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Best 17 Luxurious Hotels In Austin, Texas 

by Lorean
Luxurious Hotels In Austin

Austin, the “Live Music Capital of the World,” is renowned for being chill, hip, and creative. Texas’ capital city, located in the state’s middle and surrounded by picturesque scenery, is also home to a vibrant gastronomy scene and a long history. There are many types of lodging alternatives, from cozy B&Bs to stylish boutique city hotels, to suit several interests and budgets. The majority of Austin’s top hotels are located close to the activity Downtown. Thus, start your trip planning with our list of the best hotels in Austin, whether you’re coming for a significant event or a simple weekend getaway.

Top 17 best hotels in Austin by Booking.com

1. Hotel Saint Cecilia

Hotel Saint Cecilia

Hotel Saint Cecilia | Neonpolice

An ivy-covered fence partially hides this Victorian-era mansion. Only hotel clients and members have access to the ultra-private hotel. A few locals who have access through an exclusive membership frequent the bar regularly. It has 14 rooms (each with a unique design and individuality); the main house rooms, located off the lobby lounge, have elaborate crown molding and antique fireplaces. The beds in each room are enough to make a reservation at this one of the best hotels in Austin.

2. Fairmont Austin

Fairmont Austin

Fairmont Austin | Neonpolice

With its outstanding amenities and imposing entryway, the Fairmont is a renowned luxury hotel in downtown Austin. Many locations, including the imposing bronze statue of horses dominating the entrance, give a tribute to its Texas roots.

3. Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt | Neonpolice

With tremendous intensity as a top hotspot in the city, the upscale Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt exudes a pure Austin flavor. The boutique hotel has a hip vibe owing to its open layout, cutting-edge design, and well-chosen house music. 


4. Austin Motel

Austin Motel

Austin Motel | Neonpolice

Hip hotelier Liz Lambert redesigned it into the kind of gritty hangout adored by all the cool kids. The decor is colorful and whimsical, with red, tufted-vinyl platforms, bespoke Voutsa wallpaper in the shape of lips, and old-school push-button phones. On hot days, a huge kidney-shaped pool is covered with visitors, everyone holding a cocktail or an Austin Motel koozie. Some guests will find its proximity to the busy South Congress perfect. However, it is a superb motel experience rather than a hotel stay.

5. Hotel San José

Hotel San José

Hotel San José | Neonpolice

With this hotel and the renowned coffee shop, Jo’s just next door, hotelier Liz Lambert has the credit for rejuvenating South Congress Avenue. The hotel is associated with Austin’s music culture due to free patio concerts and a famous SXSW event. All ages of visitors arrive to take advantage of South Congress’s varied eating, live music, and antique shopping opportunities. It is one of the best hotels in Austin.

6. InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel

InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel

InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel | Neonpolice

Since its founding in the Roaring Twenties, this location has been a popular gathering area for residents and tourists alike. The Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin embodies modernity while retaining the opulence of a bygone era of glitz. The second-floor balcony’s wraparound design is ideal for taking in the bustle of the city.

7. JW Marriott Austin

JW Marriott Austin

JW Marriott Austin | Neonpolice

This hotel’s 34 floors radiate modern elegance and a warm, friendly atmosphere. This JW Marriott hotel is the second-biggest in the world and the largest in the Americas. It is also one of the best hotels in Austin. The hotel consistently generates discussion due to its position in the city’s social scene.

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8. W Austin

W Austin

W Austin | Neonpolice

Dark wood and stone materials combined with brilliant red and blue textiles offer a trendy, modern flair to the property. The W also pays homage to Austin and the city’s creative sector with its memorabilia, colorful art, and images of legendary local musicians from the past.

9. Lake Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin Spa Resort | Neonpolice

A visit demonstrates why this upscale hideaway ranks as one of the finest wellness resorts in the United States. The resort staff treats all visitors to luxurious lodgings, incredible spa services, wholesome gourmet meals, and various exciting activities.

10. Austin Proper Hotel

Austin Proper Hotel

Austin Proper Hotel | Neonpolice

With a breath of fresh air, The Austin Proper features a vibrant blend of natural textures and materials with a very bohemian feel. Rich textiles, unfinished wood, plush leather sofas, and embroidered armchairs beckon you inside, while numerous styles are present in the artwork and design.

11. Hotel ZaZa Austin

Hotel ZaZa Austin

Hotel ZaZa Austin | Neonpolice

With its finger firmly on the innovative heart of the city, this elegant hotels in Austin’s Warehouse District offer an urban and stylish look without artifice. There is a use of music and art, with playful touches thrown in here and there.

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12. The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel | Neonpolice

It is a historic hotel, capturing the glitz and splendor of a bygone era. The Driskill indicates the Texas warmth and is one of the best hotels in Austin Texas. Although completely renovated and redecorated, it maintains classics and traditions, setting the bar for elegance.

13. East Austin Hotel

East Austin Hotel

East Austin Hotel | Neonpolice

This locally owned and operated boutique hotel is stylish but welcoming, making it more than just a super-cool place to stay. It also serves as a hub for Eastside events and locals. The sophisticated Austin accents with a retro twist are incorporated into the mid-century Danish design.

14. The LINE Austin

The LINE Austin

The LINE Austin | Neonpolice

The vibe of Austin’s LINE Hotel is Mad Men in the world of modern art. Arriving at the property’s spectacular porte-cochère, which shows a rebuilt concrete brutalist building leading into the open lobby, sets the scene for the action.

15. The Westin Austin Downtown

The Westin Austin Downtown

The Westin Austin Downtown | Neonpolice

The Westin Austin Downtown features a distinctive Austin spirit, modern elegance, and an open, welcoming atmosphere. It is close to the newest restaurants and famous live music venues. Additionally, it has a modern aesthetic with a homey vibe and is a popular hangout for residents and tourists from other cities. It is one of the best hotels in downtown Austin.

16. Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Four Seasons Hotel Austin | Neonpolice

The Four Seasons Austin is all about classic elegance and Texan warmth. The state capital city’s hotel from the renowned brand lives up to its reputation for the newest amenities, meticulous service, and attention to detail.

17. Heywood Hotel

Heywood Hotel

Heywood Hotel | Neonpolice

In thriving East Austin, this chic boutique hotel offers personalized hospitality. It showcases the owners’ meticulous design and detail in every room. This is one of the best hotels in Austin.



Maybe it’s due to Austin’s crazily high population growth or well-attended business and pleasure gatherings, but everyone wants to visit Austin. The hotel business is expanding to match the demand, offering everything from chic and the best downtown hotels that highlight the city’s love of live music to bohemian-inspired hostels. To learn more about the top-rated hotels in Austin, Texas, you can visit Neonpolice websites like Booking.com to find deals and compare options.


What is the best part of Austin to stay in?
Downtown Austin is unquestionably the best place to stay in Austin because it is the city’s center and is close to all of its top attractions, including the Texas Capitol. A wide range of lodging options are available in this region, and there are several nearby taverns and restaurants.
Where do celebrities stay in Austin?
Stars frequent the Austin and Driskill bars. The Four Seasons is home to several local celebrities, so take a seat in the lobby lounge and keep an eye out for them.
Is it worth it to stay in downtown Austin?
With its central location and proximity to Austin’s top attractions, downtown Austin has some of the nicest hotels in Austin Texas. This area offers a variety of hotel choices, as well as several neighboring taverns and eateries.

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