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Holidays to Sorrento: Cheap and Affordable Holiday Trips

by Lorean
Holidays to Sorrento

Making your holiday experience cheap and affordable is now possible thanks to On The Beach. When you think of an endless adventure that never ends, Holidays to Sorrento is one of them. You cannot underestimate holidays to Sorrento. It’s one of the best holiday experiences for solo travellers, families, and couples.

If you have not heard about Sorrento, then it needs no introduction when it comes to beaches and majestic landscapes. It’s a beautiful coastal town in Southwestern Italy, facing the bay of Naples. The sweeping water views, a cafe-lined square, and Piazza Tasso are the uniqueness of Sorrento. On The Beach brings the best holiday packages including top hotels and the best tour activities to do.

Holiday Destinations in Sorrento

1. Explore the Sorronto’s Beaches

When you think about getting away from bustling city life in a small coastal town like Sorrento, these amazing beaches in Sorrento are your final destination. Without the beaches, holidays to Sorrento are simply incomplete. Sorrento has many staggering beaches surrounded by gleaming landscapes, pastel houses, cliffs, and luxurious resorts. These beaches are destined to make you feel come alive. Some popular beaches are:

  • Marina Di Puolo: The beach is surrounded by many charming fishing village beaches. It’s a final destiny for families and group travellers.
  • Baia Di Leranto: The beauty where you can find nature at its best. The stunning landscape will leave you amazed.
  • Bagni Regina Giovanna: it’s a popular beach where you can relax, revive yourself, and enjoy the sunny swimming experience at the beach. The beach is surrounded by the beautiful ruins of a Roman Villa which is quite an exhilarating experience.
  • Leonelli’s Beach: It’s nestled right in the heart of Sorrento where you can get the dazzling views of Vesuvius right over the sprawling waters. The beautiful deck for visitors and restaurants to get your favorite drinks simply makes the beach irresistible for a vacation.
  • Punta Campanella: It’s one of those beaches in Sorrento where you can get the best views of the beach across the horizon and surrounding cliffs.
  • Spiaggia La Marinella: If you are looking for a memorable snorkeling experience, then visiting this beach is highly recommended. The stunning site of the beach will not only make you feel revived but also make you enjoy every bit of time at the beach.

2. Visit The Marina Grande

There is no place like Marina Grande in Sorrento where you can get the best exposure to the daily mundane life of the locals. The first view of the place which is colorful historic houses, Faraglioni rock formations, and the adjoining golden sandy beaches will leave you speechless. This is what draws the attention of visitors to the place. If you are looking for a relaxing break, the Marina Grande is a must-visit place for completing the holidays to Sorrento experience.

3. Cathedral of San Filippo and San Giacomo

The Cathedral of San Filippo and San Giacomo are guaranteed to spice up your holidays to Sorrento experience. The stunning architectural building is the remains of the ancient Roman Catholic era which is located on the Via Santa Maria della Pieta. It’s a place where you can learn about the 11th Century architectural style, and relics of the time and enjoy the classic drawings on the ceilings.

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4. Shopping at Via San Cesareo

If you need to make your holidays to Sorrento a little bit culturally adventurous, then try shopping at Via San Cesareo. It’s one of the most crowded shopping streets where you can get the best experience with local stores, artisan shops, bars, cafes, and boutiques. The shopping streets are said to have been surviving shopping streets since ancient times.

5. Visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius

It’s a day trip tour where you can get the sight of the ancient Roman historical buildings (which are now ruined). This is also a World Heritage site under UNESCO.

Top Hotels in Sorento

This marvelous town also has some amazing hotels where you can spend your holiday time reviving and relaxing. Check out these top hotels in Sorrento with On The Beach while planning your holidays to Sorrento:

Hotel Eden

Hotel Eden | Neonpolice

  1. Hotel Eden: A perfect hotel where you can find a peaceful holiday stay in the town. It’s surrounded by tranquil lush gardens.
  2. Relais Regina Giovanna: Looking for a delicacy of the town along the coastline? Think about Relais Regina Giovanna when you are in town.
Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Grand Hotel Capodimonte | Neonpolice

  1. Grand Hotel Capodimonte: This deluxe hotel is not only luxurious to stay but it also has mesmerizing panoramic views from cascading pools.
  2. Grand Hotel Royal: This luxurious hotel is perfect for couples who are looking for getaway time in the coastal town. You can also enjoy a memorable time at the hotel with your kids.
  3. Mar Hotel Alimuri Spa: This Hotel and Spa blesses you with a private beach and a fancy royalty experience. This best memorable time at Aimuri will make your holidays to Sorrento feel complete.
Emily Suites

Emily Suites | Neonpolice

  1. Emily Suites: The hotel with charming views, modern rooms, and excellent welcoming services will make your holiday experience amazing. It’s also a cheaper hotel to stay in the town.


Are you yet to decide about holidays to Sorrento? Check out On The Beach where you can get a clear idea about the overall expenses from hotels, including flight tickets to Sorrento and what activities you can take part in during your stay. Now is the best time of the year when you can enjoy a low budgeted holiday experience. Sorrento is a place where you and your family can spend your time and make some beautiful memories with each other. The beautiful coastal town has so much to offer than you can imagine. For more information visit Neon Police.


What is so special about Sorrento?
It’s a small coastal town on the Neapolitan Riviera. The town has some of the best beaches in the world. The best hotels and resorts and the tranquil atmosphere of the town make it a wonderful vacation place.
What are the best months to visit Sorrento?
Depending on whether you love warm sunny days or cold days, June and August are the best months for summer experience, and November to January are the best months for Winter.
How many days are sufficient for holidays to Sorrento?
If you want to get the best experience in the Coastal town, a week is enough. It gives you enough time to get around the places and beaches in town./su_spoiler]

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