vibe.

Side Bun

Side Bun

Side Bun | Neonpolice

A side bun is a fun but tasteful way to add sass to your hairstyle. Whether you wear the bun wavy, braided, or straight and sleek, place it at the nape of your neck.

Keep It Natural

The last option is to keep your hair natural. Your hair doesn’t have to be straight or styled for a natural look. After all, what counts most is that you feel confident and at ease at work with your professional hairstyles.


Apart from the hairstyle, it is necessary to be confident and cheerful throughout your interview. Professional hairstyles that suit your face and body structure are the key factors. Therefore, it is advisable to always try the hairstyle before doing it for your interview.


What hairstyles are appropriate for a job interview?
Any hairstyle that makes you look professional is suitable for a job interview.

Is it professional to have your hair down for an interview?
Instead of having your hair down, you can opt for a classic bun or ponytail to have a more professional look.

How should you tie your hair for an interview?
You can wear a classy bun, or ponytail or even twist your hair into a smooth, long braid to have a professional look while staying comfortable.

What is an unprofessional hairstyle?
Unbrushed hair, pigtails, and messy buns are all unprofessional hairstyles that you should avoid for an interview.

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