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36 Nail Designs Ideas we have Saved for Our Next Trip to the Salon

by Lorean
Best Nail Designs

Though one cannot comment on what new nail designs will thrive next year, we have the list of best nail designs from 2023. You can do research online to find the best patterns, but to save your precious time, we have gone on one leg to do all the hard work by complying with a list of all worthy nail trends. The list caters to vibes, nail shapes, and moods, such as DIY-able rainbow designs, french manicures, and velvet nails. Whether you want to go to a salon or do it on your own, you have come to the right place to find the right fit.

36 Best Nail Designs you must Try

1. Velvet Tips

Red valvet

Red velvet Nail art | Neonpolice


For the holidays, velvet nails were all the rage on Instagram, but the celebrations continue. Keep the sparkle on the tips to tone down the captivating aesthetic, and see them in motion.

2. Checkerboard Nails

A colorful checkerboard is pretty in trend today. Keeping it only on your tips makes it even more unusual.

3. Bright French Tips

Fuchsia and orange is a heaven-made duo for nails. Include an accent nail on your ring finger, such as a flame design, to give your colorful tips a new dimension.

4. Mismatched Hands

Mismatched Hands Nail Art

Mismatched Hands Nail Art | Neonpolice

Try different manicure colors on each hand as a novel nail idea. Utilize extremely trendy hues like lilac and moss green to make it super cool. Try Essie Expressive in Get a Mauve On and Precious Car Go for a similar mood!

5. Pastel Swirls

You feel more at ease just by staring at the shiny, pastel, ombré scene. The best part is that swirls are nail wraps, making it quite simple to achieve the same appearance at home.

6. Black and White Flowers

The nail design in white and black is very graphic and cool, especially when combined with a typically feminine element like flowers.

7. Soft Skittles

One of the best trends of the previous two years was the Skittles mani, often known as rainbow nails with a different tint on each nail. Update it with a faded color scheme for 2023.

8. Graphic Edge

One of the best methods to do nail design will always be with negative space. I love this graphic black and gold rendition of the style.

9. Cool Emerald

Cool Emerald Nail art

Cool Emerald Nail art | Neonpolice

As the seasons change, it is the ideal time to venture into jewel tones. You can go for a deep green, as it is one of the current top manicure trends.

10. Mismatched Design

If you want to try it yourself, a slightly different mismatched design on each nail is much simpler. Also, you may use a tonne of different colors. About hues, the new winter line by Essie is perfect for it.

11. Edgy French

French tips, made up with black dots, look stunning. It contrasts so well with stacked rings and an all-black suit.

12. Golden Swirls

Golden Swirls Nail art

Golden Swirls Nail art | Neonpolice

This elegant nail design looks much more difficult to DIY than it is. Just a tiny detail brush, shiny gold polish, and a bright, clear white are required.

13. ’90s Butterflies

The butterfly stickers are the cutest thing ever. Combining them with a vintage French manicure leads to a fantastic nail design.

14. Holographic Manicure

There is nothing better than an effortless, eye-catching manicure. Holographic nail paint comes into play and takes care of everything. For a sparkly look, one of our favorites is MoonrayHologloss 7 Free Top Coat from Pacifica.

15. Sunflowers

Sunflowers Nail art

Sunflowers Nail art | Neonpolice

With a toothpick and a bright yellow polish, you can easily make cheerful sunflowers that will make you feel like summer all year long

16. Smiley-Face Nails

Smiley-face nail design ideas are so common that they are available on the internet. People are looking for happiness everywhere they can. They have been seen on every nail blogger on Instagram, including Harry Styles and DuaLipa.

17. Foil French

When you combine some of the best nail designs this year, you get this crazy French green foil setup.

18. Pretty Purples

Pretty Purples Nail art

Pretty Purples Nail art | Neonpolice

The graphic forms contrast brilliantly with the delicate purple. Use Power Couples by Paintbox in Like Lilac + Like Muse to achieve the exact hues.

19. Pink Ombré

You can use a distinct shade of one color on each nail to make the most of your polish collection. You can also mix your base shade with varying levels of white for the same effect.

20. Pastel Tips

There is another twist on French tips. The style has a nostalgic feel while feeling both current due to the rainbow of pastel colors.

21. Negative-Space Hearts

Negative-Space Hearts Nail art

Negative-Space Hearts Nail art | Neonpolice

Positive white space and poppies red make hearts stylish, not adorable. Paint over a sticker in the shape of a heart, let it dry, and then peel it off.

22. Slime Green

Even though our Nickelodeon days are behind, we still adore slime. To make the green pop, imitate nail artist Betina Goldstein and apply two coats of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and one coat of Stencil Me In.

23. Blingy Blooms

Add some diamonds to the middle of a traditional daisy to make it even cuter. If you have longer nails, you can increase the shine by filling any bare spots with a scattering of stones.

24. Silver Glitter

Silver Glitter Nail art

Silver Glitter Nail art | Neonpolice

A high-coverage glitter is your best bet if you want something a little fancier than your standard manicure but cannot visit the Salon. Try Olive & June in Exclamation Point for a similar shade.

25. Realistic Flowers

There is a new world to explore after you go down the rabbit hole of Etsy nail decals. These realistic flowers might win over even those who dislike plants.

26. Baby French

Add two hues of pink to a French manicure to intensify it. The delicate lines are very adorable on shorter nails, but big nails would make a cute acrylic nail design.

27. Doodle Nails

Doodle Nails

Doodle Nails, Nail art | Neonpolice

Treating each nail like a page in a scrapbook was one of the trendiest manicure trends of 2021, and it is there to stay for some time. For chilly blends, combine stickers and hand-painted artwork.

28. Shiny Stars

For a high-impact, low-effort mani, skip the nail paint entirely and decorate your nails with attractive stickers.

29. Tiny Florals

To enjoy these delicate daisies, you do not need a green thumb. For absolutely symmetrical dots, use the end of a bobby pin or a toothpick.

30. Colorful French

Colorful French

Colorful French Nail art | Neonpolice

Use a different color tip on each nail for a different style of French manicure. An additional distinctive touch is a gold decal.

31. Blue Ombré

You can add some more simple flavor to your go-to manicure. For a chic ombré effect, use several shades of the same color on each finger.

32. Green Swirls

Both in design and on our nails, green has a significant moment. Make the most of your manicure using two green hues and a cool swirl pattern.

33. Mix and Match

Put one of the most popular nail design patterns this year on each finger for a manicure that stands out. It is made even more striking by a vibrant color scheme.

34. Blue Sparkles

Blue Sparkles

Blue Sparkles Nail art | Neonpolice

Decorate just a few nails for an alternative spin on cartoon sparkles. A color scheme of ice blue keeps everything looking new.

35. Retro Florals

Go for simple flowers instead of complicated ones on a solid hue background. These simple flowers appear even cuter when combined with earthy tones.

36. Rainbow Smileys

Rainbow Smileys

Rainbow Smileys Nail art | Neonpolice

You can opt for smilies of different colors on different nails. In this nail design, you will get two trends in one style.


In 2023 nails painted with nature-inspired designs were all the rage. Online searches for different nail designs like galaxy nail art, ocean nail designs, geode nail art, and desert nail designs are peaking. In this article, we have compiled a list of all the good nail designs available in the market. To get more updates visit our official website Neonpolice.


What nail design is popular?
There are plenty of different nail designs, preferred by various people based on numerous factors like age, occasion, and skin tone, but the following are some of the popular nail designs:

  • Velvet Nails
  • Gold Foil Nail Style
  • Classic Red Nails
  • Rhinestones Nails
What are the five different nail designs?
Following is a list of five different nail designs:

  • Velvet Tips
  • Checkerboard Nails
  • Rainbow Smileys
  • Mismatched Hands
  • Pastel Swirls
What nail color is in for 2023?
Many new colors got famous in 2023. But we must admit that the dreamy blue-toned periwinkle stands out as the nail color representing 2023 because of its massive popularity and adoption.

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