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Expert Advice: How to Pack for a Holiday

by Lorean
Holiday Packing

Holiday packing excites each of us, and this whole excitement is why we end up packing such jazzy clothes that we have not worn for quite some time. There are so many points to spoil the entire holiday concerning packing, which includes leaving winter clothing behind on a trip to Switzerland or leaving beach costumes for a trip to the Maldives. To avoid all this mess, we have compiled a list to help you with your packing needs. Packing can be a tedious task at times. Sometimes you are chasing a just-in-time schedule and hence sometimes forget important stuff behind. A sure solution for this is to plan your holiday and create an itinerary list based on the destination, mode of commutation, and weather. It will surely help reduce pre-holiday stress and anxiety. When it comes to luggage weight, it’s a trade-off call. If you pack too lean, you might run out of clothes in case you cannot get laundry done or repeat the same clothes too often. In case you pack too much, it might end up in you dragging heavy luggage across airports or railway stations. No matter where you plan to go next, we believe this article will help you better manage your holiday packing requirements.

Holiday Packing Tips:

1. Choice of travel bag

travel bag

travel bag

Consider a canvas holdall bag that’s lightly packed instead of a bulky rigid shell suitcase consisting of wheels. It will reduce the luggage weight to some kilograms.

2. Think outfits

think outfits

Think outfits | Neonpolice

Think of spending your days during vacation outings and create a holiday checklist of the clothes. If you have an occasion scheduled, keep an extra outfit for that occasion. Avoid keeping heels and stay in flats, as you go on holiday to relax.

3. Shorten the traveller’s list by one-third

We generally over-pack instead of under-packing for a family vacation. Therefore, after preparing the holiday packing list of things you want to take with you on holiday, shorten it to one-third by eliminating some items. It will reduce the weight of your luggage. Also, packing lesser things to take on holiday causes reduced emission of carbon from the flight because of lowering fuel usage. Hence, it will make you an eco-friendly traveller.

4. Wear your heavier stuff

You can wear your heavier clothes and shoes on the plane, on approaching the baggage allowance. Also, the temperature is lower in the plane. Hence, it is better to stuff some clothes in your handbag to layer them up when required.

5. Take your best items

best items

Best Items | Neonpolice

Take the dress you selected for a holiday, saving the whole year for a special event.

6. Roll instead of folding

Rolling clothes while arranging them in your bag instead of folding them saves space. Also, it keeps your clothes free from the crease. If you are carrying any delicate item, keep it flat on the top. Also, you can keep it with a lightweight slim-plastic hanger to hang it upon reaching your destination.

7. Washing line and detergent

You can reduce the number of outfits you carry by taking an environment-friendly detergent. Also, you can decant some of its amounts into a small bottle. If you are taking your kids along with you, then this tip will prove very helpful to you. It will make you hand wash some essential garments in case there are no laundry services.

8. Lightweight and easy-dry clothing

Lightweight and easy-dry clothing

Lightweight and easy-dry clothing | Neonpolice

Consider taking lightweight clothes if you want to carry detergent and less apparel for a long holiday. Also, compliment this with a microfiber towel which will dry very quickly.

9. Medical kit

It is essential to keep your medical kit in your hand luggage instead of a first aid kit in your main luggage. Make sure to carry some Calpol for sore ears and travel bands for air sickness. One should not forget to pack some pepper mint, hand sanitisers, and other required medicines. Further, stock up on medicines that include painkillers and sleeping pills for upset sleep due to environmental alterations.

10. Single pair of jeans

Take only one pair of jeans and wear them on the plane only to avoid extra weight on your luggage. Also, it is better to carry leggings instead of jeans in luggage.

11. Wear all your jewellery

To get rid of the missing luggage stress, wear all your jewellery. In case there are any extras, stuff them in your evening bag.

12. Wildcard party dress

You never know what is looking forward to you. Hence, do not forget to carry a party dress in case of an impromptu invitation.

13. Stuff shoes and bags

Stuff shoes and bags

Stuff shoes and bags | Neonpolice

To prevent your garments, bag, and shoes from getting damaged from collective packing, keep them separately in the dust bag or cotton sack. It will also prevent them from marking your delicate outfits.

14. Turkish bath towel

Include cotton-made traditional hammam towels instead of those made from fluffier fibres. It will make an ideal beach towel. You can also use it as shawls at night when it is cold.

15. Pack a waterproof bag for wet stuff

If you are fond of swimming till the time for flight, it is better to carry a waterproof bag to keep wet clothes. It will prevent all your clothes in the bag from getting wet.


Sometimes, packing might be a laborious chore. Always list the items to be packed and cut them to one-third. Then choose the appropriate bag and start keeping the items, using the rolling techniques to save space for more things. If you are going to a warm place, carry lightweight clothes. For a cool place, pack only one or two jackets. Always remember to keep the medical kit.


What should I pack for a seven day holiday?
For a week-long trip, carry five sets of socks and undergarments. Amongst clothing, take four tops or T-shirts, two or three bottoms, and two pairs of footwear. You can also take one hat (for the beach) or a jacket (for a chilly place).

What is the best way to pack for a holiday?
Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is the best way of packing them for a holiday. It takes less space in packing. Hence, you can pack more and more items in the same bag.

What should I pack for a two week holiday?
You should pack three to four pairs of bottoms and eight tops or T-shirts. Also, two jackets if you are travelling to a cool place. Include the sets of undergarments for each day and two pairs of shoes.

What five items should you bring on holiday?
Suitable clothing, money and cards, first aid or medical kit, helpful accessories, and documents like passports are the items one should bring on holiday.

What to take on holiday for a week?
You need to carry five to six sets of socks and undergarments. Amongst clothing, take four tops or T-shirts, two or three bottoms, and two pairs of footwear. You can also carry one hat (for the beach) or a jacket (for a chilly place).

What to pack for holiday?
The five-holiday essentials to pack are suitable clothing, money and cards, first aid or medical kit, Helpful accessories, and documents like a passport.

How to pack a suitcase?
Firstly prepare your packing list for a holiday. Roll the clothes one by one and arrange them in your bag. Also, keep an extra bag for laundry. Use all the space in the bag to fit items in the pack list.

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