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Vegetarian Pizza To Fulfill All Your Cravings And Healthy Desires

by Lorean
Vegetarian pizzas

With the changing era, people prefer to avoid meat eating and go towards something that is more environmentally friendly as well as cruelty-free. In this race, vegetarian pizzas have also taken over many food challenges. While traditional or authentic pizza often is loaded with meat, chicken, bacon, or any other form of meat, here veggie delights are not that away. They have an equal amount of vegetarian pizza toppings that are rich in flavours. Domino’s being a leading industry in the world of Pizza, is the most preferred by their customers. Many surveys have shown their quality and quantity are the best with other features to make it a leading pizza brand. 

In this blog, we will know about how vegetarian pizzas from this brand have changed the whole vibe and stereo about this particular pizza. We will also know about the allergen information, and how these pizzas are more preferred than others. 

Vegetarian Pizzas for You

Here are some of the options for vegetarian pizza recipes that you can specially order for your vegan or vegetarian friends from Domino’s. 

1. Original cheese & Tomato vegetarian pizzas

Original cheese & Tomato vegetarian pizzas

Original cheese & Tomato vegetarian pizzas | neonpolice

This pizza is something that is the first choice of every customer whether they are vegetarians or not. It is loaded with cheese and the mouthwatering flavours of tomatoes and other herbs. The large size of this pizza can easily serve 3 to 4 people in the house. It has 217 cal and a classic crust which makes it more authentic to taste.

2. Vegi Supreme Pizza 

No doubt, for some pizza lovers, pizzas without toppings might be a pale dish but this veggies-loaded pizza for people is something everyone must try out. This pizza has onions, green and red bell peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other herbs with lots of cheese. You can customize the pizza as per your choice. This large vegetarian pizza is enough to serve 3-4 people in the family or friend circle. It has large slices, classic crust, and also less calories of 202kcal and 848kj.

3. Veg-a-Roma

Enjoy the authentic flavours of this Veg-a-Roma pizza from Domino’s. It has bursting flavours with Mediterranean tastes, with juicy roasted veggies that include sundried tomatoes, garlic sauce, onions, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, and herbs. With these vegetarian pizzas, bring the taste of Italy with every bite.

4. Vegi Volcano Vegetarian pizzas

Vegi Volcano Vegetarian pizzas

Vegi Volcano Vegetarian pizzas | neonpolice

With each mouthful, the Vegi volcano pizza explodes with flavour. This contains a variety of vegetables, including bell peppers, onions, and jalapenos, and is topped with a generous amount of cheese. It is readily configurable if you want to add or remove anything. The herbs will make your brain and taste buds believe they have arrived straight from Italy.

5. Plant-based American Hot Vegetarian Pizzas 

With the traditional crust, you may enjoy this delectable spicy pizza from Domino’s. This traditional pizza features a traditional dough and is topped with fiery jalapenos, sliced onions, and vegan beef crumbles, all drenched in tangy tomato sauce. It’s a tasty treat that’ll appeal to both vegans and non-vegetarians.

6. Plant-based peppy-roni pizza

So let’s give a glare towards this Plant-based peppy-roni pizzas! This delectable treat, stuffed with spicy plant-based pepperoni, puts a savoury spin on a classic favourite. The plant-based soya, wheat, and cheese, it is something to joy when having a friend’s day out. Perfect for the vegan people who love things to be cruelty-free.

7. Plant-based Margheri-tastic Vegetarian pizzas 

Plant-based Margheri-tastic Vegetarian pizzas

Plant-based Margheri-tastic Vegetarian pizzas | neonpolice

One of the best vegetarian pizzas, this delicacy is filled with flavours. It has a traditional crust covered with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, cherry tomatoes, and aromatic basil. Every mouthful bite contains the ideal balance of fresh ingredients. So you must try out this after you again visit the Domino’s store or want to order something delightful.

Allergen Information about Vegetarian pizzas 

Please keep in mind that while Domino’s vegetarian pizzas are free of meat components, they are cooked in a kitchen that may include allergies such as milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. The crust and toppings may come into touch with some of these allergies during the preparation process.


Vegetarian pizza is a delicacy that continues to attract foodies from all over the world. With its unlimited variants, authentic and delightful tastes, and health-conscious measures to be followed for the people who prefer vegetarian pizzas is the appealing thing. So now, you know where to find out the best vegetarian pizzas when you need to taste the delightful and traditional ones. Domino’s serves some of the best options keeping in mind the customer’s choices and can be customizable. Some of the options are given in the blog for your idea, so choose, order, and enjoy the pizza. 

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What kind of pizza can vegetarians eat?
Vegetarians can eat Margherita pizza, the farmhouse that only has veggies and cheese, peppy paneer, deluxe veggies, etc. 
Which type of pizza is best in veg?
The type of pizza that is best in veg is Vegi Volcano, veg-a-Roma, Vegi Supreme, Margherita, plant-based chick’n winner, etc. 
What veg goes well on pizza?
The best veg that goes well with pizza is cheese, bell peppers, onions, corn, etc. 

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