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10 Flattering Swimming Costume for Women

by Lorean
Swimming Costume for Women

Sun, sand, and sea! When the sun kisses your skin, and the sea wind blows through your hair, life seems new, relaxed, and worry-free! Relaxing by the beach or pool is a summer must and doing so in a lovely, high-fashion swimming attire that fits and flatters your figure is essential. From cool tropical designs to eye-catching geometric patterns and from elegant one-shoulder to flattering frills, there are many elements to consider when choosing the finest swimsuits for women. Ready to dazzle in a gorgeous, sun-kissed look? We have a wide variety of swimwear styles to start your fashion cycle. You can check Crew Clothing for the best deals on swimming costumes for women.

A List of Types of Swimming Costume for Women

Below are the trending swimming costume for women, which you can purchase. You can also check swimming costumes for women, plus-size swimwear, bikinis for women, swimming costumes for ladies and more. Below are some of the best swimming costume for women options:

1. The Ruched Swimsuit

The Ruched Swimsuit

The Ruched Swimsuit | Neonpolice

A ruched swimsuit employs a fabric manipulation method in which the cloth is gathered and sewn down to create a drape-like wrinkled texture. Ruched bikinis are a stylish, flattering, and slimming way to keep fashionable by the pool. Wear a ruched bikini with stunning sunglasses to amp up the effect. Put on your favourite nude or red lipstick and a pair of shoes to prepare for a pool party!

2. The Off-Shoulder Swimsuit

The Off-Shoulder Swimsuit

The Off-Shoulder Swimsuit | Neonpolice

It is the best swimming costume among all the swimming costume for women. Women’s off-shoulder swimsuits are not only beautiful but also incredibly flattering. In this swimsuit style, you can show off your shoulder blades while giving your arms a fashionable, toned look. Choose one with a ruffle or a sophisticated embellishment on the neckline and off-shoulder hem to take it up a level. These stylish bathing suits are ideal for evening pool parties or beach hangouts. Dress them up with a bracelet or a spectacular neckpiece for an extra glam touch.

3. The Ribbed Bathing Suit

The Ribbed Bathing Suit

The Ribbed Bathing Suit | Neonpolice

A ribbed bathing suit comprises a water-friendly knitted material with a ribbed structure. It is a highly contemporary, new-age swimsuit style. These bikinis for women look lovely in delicate pastel colours and neutral tints, keeping up with the newest trends and aesthetics. A trendy ribbed bathing suit will give your beachside style a bright and informal makeover! Maintain the ultra-modern mood by pairing your ribbed bathing suit with simple hoop earrings and ladies’ sliders. For a 2021 style upgrade, choose comfy sliders that contribute to the street-style mood in a contrasting colour to your swimming suit.


4. The Maillot with One Panel

The Maillot with One Panel

The Maillot with One Panel | Neonpolice

The one-panel maillot is a one-piece swimming suit without any panels. A sleek, eye-catching, attractive swimwear style looks amazing in bold prints. Choose this bathing suit design for a seamless look and make a stylish statement at your next outdoor party. To style it up, you can pair these swimsuits for women with kimono-inspired shrugs and thick acetate-framed sunglasses to express calm confidence in style.

5. The Colour-Blocked Beach Outfit

The Colour-Blocked Beach Outfit

The Colour-Blocked Beach Outfit | Neonpolice

Colour-blocked apparel, including swimwear, is a highly sleek and elegant method to shape the body! Choose a two-piece bikini with a high waist and a trendy colour-blocked design. This design will undoubtedly add a new depth to your outfit. Choose patterns that combine one distinct colour with flexible neutrals for an on-trend and contemporary look. Go for a no-makeup look with your colour-blocked two-piece. While relaxing on the beach, add a modern touch to your look by wearing a short bolero jacket as an outerwear element with these bikinis for women.


6. Introducing the Scrunch Bikini

Introducing the Scrunch Bikini

Introducing the Scrunch Bikini | Neonpolice

Another swimsuit type with stylish fabric manipulation on the surface! Look for swimming costume for women, primary bikinis with that scrunched-up feel from the 1990s. These bikinis are highly fashionable and flattering in a very body-hugging style. Choose ones in eye-catching colours like vibrant turquoise or bubble-gum pink to stand out this summer. Strut in elegance at your next poolside gathering with a long and diaphanous patterned blanket and stiletto shoes!

7.  One-Piece Tie-Up

One-Piece Tie-Up

One-Piece Tie-Up | Neonpolice

Women’s swimsuits with tie-up accents are hot in 2021! This seductive and stylish swimwear will have you turning heads and making a significant style statement. For additional pzazz, look for a tie-up delta one-piece or bikini with other delicate embellishments like mini-ruffles or a trendy tie-dye design. Up-style with chic straw hats, boots, sling and tote purses to give this swimsuit look a trendy vacation vibe. This style is ideal for projecting a relaxing holiday mood, which is hard to come by after the previous few years.


8. The Draped Bathing Suit

The Draped Bathing Suit

The Draped Bathing Suit | Neonpolice

If you want to seem like a poolside diva, we’ve got the look for you! In a draped swimming costume for women, you can strut your way with apparent confidence. These exquisite women’s swimsuits are feminine, eye-catching, and ultra-chic. The draped element adds visual intrigue, pattern, and colour to the look. Wear them for a unique look on beautiful evenings at the beach or on poolside dates. To make this look maximalist, add bold earrings in dazzling metals, a brightly coloured tote purse, and a pair of stiletto shoes. You can also dress it up with a patterned scarf and an enormous pair of sunglasses.

9. The Flossing Midriff Two-Piece

The Flossing Midriff Two-Piece

The Flossing Midriff Two-Piece | Neonpolice

It is one of the most flattering swimsuits for women of all body shapes and sizes, and it’s a must-try! Midriff-flossing is a stunning style that cinches and defines the exposed midriff with crisscross tie-ups or straps. This procedure shapes and enhances the natural waist’s narrowest region, giving it a put-together appearance. Choose a bright and casual bikini that allows you to play with midriff flossing and show off your shape in style! Make It Pop: A water-resistant wristwatch, a messy braid, and tinted sunglasses are all you need to make this swimsuit outfit pop.

10. Crop-Top Bikinisu

Crop-Top Bikinisu

Crop-Top Bikinisu | Neonpolice

It is also one of the best trending Swimsuits. It is the swimsuit for you if you desire a simple swimwear design and swimsuits for women in a casual mood! A bikini with a cosy crop top is a pleasant way to spend some time on the beach! Get your surf on with a crop top and bikini set! Style It Up: A women’s swimming suit with some breathing room? Please sign us up! Add chunky bangles, stringy tongs for the feet, and a scrunchie to this swimsuit costume to amp up the laid-back vibe! Carry an enormous beach tote to amp up the glamorous yet functional look.


These are some of the swimming costume for women trending in the market. Moreover, you can also check Neonpolice for a more such swimming costume for women.


What is a female swimsuit called?
A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit mainly used by women that has two triangles of cloth on top that cover the breasts and two triangles of fabric on the bottom that cover the pelvis but expose the navel and cover the buttocks.
What can I wear instead of a swimming costume?
If you want to go swimming but don’t have a swimsuit, here are some alternatives:Underwear, Activewear, Tanktop, Tights, Shorts, T-shirt.
What are swim uniforms called?
A swimsuit is a piece of clothing meant to be worn by persons who participate in water-based activities or water sports, such as swimming, diving, and surfing, or sun-oriented activities, such as sunbathing. Men, women, and children can all wear different varieties.
What swimsuit is best for short legs?
Legs cut high, High-waisted bottoms, Bikini Tops, and Low-waisted bottoms are the best suitable swimsuits for short legs. Moreover, a tiny woman looking for the perfect swimsuit should remember to stretch her legs to seem longer aesthetically.

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