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What do you need for a Daily Makeup Routine?

by Lorean
Makeup Routine

Your makeup routine may require a refresher from time to time. And we have an ideal everyday makeup routine to put a spring in your step without making you feel like someone else or adding time to your hectic mornings.

Instead of a thick foundation, use a lighter, multipurpose priming lotion with SPF to help streamline your daily regimen. A light pink concealer helps to hide dark circles without giving the eyes an artificial appearance. Bronzer imparts a sun-kissed hue to areas where the sun would ordinarily strike your skin. Dabs of blush and highlighter soften and accent the cheekbones and eyes, respectively, while a light hand with the brow pencil and shadow defines the eyes without being overdone.

Try some of these makeup routine and products to achieve the look



Primer | Neonpolice

Ignore a primer at your peril. Primers create a smooth base for your concealer/foundation/highlighter and other cosmetics to glide over and keep your makeup from creasing or sliding during the day. If you need to put on some light makeup products for an evening out, a primer is an ideal companion you can keep in your handbag or beauty box.



Concealer | Neonpolice

Applying concealer is an important part of the makeup routine. Nothing rivals the power of a well-chosen concealer for the best cosmetic disguise. Concealer is especially needed if you frequently suffer from redness, scarring, acne, or dark circles. Carry concealer with you to touch up if necessary.



Blush | Neonpolice

Blush is the best cosmetic pick-me-up for your face. Use a shade that complements your complexion or makeup routine look to add a new flash of color to your face. Choose a blush with a creamy consistency since it may give your complexion a dewy tone and is readily blendable. Apply to your cheeks for a young, flushed appearance.

The BB Cream

The BB Cream

The BB Cream

BB Creams are the face’s “fixer-uppers.” They’re particularly useful if you’re new to foundations because they’re essentially lotions with a few drops of foundation mixed in. BB cream has properties of foundation, primer, moisturizer, and toner all in one. It not only provides excellent coverage and conceals imperfections, but it also cures them. Do we need any more reasons to choose this one?



Mascara | Neonpolice

With long, beautiful lashes, you may add a little oomph to your everyday appearance. Even if yours are naturally thin/sparse, mascara may easily compensate! Confused by the volumizing and lengthening options? Experts recommend going for both by putting one layer of either.

Your Favorite Lipstick Color


Lipstick | Neonpolice

Whether it’s a flaming red that kickstarts your look or a scorching pink that ties everything together, every lady has a go-to lip color, and your makeup collection would be incomplete without it. Whatever the hue, add a new layer as needed to increase the ante on your day’s appearance.

Serum/Conditioner for Hair


Serum | Neonpolice

Hair might appear to be poor related to your skin, generally overlooked, and rarely cared for. However, your hair needs the same level of protection from the environment as your skin, and the correct serum may provide it. Hair serum acts as a protective layer for your hair, preventing damage from UV rays and airborne debris and dust. So have your cosmetics and hair serum close at hand.

Face Wipes

Face Wipes

Face Wipes | Neonpolice

The ravages of a late night or last night’s makeup will accompany you everywhere you go. Going to bed without removing your makeup is a recipe for disaster – and it’s also bad for your skin. Keep some face wipes on hand (in your bag and on your bedside) so you can quickly remove your makeup or deal with any smudges.



Sunscreen | Neonpolice

The Sun is always around. Whether you’re heading to the beach or the office, wearing and carrying sunscreen is a requirement. What is the point, you could ask? Sunscreen protects your skin from the amazing destructive damage produced by UVA/UVB rays regularly and prevents breakouts when they are least anticipated. Should we go on?

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss | Neonpolice

Dry lips may happen to anybody at any moment, so have a lip balm on hand. Make your own (here’s how) or buy one – either way is simple. What is our recommendation? Purchase some untinted lip balm and match it with your favorite lipstick color for a look that both you and your lips will appreciate.

Your Scent


Scent | Neonpolice

Last but not least, take your favorite perfume with you to complete your outfit. Smelling good may be a terrific way to advertise your presence before you arrive. Make sure to spray some perfume on before leaving the house and reapply as required during the day.


So, that’s all! This makeup routine and products are must-have makeup products for your style. Have you got any more in yours? Please let us know, and we will add it to our list! Follow the official website of Neon Police for more information on makeup routines.


What are the most crucial makeup routine steps?
Whether you’re applying a little layer of foundation or a full face of makeup, primer is an essential first step. Using primer under your makeup helps extend the life of your appearance.

What makeup routine or product is the best for you?
Blush, bronzer, and lip liner. These three items have the most impact on your face and may be used alone or in conjunction with a complete face of makeup. I’ve learned from experience how much these three things can improve your makeup game.

What is the significance of makeup & makeup routine?
It boosts your self-esteem. The appropriate goods may significantly increase your self-esteem. Even if a bold lip color isn’t for you, a few modest basics may make you feel more put-together and, consequently, more confident.

Why is natural makeup more appealing?
Natural cosmetics will accentuate your beauty rather than conceal imperfections. It’s a straightforward method that concentrates on a few important regions – skin, eyes, and lips – and enhances them subtly. You’ll use fewer products, spend less time on the look, and you won’t need to know any complicated procedures.

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