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Cheesy, Meaty, Veggie-Packed: Find Your Perfect Domino’s Loaded Fries!

by Lorean

Calling all chip lovers! With the all-new Loaded Fries, Domino’s has changed the game for fries. Gone are the days of plain fries; these beauties are stacked high with famous Domino’s flavours you know and love. Classic combinations include Cheesy Bliss, Pepperoni Passion, and Cheeseburger Loaded Fries. Prepare for a taste explosion with each bite!

Indulgence Overload: Domino’s Debuts Crave-Worthy Loaded Fries  

Domino’s just upped their game by unveiling not one but four drool-inducing loaded fries creations piled impossibly high with melted cheese in every decadent form imaginable. We have sampled the ingenious menu additions that transform Domino’s iconic fries into sharable sides sure to satisfy. 

  • Cheese Fries

The ultimate comfort food got an upgrade with these fries drenched in smooth, creamy cheddar sauce with stretches of melted mozzarella throughout. Each crispy fry outside gives way to an indulgent cheesy interior in every piping hot bite. 

  • Double Bacon & Cheese Fries   

For bacon aficionados, each crispy fry gets loaded with more of that irresistible cheese sauce but is now studded with smoky bacon bits too. The crunchy rashers embedded in rich cheese make this loaded creation hard to resist.

  • Pepperoni Pizza Fries

In a genius move, Domino’s infused their famous Pepperoni Pizza flavour atop fries instead, ensuring the iconic notes of zesty sauce, spiced pepperoni and gooey mozzarella translate flawlessly from pie to loaded fry form.  

  • Cheeseburger Fries

These fries take flavour cues from a cheeseburger with mini toppings like savoury beef crumbles, tangy pickle chips and diced onion paired with that scrumptious cheese sauce and ketchup for good measure. As close to burger and fries you’ll get in loaded fry form!

So race to your nearest Domino’s to snag these ingenious fries before they disappear! Then take advantage of their £19.99 Loaded Fry Deal with pizza and dessert too. You can trust this blogger will be back for more of these shareable masterpieces.


Top ingredients used while making delectable Domino’s loaded fries

Top ingredients used while making delectable Domino’s loaded fries

Top ingredients used while making delectable Domino’s loaded fries | neonpolice

The following is a comprehensive description of the top ingredients used to make delicious Domino’s loaded fries, structured in pointers:

  • Crispy French Fries

Domino’s starts with their classic french fries cut thick and cooked until golden brown and crispy on the outside while fluffy on the inside to form the base of the loaded fries. The fries provide texture contrast and act as a vessel to pile on bold toppings.

  • Indulgent Cheese Sauces

Ooey, gooey melted cheese is key for fries. Domino’s incorporates smooth, flowing cheddar cheese sauce as well as shredded mozzarella that stretches and binds toppings together. The combination of sauces ensures an indulgent, cheesy flavour in each bite. 

  • Smoky Bacon Pieces 

Bits of crisp smoked bacon baked right into the cheese sauce or used as a topping provide the savoury, salty crunch that bacon fans crave. The bacon enhances the overall flavour and texture beautifully.

  • Classic Pizza Toppings

For a unique loaded fry, Domino’s infuses favourites from their pizza menu like sliced pepperoni and mozzarella cheese baked right onto the fries, allowing customers to enjoy iconic pizza flavours in creative loaded form.

  • Mini Burger Toppers 

To mimic a cheeseburger, Domino’s fries with mini diced onions, pickles, savoury ground beef, and special burger sauce for all the classic flavours on top of decadent cheese sauce-covered fries. 

By artfully incorporating indulgent cheese, crispy bacon, and familiar pizza and burger flavours into already addicting fries, Domino’s created shareable loaded fry recipes customers obsess over.

How to make Domino’s like loaded fries at home?

The following is a comprehensive guide on how to make Domino’s-style loaded fries at home, structured in easy-to-follow pointers:

  • Choose fries  

Start by selecting thick-cut french fries rather than thin shoestring varieties since thicker fries can hold up to lots of heavy toppings and sauces without getting soggy. Russet or golden potatoes work best.  

  • Twice fry the potatoes

Par-fry the fries once to cook them through, remove from oil, and let cool completely before frying again at 350°F until super crispy and browned on the outside. This ensures fluffy, pillowy centres with crispy exteriors.

  • Prepare loadable toppings

Create any sauces like gooey cheese sauce by melting butter, milk and cheddar or cheeseburger sauce using mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions. Make crumbled “beef” using meat subs like mushrooms or lentils. Chop bacon or “facon”. Shred mozzarella. 

  • Layer cheese sauce

Smother crisp fries with hot melted cheese sauce immediately after frying so it oozes beautifully without making the fries soggy. Use enough sauce to thoroughly coat each fry.

  • Pile on desired toppings   

Once cheese sauce coats the fries, promptly top with your other prepped ingredients like real bacon bits, ground beef, sliced pepperoni, onions etc. Feel free to come up with your own loaded fry flavour combos once you grasp the concept!

Follow these pointers for indulgently overloaded fries that mimic what you’d get when dining in or ordering at Domino’s. Dip into any accompanying sauces and enjoy immediately!



Skip the boring plain fries and upgrade to one of Domino’s loaded fry creations on your next order instead. With customisable add-ons galore, you can design your perfect loaded fry for a hot and hearty meal accompaniment. There’s no way not to fall in love at first bite! Be sure to also check out great deals like Two for Tuesdays to grab Domino’s loaded fries and more at an incredible value. For more insightful content, check out Neonpolice


What are Domino's loaded fries?
Domino’s loaded fries feature crispy french fries topped with melted cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, ranch dressing, and green onions for a hot, crispy loaded fry experience.
What is the 20-minute rule for Dominos?
The 20-minute rule is Domino’s delivery time goal where drivers aim to deliver your hot pizza within 20 minutes of order placement.
What happens if you don't get Domino's pizza in 30 minutes?
If Domino’s doesn’t deliver your pizza within 30 minutes when promised, they will give you a free replacement pizza to make up for the delay per their long-standing 30-minute delivery policy.

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