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Explore These Affordable Android Mobile Phones For Budget-friendly Shoppers

by Lorean
Android Mobile Phones

A reliable and function-packed cellphone is crucial in the modern-day fast-paced world. One way to get the best deals on the latest Android mobile phones is through Tesco Mobile’s offers and deals. It offers a wide range of the latest Android mobile phones that are available for contractual purchase. Individuals can stay related, entertained, and cost-effective right at home. Whether you’re a tech-savvy professional, entrepreneur, or gamer, those devices offer a wealth of benefits to enhance your mobile experience.

Benefits of Android Mobile Phones on Tesco Mobile

  • Latest top Phones: It has a wide range of the latest Android mobile phones from renowned brands like Samsung, Google, Motorola, and more brands. This allows the individuals to gain first-hand experience on any top smartphone on a contractual basis affordably.
  • Seamless Integration: With Android’s seamless integration with Google individuals can without difficulty sync their data and get access to their favourite apps and offerings across more than one gadget.
  • Customisation Options: Android’s open-source system allows a huge variety of customisation options, this allows the users to customise the tool’s interface, issues, and devices to suit their choices..
  • Affordable Choices: Tesco Mobile gives more than a few Android phones at various charge points, making it less difficult to find a smartphone that fits your budget capacity without compromising on overall performance. Also, suitable for travellers who are in the city and need a once in a lifetime access to the internet and smartphones.

How to Apply for an Android Phone on Tesco Mobile

  • Visit the Tesco Mobile internet site or your nearest Tesco shop to discover the available Android smartphone options.
  • Compare features, specs, and expenses to find the phone that fits your wishes and budget expectations.
  • Choose from diverse contract alternatives, together with pay month-to-month plans or pay-as-you-go options, depending on your preference.
  • Provide the vital personal and fee data to finish the utility procedure.

Once all your necessary steps are done the user is now ready to get the Android smartphone, along with a Tesco Mobile SIM card, permitting you to enjoy the smooth internet services at competitive pricing plans.

Latest Android Mobile Phones at the best contractual prices

1. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G | Neonpolice

Enjoy this best deal for up to 36 months and high internet speed along with the smartphone. This comes at the price of £52.99 a month, and it comes with a phone credit contract with 0% APR. The user also gets multiple options for memory storage. This advanced smartphone is not only sleek in design but also enhances your internet browsing experience. Check out these data offers:

  • 3GB: £52.99 a month
  • 12GB £57.99 a month
  • 50GB £62. 99 a month
  • 25 GB £60.49 a month
  • 6 GB £55.49 a month
  • 100 GB £65.99 a month
  • Unlimited: £79.49 a month

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 5G with Buds FE

This is one of the amazing offers that one should look forward to among the best Android mobile phones! Additionally, it comes with buds FE and flexible contractual plans for up to 36 months. The best part is that the user won’t have to pay any sort of upfront cost! Check out the list of data plans for the new users:

  • 3GB: £31.49 a month
  • 12GB £36.49 a month
  • 50GB £41. 49 a month
  • 25 GB £38.99
  • 6 GB £33.99
  • 100 GB £43.99
  • Unlimited: £48.99 a month

Buy now and get one of these best deals this month!

3. Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G | Neonpolice

Take advantage of these incredible discounts! For just £22.99 per month, you can get the best deals on Samsung smartphones. New users can enjoy an amazing offer for a 6-month contract. Plus, with monthly discounts as low as £10.49, it’s even more affordable! This offer is perfect for students or anyone looking for a temporary, budget-friendly smartphone solution. Pay no upfront cost and enjoy the best deals on internet services. Check some of the data plans you can look forward to:

  • 3GB: £22.99 a month
  • 12GB £27.99 a month
  • 50GB £32. 99 a month
  • 25 GB £30.49 a month
  • 6 GB £25.49 a month
  • 100 GB £35.49 a month
  • Unlimited: £48.99 a month

4. Google Pixel 8 With Fitbit Versa 4 Bundle

Nothing can get cheaper than this, the users can get a smartphone with the 4 bundles. This is perfect for those individuals who are looking for an active lifestyle at cost-effective prices. Suitable for students and individuals alike who need a smooth working handset and compact monthly data plans. The smartphone also offers a nice stunning camera, and the advanced Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch makes all the difference to your lifestyle. Here are some of the best data plans to check out:

  • 3GB: £39.99 a month
  • 12GB £44.99 a month
  • 50GB £49. 99 a month
  • 6 GB £42.49 a month
  • 100 GB £52.49 a month
  • Unlimited: £57.49 a month

Buy now and avail these offers!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Android Mobile Phones

  • Customise your purchased data plans for work, studies, browsing the internet for research, and more. And also get only the data plan that you think will suffice for your needs.
  • Explore the Google Play Store to find amazing apps that are suitable for study and work purposes.
  • Take benefit of Android’s built-in protection features, such as device encryption and faraway tool control, to maintain your statistics secure.
  • If you are getting the budget or the best offers, get the Android Mobile phones with high-quality cameras and upgrade your photography experience.
  • Utilise cloud storage services like Google Drive to lower back up your data and seamlessly sync it across multiple devices when you need them.


Tesco Mobile’s choice of Android mobile phones is one of the best ways to upgrade to smartphones without burning your bank account. Additionally, what is more thrilling is the flexible data plans that the users can apply according to their monthly budget target. There is also no fixed contractual system so pay according to your expectations and upgrade your daily mobile experience. Buy now and unlock the total capability of your Android smartphone from Tesco Mobile. For more information, visit Neon Police.


What is the main use of Android?
It’s flexible to use with multiple devices simultaneously. It also provides connectivity to a wide range of Android application apps and tools including gaming apps.
For how many months can you keep the Android phone sold by Tesco Mobile?
It often comes with 24 months and a warranty that is covered by the manufacturers except Apple Phones.
Do you get a data plan along with an Android mobile phone on Tesco Mobile?
Yes, the new users can get a wide range of data plans for a month under different monthly payments.

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