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Fashion Advice for Women Featuring All Body Shapes

by Lorean
Body Shapes

Fashion trends evolve quickly. Hence, it can be challenging to know how to modify them to fit our distinct and gorgeous! Body Shapes. In our opinion, fashion is all about looking stylish and feeling confident about oneself. So we put together this helpful guide to show you how to style for your body shape and highlight your best features with clothes you already own or should own. 

Different Body Shapes And Their Suitable Outfits

1. Pear-Shaped Body shape

Pear-Shaped Body Type

Pear-Shaped Body Type | Neonpolice

In this body type, the waist is broader than the bust, and one has fuller hips. The shoulders are narrower than the hips, with a fuller rear. You should dress this body in such a way that it gives an elongated effect to the body.

Must-Have Tops

The tops with bold patterns and bright colors are the best fit for Pear shapes. Statement tops draw the sight upwards, highlighting the waist, neckline, and back. Hence, wild and fun printed tops are perfect for this body shape. V-necked silhouettes, bell sleeves, cowl necks, and scoop necks are the power pieces for those with pear body shapes.

Adding layers

Waist-length jackets, A-line and princess cuts, and any outerwear hitting your mid-thigh is an ideal piece for you. Also, boxy coats and cropped style pieces emphasizing your waist are perfect for you,


A-line dresses having open backs, dropped, embellished necklines, belted styles, and dramatic sleeves will excite your more slim upper body. Any hemline falling below the knee will lengthen your body and slim your hips and thighs.

Jeans and Pants

Bootcut and flare denim styles are fantastic go-to’s because they balance proportions by doing for your lower half. A floor-grazing fit with heels will work wonders if you like flares!


Your hidden weapon is accessories like statement necklaces and earrings.


2. Hourglass-Shaped Body Type

Hourglass-Shaped Body Type

Hourglass-Shaped Body Type | Neonpolice

In this body type, the waist is well-defined, and your bust and hips measure lost equal to the bust, and one has fuller hips. Your thighs, hips, and bust could all be fuller. Also, your body can be called curvy.

The secret to clothing for an hourglass body shape is to emphasize you as a lovely lady figure and highlight your waist.

Must-have tops

Your power pieces include Wrap tops, Peplum blouses, Form-fitting jersey knits, and anything with a round, boat, or V-neck. Because of its well-balanced curves, this shape has a lot of charm and grace. It would be best to tailor your entire wardrobe to highlight your narrow waist, from the most fundamental pieces to your button-up blouses for work. Also, you have a lot of freedom available regarding sleeve length.

Adding layers

Fitted blazers, bomber jackets, a classic trench, and cropped silhouettes look great on you. Therefore choose jackets that highlight your waist. However, resist the boxy styles as they won’t showcase your curves.


Reach for classic cuts like the wrap dress or the fit & flare. These shapes will naturally highlight your best features. Also, an imperial silhouette is quite effective.

Jeans and Pants

Low-rise tops that are fitting or somewhat cropped look wonderful with low-rise hip-hugging bottoms. Stretchy skinny jeans and leggings look great with a normal-length top because they are ideal for highlighting your hip contours and leg taper. Also, fitted jumpsuits can look amazing on you.


Skinny waist belts, necklaces with length near your collarbone, slightly structured purses, and clutches are the best for you. They also provide a pleasing contrast to your flowing, gentle curves.

3. Apple-Shaped Body Type

Apple-Shaped Body Type

Apple-Shaped Body Type | Neonpolice

This body shape involves broader shoulders than hips and the absence of a well-defined waistline. Also, there is very little curviness through the hips. When highlighting their fuller bust, fantastic legs, or arms, apple and inverted triangle forms look their best.


Breezy A-line silhouettes, relaxed boyfriend button-ups, flowy tunics, and anything with V-neck are the best top choices for you. Pick a thick fabric that will elongate your shape from your bust to your hips. Hence, raw silk, tweed, linen, gabardine, and heavier cotton fabrics will all work.

Adding layers

Any vest, coat, or jacket that hits the hip or upper thigh looks fantastic with an apple body shape.


Strapless styles look great on you. Maxi styles with a lower neckline, a wrap dress, a mini dress, and knee-length styles look super fantastic on you.

Jeans and Pants

Your figure looks excellent in skinny jeans and leggings, especially when worn with a light tunic, an oversized sweater, or a roomy button-down. Flares with heels are the best for lengthening your frame.


You should wear necklaces that draw attention up and down with a longer length, or choose one that is light and delicate. Hence, it will result in proportionate balancing.

4. Athletic or Rectangular Shaped Body Shapes

Athletic or Rectangular Shaped Body Shapes

Athletic or Rectangular Shaped Body Shapes | Neonpolice

It is the body shape that is not specifically curvy. The shoulder dimensions almost equate to the hip measurements. Also, the waist in this body shape is not well-defined. If you have this body shape, your figure is attractive in practically everything. Therefore, you may reveal or cover as much as you like and find balance.

Must-have Tops

A person with an athletic build looks their best when they highlight their chiseled arms, well-defined shoulders, and shaped waist. The best suiting pieces for this body shape are racerback styles, halter styles, anything strapless, and scoop and round necklines. Choose clothing with bold collars or decorated necklines to draw attention to your bust. Also, halters are perfect for you with a high neck and an open back.

Adding layers

Bomber jackets, dusters, peacoats, and flowy outerwear look fantastic on you. You will look great in a fitted, structured styling if you are slim. Look for elastic or cropped waist styles to define and enhance your waistline.


You can go strapless, plunging necklines, backless jumpsuits, skirts of any length, and heels. Stick to darker hues, vertical stripes, or A-line silhouettes to reduce. Also, put on a thin belt to accentuate your waistline.

Jeans and pants

Choosing the pant style that best compliments your top body shape would be perfect. For a larger upper body, go for skinny jeans or structured trousers. Also, leggings will balance the broader effect on the upper half of the body. For elongation, select bootcut styles or floor-glazing flares teamed with heels. If you’re on the thin side, flowing and wide-leg clothing, gathered waists, and even cargos might help you balance your frame.


You can draw upward attention using necklaces, scarves, or earrings. Also, I prefer rings over bracelets.


The body of every person is different. People have hourglass, pear, apple, and athletic body shapes. The guidance for an ideal outfit is about balancing the body shape proportions. Hence, in this context, the lengthening effect balances the pear-shaped body while highlighting the fuller bust, arms, and legs that neutralize the apple shape. Also, in the case of the hourglass body shape, emphasis is paid to highlighting the waistline and lady figure


What are the different body types in fashion?

There are four different body types in fashion:

Pear-shaped body
Apple-shaped body
Hourglass-shaped body
Athletic or rectangular-shaped body.

What is the importance of knowing your body type in selecting clothes to wear?
Knowing your body type will enable you to choose the best outfit. If you are unaware of your body shape, choose a dress that highlights your bulky body portions instead of balancing them with your dress-up.

What are the body types?
The body type of a woman refers to the shape of her body. The measurements of her waistline, bust, and hips decide it. Depending on the body dimensions, the body shape can be pear, apple, hourglass, or athletic.

What are the five main body types?
The basic body shapes are pear, hourglass, apple, and athletic. The additional one is the inverted triangle body shape which is another type of athletic shape having a wider shoulder and bust area than the lower portion. Visit the official website of Neon Police to get more information.

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