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Find Your Perfect And Comfortable Pair Of Walking Trousers For Men

by Lorean
walking trousers for men

As an active man who enjoys hiking, finding the right pair of walking trousers for men is paramount to comfort on the trail. When shopping, consider modern technical fabrics like lightweight nylon or quick-drying polyester that allow movement while resisting snags. For versatility, water-resistant yet breathable softshell trousers thrive in various conditions. Evaluate the fit as well – neither too baggy nor tight, your hiking pants should feel like a second skin with articulated knees facilitating an unrestricted stride. Choose from convertible, weatherproof and ultra-lightweight designs, some with UPF sun protection. Focus on functional features like zippered pockets, adjustable waists and articulated knees customised for life on the move. Discover why specialised walking trousers for men tackle tough terrain while keeping up with your pace every step of the way.

Tips for maintaining walking trousers for men

Here are some useful tips for maintaining your walking trousers for men so they last for years of hiking adventures:

  • Check for tears after each use and patch small holes immediately to prevent growth. Use a special adhesive fabric patch kit for best results.
  • Wash trousers after particularly muddy or dusty hikes so grit doesn’t build up causing wear. Turn them inside out first. Close all zips too.
  • Machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle using a gentle detergent. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener which degrade technical fabrics over time.
  • Air drying instead of machine drying to avoid damaging elasticity from excess heat. Hang-dry is best. Stuff legs with towels to retain shape while drying if needed.
  • Use a mesh wash bag for laundry. This protects against snags and captures shed microplastics from synthetic fabrics keeping them out of waterways.
  • For stubborn stains pretreat with a technical fabric cleaner before washing. Avoid vigorously scrubbing waterproof coatings.
  • Use a dedicated water-repellent treatment spray designed for breathable fabrics once every season or after heavy use to restore durable water resistance.
  • Store trousers clean, dry and loosely folded, not compressed tightly to prevent creasing and torn seams over time.

Follow these tips and your favourite walking trousers for men will deliver an active comfort hike after hiking for years of memorable adventures! Let us know if you have any other pants care questions.

Top 10 Walking Trousers for Men at Blacks

1. Men’s Ramble 2 Convertible Trousers

Men’s Ramble 2 Convertible Trousers

Men’s Ramble 2 Convertible Trousers | neonpolice

Adapt to changing conditions with the versatile Peter Storm Ramble 2 Convertible Walking Trousers for men. Quickly zip off the lower leg sections when things heat up to convert to shorts in a snap. The lightweight, water-repellent fabric keeps rain at bay while letting the skin breathe, making them perfect for changeable weather. Multiple pockets store trail essentials as you wander near and far on your expeditions.

2. Men’s Kiwi Pro Lined Trousers

Count on reliable warmth inside the insulation-lined Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Walking Trousers for men this winter. Smooth polycotton fabric fortified with cosy fleece backing retains precious body heat when temperatures plummet. Reinforced knees and seat survive rough-and-tumble use so you can focus on snowy adventures rather than wardrobe woes. The classic styling means they transition effortlessly from ski slopes to snowy sidewalks without compromising comfort.

3. Men’s Magma Light Pants

Minimise weighed-down mileage in the featherlight Rab Magma Pants, ready to boost confidence on long-distance treks. Silky-smooth nylon stretches unrestricted while highly compressing down small in your pack. Zippered thigh vents banish overheating in dynamic conditions. Rely on the Magmas to perform when taken to the limits, wet or dry, over rugged, rolling terrain.

4. Men’s Kiwi Pro ECO Trousers

Do right by the environment with the eco-conscious Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Eco Trousers. Made of natural hemp-blend fabric, they shrug off water yet encourage air circulation. The streamlined design flatters while allowing a full range of motion stride after stride. Stow must-have items in the thigh cargo pockets and rely on the durable, nature-first construction mile after mile.

5. Men’s Stretch Trousers

Men’s Stretch Trousers

Men’s Stretch Trousers | neonpolice

Stride unhindered in any weather wearing the Brasher Stretch Walking Trousers for men. Underneath the clean finish, four-way stretch fabric moves with you, wet or dry. The Hydroshell membrane blocks wind and rain yet rapidly releases body vapour. Zipped back pockets secure valuables, and subtly integrated reflective trim enhances visibility on overcast days for all-conditions comfort.

6. Men’s Diablo Trousers

Charge ahead in rough landscapes while wearing The North Face Diablo Walking Trousers for men. Abrasion reinforcements guard against damage when you push the pace over variable terrain. The lightweight yet seriously strong ripstop fabric resists tearing but breathes freely. Polygiene technology vanquishes odours over multiday excursions. Count on these technical trousers to last the distance, year after year.

7. Men’s Maitland Gore-Tex Overtrousers

Confront extreme precipitation fully prepared in the Berghaus Maitland Gore-tex Overtrousers. Guaranteed waterproof yet breathable, this shell trouser layers over your existing pants for reliable flood protection. Fully taped seams prevent saturation while articulated patterning won’t restrain stride. Adjust fit accordingly with the elastic waist and cinchable hems to seal out torrential weather over miles of soaked trails.

8. Men’s Stretch Rain Trousers

Be spontaneous in unpredictable conditions by wearing the Brasher Stretch Rain Walking Trousers for men. Waterproof Hydromatic fabric teams with adjustable snap closures for a personalized seal against sideways weather. Zippered side vents invite cooling airflow on active uphill slogs. Low profile, unrestrictive designs encourage free movement wherever sudden storms may chase you – so you can comfortably continue your outdoor adventures.

9. Men’s Tech Walking Trousers

Count on all-day endurance wrapped in the North Ridge Tech Walking Trousers for men. A supportive elastic waist, moisture-controlling lining and UPF 30 sun protection combine to keep you energised across changing landscapes. Durable water repellency sheds light showers while breathable panels vent heat. Plentiful pockets discretely store must-have items and smart reinforced stitching withstands constant demands.

10. Men’s Walking Trousers

Men’s Walking Trousers

Men’s Walking Trousers | neonpolice

Confidently way finds Overhill and Dale protected in Brasher’s classic Walking Trousers for men. Wind and water-resisting outer fabric teams up with a breathable cotton lining to prime enduring comfort mile after mile. The relaxed fit allows unrestricted movement while articulated knees facilitate an unhindered stride. Rely on the reassuring quality Brasher is renowned for as you chart your course over field and fen.

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Slip on your personalised pair of walking trousers for men from Blacks and embrace the freedom they provide on outdoor pursuits and travel escapades. With fabrics engineered for optimal comfort and climate control, sizes catering to different body shapes, and colours suited for everything from urban hikes to remote trails, men’s walking pants check every box. So chart your next adventure in trousers ready to take on mountains, forests, deserts and pathways the world over – wherever wanderlust leads, they’ll be right there with you, stride for stride. For more information on convertible trousers for men, visit Neon Police.


What makes good walking trousers?
Good walking trousers have technical quick-drying and water-resistant fabrics, articulated knees and gussets for mobility, breathable areas to vent heat, durable reinforced lower leg sections, and pockets for storing essentials on the move.
What do you wear under walking trousers?
Many hikers wear moisture-wicking long underwear or leggings underneath walking trousers in colder weather for insulation and chafe reduction. Medium-weight merino wool base layers also regulate temperature. In warmer conditions, some prefer running shorts under their pants.
Are walking trousers worth it?
Yes, high-quality purpose-built walking trousers are an excellent investment for avid hikers and outdoor explorers. They outperform regular pants with optimized stretch fabrics, ventilation, pocket designs and articulated movement construction critical for full long-distance days. Their durability also makes them a sound long-term value.

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