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Check Out the Best Instagrammable Places in Blackpool

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Instagrammable Places in Blackpool

Blackpool is a lovely resort village located directly on the seaside, full of great photo opportunities. There will be no shortage of exciting places to photograph, whether you want to capture the scenery or the culture. This city is especially welcoming to professional photographers, enthusiasts, and tourists wishing to boost their Instagram feed. When you come, explore all of the Places in Blackpool attractions. Here are the top ten Instagrammable spots in Blackpool.

List of the Best Instagrammable Places in Blackpool


There are various hotels and breathtaking places instagrammable places in Blackpool that you can explore on your next trip. We at Neon Police have curated a list of the best instagrammable places in Blackpool for your reference. The list of the best instagrammable places in Blackpool is as follows:

1. Blackpool Tower Promenade

Blackpool Tower Promenade

Blackpool Tower Promenade | Neonpolice

The Promenade, a lengthy stretch of paved beachside Promenade constructed in 2017, is a significant feature of the refurbished oceanfront. The Promenade proudly sits as the jewel of the magnificent Irish Sea coastline, stretching from the top of the St Annes dunes north past Blackpool’s township boundaries. Throughout the year, the Promenade makes an excellent running trail. It might be a scenic shortcut to your car after visiting your favorite beachside boutique, or it can be the focal focus of a coastal vacation to this resort location. The Promenade is one of the top 10 instagrammable places in Blackpool.

2. Mary’s Shell

Mary's Shell

Mary’s Shell | Neonpolice

Mary’s Shell is a remarkable art project on Clevely’s Beach and one of the area’s main attractions. The artwork lies on the beachfront sands near the Jubilee Gardens. When the water is low, you may view the sculpture and climb to examine its design. The structure is a popular tourist destination that continues to draw residents and visitors today. It’s a swooping metal sculpture that stands proudly on the beach, reflecting the light. One of the most noteworthy sights in Blackpool is the spectacular sculpture, making it one of the highlights and best instagrammable places in Blackpool.

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3. Central Pier

Central Pier

Central Pier | Neonpolice

The Central Pier Big Wheel is the beating heart of Blackpool’s Central Pier seafront and the hub of many amusement and entertainment activities. It’s a terrific spot for a romantic excursion since you can see for miles around, out to sea, and across the city. The Big Wheel is a popular photo location since it is lit with brilliant, multicolored lights every night. As a famous element of the Blackpool skyline, it towers over the surrounding theme park entertainment and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

4. Rigby Road Tram Cemetary

The Rigby Road Tram Cemetery is home to several old trams previously part of Blackpool’s extensive tram network. You will have several opportunities to capture the frightening mood when you visit this location. Seeing the abandoned pieces of machinery in the Rigby Road Tram Cemetery can elicit a wide range of emotions, mainly when recorded in specific ways. On the one side, the tram sitting there might be sad, but it also demonstrates how extensive and extensive the tram network was even in its early days.

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5. Central Drive

Central Drive

Central Drive | Neonpolice

Central Drive in Blackpool embodies the town’s essence better than most other streets. Blackpool is most renowned for its beaches, but this route will show off more of the city and its colorful parks. While being a passenger during a drive allows you to get some great photos, it may be ideal for walking this street, enabling you to soak in the ambiance at your leisure. Furthermore, Blackpool Tower is easily accessible from here. Also, it is one of the best instagrammable places in Blackpool.

6. Beach Huts

Beach Huts

Beach Huts| Neonpolice

St. Annes Beach Huts offers rentable, high-end huts that appear like little cottages and come with various facilities. These huts have adequate cushioned chairs and benches, cupboards, a sink, a radio, a table, and a television. These beach bungalows are the ideal subject for capturing the high-end but peaceful ambiance of southern Blackpool or highlighting the unique experience you’re having on vacation. By putting two people in the image simultaneously, you can truly showcase what they have to give. See the cottages 15 minutes south of Blackpool city center, one of the best instagrammable places in Blackpool.

7. The Big One

It is one of the most popular instagrammable places in Blackpool. The Big One is a gigantic roller coaster down the beach at Blackpool Pleasure Beach that may make for amazing images simply because of its size. With a peak height of 65 meters, you don’t even need to enter the park to enjoy a good view. Of course, entering the park is always the best way to obtain the most incredible shots of The Big One. You can even record a live video while riding the coaster to show your Instagram followers how thrilling it is. As the coaster reaches up to 74 miles per hour, ensure your device is secure first.

8. The Mirror Ball

The Mirror Ball

The Mirror Ball | Neonpolice

The Mirror Ball is a famous artwork on the South Shore of Blackpool’s seafront that appears as a sizeable reflecting sphere bathed in light. It’s vast, so you’ll be able to discover it by just wandering the South Shore. While you can capture many great images during the day, you’ll want to visit this ball at night. After sunset, the ball is lit by color-changing lights, creating a stunningly vivid spectacle, making it one of the ideal instagrammable places in Blackpool.

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9. Blackpool Murals

Blackpool Murals

Blackpool Murals | Neonpolice

Murals in Blackpool may be seen across town and reflect various works done by multiple artists, typically of considerable size. The Sand, Sea, and Spray Urban Art Event occur regularly in Blackpool, and it always results in some stunning artwork across town. Among the murals around town, you’ll find one-of-a-kind artwork ideal to test your photographic abilities.

10. North Pier

North Pier is Blackpool’s oldest pier, with a gorgeous Victorian style and an incredibly lengthy length filled with picturesque views and attractions. Historically, this pier intends to cater to the aristocratic classes, but anybody may enjoy it due to the lack of an access fee. When photographing this pier, you will photograph a Grade II listed building, which makes it one of the best instagrammable places in Blackpool.


These are some of the best instagrammable places in Blackpool that you can explore on your next trip. Moreover, you can check out the official Neonpolice website for more such articles. Book your tickets with booking.com it is the easiest way to booking tickets.


What is the best part of Blackpool to live?
Bispham, Cleveleys, and Fleetwood are all popular residential locations with easy access to the coastline.
What towns are near Blackpool?
Carleton, Churchtown, and Clifton are the few towns near Blackpool.
How many attractions are there in Blackpool?
There are 721 exciting Blackpool things to do for you and the family to find out on Day Out With The Kids.
What is Blackpool known for?
Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Illuminations, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Water Park, the Winter Gardens, and the Blackpool Tramway (the UK’s only surviving first-generation tramway) are among the city’s principal attractions and monuments.

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