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Belts for women that will add an oomph to your outfits 

by Lorean
belts for women

Belts have been used for as long as one can remember to cinch the waist and secure items of clothing into their place. Though belts for women did find their purpose because of their functionality, they have very much made their way into the world of fashion accessories. They are now used to giving style and an extra dose of fashion quotient to your entire look. In this blog, Neonpolice will help you analyse the different kinds of belts for women you can find in the market and how you can use them.

Types of belts for women 

Buckle belt

Buckle belts are one of the most common belts for women. It is a simple strap with a metal buckle pressed onto one end of the strap. The strap material can be leather, fabric, or plastic. The buckle of this belt can be one-piece or multi-piece. Buckles are often made of zinc and aluminum alloy with a special gloss or brass coating.

D-ring belt

There are two D-rings attached to one end of this belt. This belt is very easy to make and wear. Thread the belt through the trouser loops. Place the other end of the band into the rings by passing it through the closest ring and under the other ring to secure the band in place.

Skinny knot belt

It is usually a thin strip tied in the form of a knot on the front of the body. The belt can also have metal accessories. However, the fixation is done using knots

Metal belts

Typically worn with formal wear/wedding dresses. Some metal straps are secured with chains or are made of chains themselves. Some are made of delicate silver, gold, or gold/silver-plated metals.

Hip belt

These are low belts that are worn loosely and hang around the hips. These are mostly worn by Asian brides over their wedding dresses, also called waist chains.

Yoke belt

They are very wide stripes that look like a skirt yoke. They are worn at the waist and reach almost to the hips.

Cinch belt

A cinch belt is a tight-fitting belt made of elastic/ leather/ stretch fabric that hugs the waist tightly and makes it look petite. It is closed with a patterned buckle/ clasp or lacing. With this belt, you can get an hourglass figure by slimming your waist. 

Lace-up belt

These lace-up belts are equipped with eyelets and drawstrings that allow you to attach the belt to the waist.

Corset style belt

Corset belts are among the few belts for women that have been around for a long time. They are another snap-fastening belt that allows you to create a pencil-thin silhouette no matter the shape. 

Top picks for belts for women 

1. Tan leather-look oval buckle belt

This Tan leather belt has a gold-tone buckle fastening that has just the perfect shine to it. The neutral undertone makes it perfect for almost all earthy colors. Pair it with a beige or any neutral color dress and watch the entire look come together. 

2. Stone raffia buckle stretch belt

This belt is a must-have! It has a beautiful gold buckle and a raffia finish that goes seamlessly with all summer outfits. The square buckle adds a hint of sophistication. The stretch gives you a perfect fit and cinches the waist at your desired spot. 

3. Black faux croc hexagon buckle belt

Black faux croc hexagon buckle belt

Black faux croc hexagon buckle belt

This black belt has a faux crocodile skin pattern on it that exudes elegance. The hexagonal buckle gives you a classic look. This belt will go great on your jeans, skirts, or pants and give out a very confident visage. 

4. Silver multi-link chain belt

This link chain belt can work out for everyone alike. It has so many loops you can literally fasten it to fit any size. The silver chain adds a bit of sparkle and dazzle to your outfit. 

5. Black circle buckle slim stretch belt

Black circle buckle slim stretch belt

Black circle buckle slim stretch belt

This black belt is very stretchable and can elevate your outfits instantly. The gold-tone hardware goes well with all dresses. The circle buckles have a chic look and can transfer the same quotient to your entire outfit. The belt also has a woven fabric that makes the entire look very sophisticated. 

6. Black leather-look eyelet buckle belt

This belt has a very cool and edgy look to it. It features a chic leather look with eyelets that have a distinct silver-tone detailing. The luxe buckle further enhances its charm. 

7. Silver metal slinky belt

Silver metal slinky belt

Silver metal slinky belt

This slinky belt has a smooth and crafted silver metal finish with a beautiful shine. You can easily pair them with your extravagant dresses for a clean but elevated look. It can even go with your bridesmaid dresses for a cinched look. 


Belts for women are a great way to elevate all your outfits. They are very timeless and will always be in style, plus they also serve a functional purpose. They help you secure your outfits and prevent any wardrobe malfunction. You can check one of the belts for women that Neonpolice has fished for you on New Look and slay at that fashion game. 


How do you know what size belt to get for women?
Simply go a size above while choosing belts and you will find the perfect match of belts for women.
How many belts should a woman have?
You can do good with a black belt, a tan belt, and a wide belt. It is a plus point if you have a corset belt too. 
When should you wear a belt?
You need a belt if your bottom wear is loose or if your dresses need a bit of cinching at the best.

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