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Cute And Comfortable Plus Size Bras That Fit Your Bosom Like A Glove

by Lorean
Plus Size Bras

God knows how difficult it is to come by cute and comfortable plus size bras in the world of smalls and mediums. Most bra brands give you a max size of XXL or a maximum cup size of D in the name of plus size, and that is nothing but preposterous. Everyone deserves cute lingerie, to look and feel good in themselves, which is why we went on a hunt to fish out the best plus size bras that not only keep your breasts supported but look cute too! 

What Size Bras Fall In Plus-Size?

Full-figured bras are bigger than a D cup, independent of band, and garment sizes vary from 0 to 22. The phrase “plus-size” refers to clothes, specifically plus size bras with a cup size of D or more and a band size of 44 or greater. Full-busted lingerie is less well-defined, however most providers use it to denote a cup size of D or above and a band size of 36 or below, suggesting that the garment is designed for someone with larger breasts and a smaller frame. Both phrases are vital in choosing the correct lingerie size  for various body shapes.

How To Choose The Plus Size Bras For Yourself

  • To determine the ideal plus size, use a bra calculator and a size chart.
  • Even if the straps dislocate, the bra should remain in place.
  • When estimating the bra size, use the size of the larger breast.
  • If the straps slide, it indicates the incorrect cup size.
  • To ensure the longest life of your new bra, always use the loosest hook possible.
  • Avoid overwashing the bra to prevent elastic breakage and loss of support.
  • Always avoid placing your bra in the dryer.

How To Calculate The Perfect Plus Size Bras’ Size?

To measure your bra size, you’ll need the following.

  • A flexible measuring tape
  • A mirror
  • A non-padded, well-fitting bra

First Part- Band and Bust Size Measurement

  • Position the measuring tape around the ribcage, under the bust.
  • Exhale to get the most accurate measurement.
  • Note the number in inches.
  • Round up to the nearest even number if the number is odd.

Second Part- Bust Size Measurement

  • Wrap the tape around the largest area of the bust.
  • Take note of the number in inches.
  • Subtract the band size from your bust measurement.
  • The difference will determine cup size.

Cup Size Chart

Difference (inches) Cup Size Example Bra Size
Less than 1 inch AA 34AA
1 inch A 34A
2 inches B 34B
3 inches C 34C
4 inches D 34D
5 inches DD/E 34DD/E


Our Favourite Picks For Plus Size Bras

  • Playtex Secrets Front Close Bra

Playtex Secrets Front Close Bra

Playtex Secrets Front Close Bra | Neonpolice

The Playtex Secrets series includes a Dreamwire underwire bra with a front clasp for simple dressing. The bra has a cushioned wire for no pokes or pinches, Anchorstrap technology for further support, and a 4-way truSUPPORT system for comfortable support. The Cool Comfort fabric wicks perspiration away from your skin, helping you stay cool and comfortable. The bra is form-fitting, so consider going up a size for a less snug fit. The large cups give non-foam support, while the rear panels add extra smoothing and support. Get this fancy bra for your date nights! 

  • Playtex 18 Hour Wireless Bra

Playtex’s 18 Hour wireless bra provides excellent support, beauty, and comfort. It has the iconic Playtex M-frame, a 4-way TruSUPPORT system, and larger, padded straps for all-day comfort. The satiny floral design lends a feminine touch to the bra. The bra is wire-free, itch-free, and tag-free, meaning it provides excellent support without the need for wires. The stay-in-place straps ease shoulder pressure and the M-frame design contours to the body for a comfortable fit. A great option if you are looking for a daily wear bras! 

  • Bali One Smooth U Ultra Light Minimiser Underwire Bra

Bali One Smooth U Ultra Light Minimiser Underwire Bra

Bali One Smooth U Ultra Light Minimiser Underwire Bra | Neonpolice

The One Smooth U Ultra Light Minimizer Underwire Bra is a flexible device that can minimize bust size by up to 1.5 inches while providing full-coverage support and comfort. It has lightweight foam spacer cups for ventilation and modesty, a contemporary open neckline, and broad, cushioned convertible straps that may be worn straight or crisscrossed. The bra’s design has a soft enclosed side sling for extra support and form, as well as a trendy open neckline.

  • Glamorise Plus Size No-Bounce Sports Bra

Glamorise Plus Size No-Bounce Sports Bra

Glamorise Plus Size No-Bounce Sports Bra | Neonpolice

The Glamorise range includes a sleek, no-bounce wireless sports bra ideal for light-to-moderate activity and all-day wear. It has a strategically designed camisole structure with inner bands for no-bounce support without wires, an airy mesh insert for cooling airflow, and extra-wide, non-stretch straps for comfort. The back has two-way stretch and is moisture-wicking, ensuring a cool fit. The bra also has a hook-and-eye clasp for a customised fit. This wire-free sports bra is ideal for gym and weekend wear. Get this amazing no bounce bra now! 

  • Bali ComfortFlex Fit 2-Ply Wireless Bra

Bali ComfortFlex Fit 2-Ply Wireless Bra

Bali ComfortFlex Fit 2-Ply Wireless Bra | Neonpolice

This wireless bra has smart sizing, elastic non-foam 2-ply cups that adjust to your form, and knit-in zones for customized support. It has a lovely V neckline, deep U back, and wider no-slip straps. The Cool Comfort fabric wicks sweat, making it cool and comfortable. The bra, which has a wardrobe-ready V front and deep U back, blends in with shirts and other tight clothing. The padded hook-and-eye spa closure in the back provides three fit adjustments. Get this seamless bra for daily wear! 


Choosing the right plus size bras for various body shapes by focusing on the best options that not only support your breasts but also look cute is the most important part of dressing up as a plus size individual. These bras offer support, comfort, and a comfortable fit for various body shapes. You can easily find cute pieces of lingerie for yourself on Onehanesplace. They have some of the most affordable yet supportive features added to themselves that lift your breasts up and give it a comfortable feel. Find the best plus size bras on Onehanesplace! 

For more help on lingerie selection, visit Neonpolice


How should a bra fit plus-size?
A well-fitting plus-size bra has a snug band (2 fingers fit) that supports most of the weight, not the straps. Cups should fully contain breasts with no spillage.
How to find a plus-size bra?
Getting professionally sized is ideal for plus size bras. You can check out our recommendations to find your starting point.
Can chubby girls wear a padded bra?
Absolutely! Padded bras can provide extra comfort and shaping for all body types, including plus-size.









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