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Discover Tunisia’s Hidden Attractions: Your Guide to Special Holidays in Tunisia

by Lorean
Holidays in Tunisia

Are you seeking an enchanting Mediterranean escape that blends rich history, sun-soaked beaches, and budget-friendly options? Look no further than Tunisia! Nestled on North Africa’s Mediterranean coast, Tunisia is a hidden gem that’s increasingly becoming a favourite among travellers. In this guide, we embark on a journey to discover the allure of holidays in Tunisia, offering you a glimpse into all-inclusive getaways, budget-friendly adventures, and unforgettable package holidays to Tunisia. Join us as we explore this vibrant destination that promises a mix of culture, relaxation, and affordability. Whether you’re a sun seeker, a history enthusiast, or a lover of diverse landscapes, Tunisia has something special in store for you. So, let’s set our sights on this North African jewel and uncover the wonders it holds at On The Beach Tunisia Holidays.

Why Is Tunisia a Popular Holiday Destination?

Tunisia is a popular holiday destination due to its diverse landscapes, rich history, beautiful beaches, affordability, delicious cuisine, warm Mediterranean climate, friendly locals, adventure opportunities, international flights, and safety. 

The country offers a blend of Phoenician, Roman, Arab, and French civilizations, with well-preserved historical sites like Carthage, Dougga, and El Djem. The Mediterranean climate provides pleasant weather year-round, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking sun and warmth. 

Tunisians are known for their warm hospitality, and the country offers adventure activities like camel treks and water sports. Tunisia is well-connected by international flights and has a reputation for safety, making it a reassuring choice for families and solo travellers.

The Best Hotels for Your Holidays in Tunisia

1. Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa

Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa

Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa | neonpolice

The Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa, which offers luxury and leisure, is tucked away on the charming Tunisian coast. From the comfort of their stylishly furnished rooms, visitors can take in panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the hotel’s spectacular beachfront position. The hotel’s spa is a sanctuary of tranquillity, offering a range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies. History buffs will appreciate the hotel’s proximity to the UNESCO-listed Medina of Sousse, a treasure trove of cultural and architectural wonders. Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa combines modern comfort with timeless charm, making it an ideal destination for both leisure and business travellers.

2. Hotel Aziza Thalasso & Golf – Adults Only

Situated in the serene coastal town of Hammamet, Hotel Aziza Thalasso & Golf is an exclusive adults-only retreat that blends luxury with natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for holidays in Tunisia. Golf enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise with access to two prestigious golf courses nearby. The thalassotherapy centre offers holistic rejuvenation, utilising the healing properties of seawater. Guests can savour Tunisian and international cuisines at the hotel’s restaurants while enjoying breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Hotel Aziza is the perfect haven for those seeking a peaceful and indulgent escape in Tunisia.

3. Hotel Marhaba Palace

Hotel Marhaba Palace

Hotel Marhaba Palace | neonpolice

A beachside sanctuary with a perfect fusion of contemporary conveniences and traditional Tunisian hospitality, Hotel Marhaba Palace is situated in the thriving resort town of Port El Kantaoui and is a great option for holidays in Tunisia. Numerous pools, a health centre, and a range of dining options are just a few of the hotel’s remarkable collection of amenities. There are many entertainment alternatives for visitors because of the hotel’s close vicinity to the popular Port El Kantaoui Golf Course and the busy Port El Kantaoui Marina. With its well-appointed rooms and beautiful seaside setting, Hotel Marhaba Palace provides a memorable Tunisian holiday experience.

4. Barcelo Concorde Green Park Palace

Situated in Monastir, the Barcelo Concorde Green Park Palace offers a lavish escape surrounded by lush gardens and stunning sea views, making it an ideal choice for holidays in Tunisia. This all-inclusive resort offers a range of activities for children and couples, including golf, a spa, and a private beach, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Elegant accommodations and a variety of eating options make the hotel a preferred choice for tourists seeking an all-around holiday experience.

5. Hotel Liberty Resort

Nestled in the coastal town of Skanes, Hotel Liberty Resort offers a delightful blend of comfort and convenience, making it an excellent choice for holidays in Tunisia. This family-friendly resort features a lively atmosphere with various pools, waterslides, and entertainment options. Guests can explore nearby attractions like the historic city of Monastir or simply unwind on the hotel’s private beach. With its affordable rates and ample amenities, Hotel Liberty Resort is a fantastic choice for travellers seeking a fun-filled holiday without breaking the bank.

6. Riadh Palms

Riadh Palms

Riadh Palms | neonpolice

Sousse’s Riadh Palms is a captivating beachfront resort that caters to both leisure and business travellers, making it an excellent choice for holidays in Tunisia. The hotel’s distinctive architecture is inspired by traditional Tunisian design, creating a charming ambience. Numerous pools, a spa, and a variety of restaurants serving wonderful dishes from across the world and the surrounding area are among the attractions it provides. It serves as an excellent starting point for experiencing the city’s rich history and culture because of its convenient proximity to the Medina of Sousse, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Sahara Beach Aquapark Resort

Located in Monastir, Sahara Beach Aquapark Resort is a paradise for families and water enthusiasts, making it an excellent choice for holidays in Tunisia. The highlight of this resort is its extensive water park, featuring thrilling slides and aquatic fun for all ages. Guests can also enjoy the resort’s private beach, multiple restaurants, and a wellness centre for relaxation. With its fun-filled atmosphere and ample amenities, Sahara Beach Aquapark Resort promises an unforgettable vacation experience in Tunisia.

8. Marhaba Club

Situated in Sousse, the Marhaba Club is a beachfront hotel that caters to families and couples alike, making it an excellent choice for holidays in Tunisia. Guests can unwind on the sandy shores, take a dip in the pool, or enjoy various sports and recreational activities. The hotel’s proximity to Sousse’s vibrant city centre allows guests to explore local markets, historic sites, and vibrant nightlife. Marhaba Club offers a balance between relaxation and cultural exploration, ensuring a memorable holiday experience in Tunisia.


Tunisia is a captivating destination that seamlessly combines rich history, stunning landscapes, and modern comforts, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking a diverse and enriching holiday experience in Tunisia. From the beautiful Mediterranean beaches to the ancient ruins of Carthage and the vibrant souks of its medinas, Tunisia offers a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration. With a wide range of top-notch hotels and resorts available on On The Beach and Neon Police websites, you can find the perfect accommodation to suit your preferences for holidays in Tunisia. Whether you’re an adventurer, a history buff, or simply looking for a sunny escape, Tunisia’s unique charm and warm hospitality are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. Start planning your next holiday to Tunisia today and experience the magic of this North African gem. 


What do I need to know before travelling to Tunisia?
A passport with at least six months of remaining validity is required for admission into Tunisia. Even though it is normally safe to use the Tunisian Dinar (TND) as the official currency, it is crucial to be aware of the present political and security climate. Respect local customs and dress modestly, especially in religious areas. Regular vaccinations are essential, and be cautious with street food.
What is Tunisia like for holidays?
Tunisia offers a diverse holiday experience with Mediterranean beaches, historical sites, vibrant medinas, and the Sahara Desert. It blends relaxation, culture, and adventure, with delicious Tunisian cuisine and warm hospitality.
Is it safe to holiday in Tunisia now?
The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) warns travellers visiting Tunisia of a significant terrorism threat and urges them to maintain constant vigilance, despite the country’s reputation as a safe destination.


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