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Your Business, Your Choice: Flexible Shopify Plans and Pricing For Every Stage

by Lorean
Shopify Plans and Pricing

Each company differs, and your online­ trade path shouldn’t be confined to a standard mould. Shopify pre­sents varied packages and cost choice­s, guaranteeing the ide­al match to boost your internet shop’s expansion. Whe­ther you’re a new starte­r in the business world or a tried-and-true­ trader, this guide affords direction through Shopify plans and pricing and unve­ils the functions that elevate­ your business progress.

Shopify Plans and Pricing: Built-in Benefits

  • Supercharged Sales

Shopify boasts the industry’s best checkout, proven to convert 15% more sales on average than other platforms. This built-in advantage gives you a head start on boosting your online revenue, regardless of the plan you choose.

  • Omnichannel Power

Sell beyond your online store! With Shopify POS, you can seamlessly integrate in-person sales, keeping your inventory synchronised and offering a unified shopping experience for your customers.

  • Extended Reach

With Shopify, you may connect with new audiences. Utilise a variety of sales channels to reach as many potential customers as possible by listing your products on well-known websites like Google, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • Data-Informed Choices

Comprehensive analytics can provide insightful information about the performance of your store. Monitor important indicators, pinpoint areas in need of development, and fine-tune your tactics for best results. All Shopify plans include this data-driven strategy.

  • App Marketplace Extensibility

Enhance your store’s capabilities with the Shopify App Store. Find apps for everything from product sourcing to customising your store’s design and features, tailoring your online presence to your specific needs.

Shopify Plans and Pricing: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Business Growth

Shopify offers a variety of plans to empower your online store at every stage. Here’s an overview of Shopify plans and pricing to assist you in selecting the perfect option.

Shopify Basic (Just Starting Out)

  • Price: £1 for your first month, then £19/month billed annually (£228/year)
  • Ideal For: Solopreneurs launching their first online store
  • Highlights –
    • 10 inventory locations to manage your stock effectively.
    • 24/7 chat support for any questions you have.
    • Localised global selling in 3 markets to reach a wider audience.
    • POS Lite to integrate in-person sales (additional hardware required).
    • Try it free before you commit!

Shopify (Growing Your Business)

  • Price: £1 for your first month, then £49/month billed annually (£588/year)
  • Ideal For: Small teams looking to scale their online store
  • Highlights –
    • All features of Basic Shopify, plus:
    • 5 additional staff accounts for team collaboration.
    • Lower transaction fees to keep more profit in your pocket.

Shopify Advanced (High-Volume Sales)

  • Price: £1 for your first month, then £259/month billed annually (£3,108/year)
  • Ideal For: Businesses experiencing significant growth
  • Highlights – 
    • All features of Shopify, plus:
    • Advanced reporting and analytics to gain deeper insights.
    • Enhanced 24/7 chat support for priority assistance.
    • Expand your global reach by selling in more markets (additional fees apply).
    • Manage larger teams with 15 additional staff accounts.
    • Handle high sales volume with increased checkout capacity.
    • POS Lite is included for in-person sales.

Shopify Plus (Enterprise-Level Businesses)

  • Price: Contact Shopify for a custom quote (Starts at £1,820/month on a 3-year term)
  • Ideal For: Complex businesses with high-volume sales and unique needs
  • Highlights – 
    • All features of Advanced Shopify, plus:
    • Custom reports and analytics tailored to your specific requirements.
    • Manage a vast inventory across 200 locations.
    • Priority 24/7 phone support for immediate assistance.
    • Sell to customers worldwide in 50 markets.
    • Unlimited staff accounts to manage your growing team.
    • Fully customise your checkout experience for maximum impact.
    • Manage in-person sales with 200 POS Pro locations and integrate with Shopify Payments.
    • Sell B2B and wholesale to generate extra income.

Shopify has a strategy to support you in reaching your objectives, regardless of the size of your business. Look over the Shopify plans and pricing and select the best one to start, run, and expand your successful online store!

Shopify Plans and Pricing: Alternative Solutions for Your Business

While Shopify’s core plans offer a robust foundation, they might not be the perfect fit for every business. Here’s a look at some additional Shopify plans and pricing that caters to diverse needs.

Starter (Simple & Social-Focused)

  • Price: £5/month
  • Ideal For: Entrepreneurs launching a low-maintenance online presence or selling through social media.
  • Highlights – 
    • Sell products directly through social media platforms and messaging apps.
    • Start a basic online store for showcasing and selling a limited product range.
    • An affordable option for testing the e-commerce waters.

Retail (Brick-and-Mortar Integration)

  • Price: £69/month
  • Ideal For: Established businesses with physical stores looking to integrate online sales.
  • Highlights – 
    • Manage both online and in-person sales seamlessly.
    • Advanced features for staff management, inventory control, and loyalty programs.
    • Perfect for businesses transitioning to or already established in omnichannel retailing.

Enterprise Commerce (High-Volume & Custom Needs)

  • Price: Contact Shopify for a custom quote
  • Ideal For: Large organisations requiring extensive customisation and scalability.
  • Highlights – 
    • Tailored solutions built to meet your specific business needs and growth goals.
    • High-performance infrastructure designed to handle significant sales volumes.
    • Ideal for businesses operating in complex environments or requiring a highly customised online store experience.

Don’t forget, Shopify provide­s more than just their usual plans. Look at these­ alternative Shopify plans and pricing to discover the be­st match for your venture. It’s ideal, whe­ther you’re in the e­arly stages, blending in a brick-and-mortar shop, or nee­ding a tailor-made solution for a large-scale busine­ss


Regardless of your business stage or needs, Shopify has a pricing option for you. Their core plans – Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify – offer a range of features to cater to growing businesses. Starter and Retail plans provide specialised solutions for social media selling and omnichannel retail, respectively. Finally, for complex enterprises, custom plans ensure scalability and meet unique requirements. Explore Shopify plans and pricing and find the perfect fit to launch and grow your online store with confidence.

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How many different kinds of membership plans does Shopify provide?
Shopify Starter, Basic, Advanced, and Plus are the five different subscription plan options that Shopify provides.
What is your primary intention for using Shopify?
The primary uses for Shopify are creating an online store, using Shopify POS for in-person sales, processing orders, keeping track of inventory and products, and leveraging a range of marketing and SEO tools to expand your company. 
How many stores is the Shopify Basic plan good for?
You can have one store with the Shopify Basic plan, allowing you to handle orders, customers, and products from one central location.









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