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Beaches Calling You? Book A Flight To Zanzibar!

by Lorean
Flight to zanzibar

Zanzibar stands as an example of many such islands in the Indian Ocean that are found in Tanzania. The reason to book a flight to Zanzibar for a trip is that it is a popular destination among tourists and you find all the nice hotels, luxurious resorts and other comforts of life there. The nirvana that the beaches of Zanzibar bring together with the usual peace of the islands creates a natural state of rest.

The village of white pristine beaches is an excellent place if you travel alone, want to go honeymooning, or just wish to have a quiet time. Zanzibar City with its diversity of leisure and adventure options ranging from beachside relaxation with the beautiful setting sun to snorkelling or sailing in the crystal-clear waters is the place to make memories that will last a lifetime. The purpose of this guide is to help you select the places to be toured in Zanzibar to experience an eventful trip when you have booked a flight to Zanzibar.

Flights to Zanzibar With Condor

From Germany, direct flights to Zanzibar arrive after about eleven hours. Apart from the direct trip to Zanzibar, there are alternative options for connecting connections through Tanzania and Kenya, which involve a lengthier flight time. Cheap flights are available in the months of June to October. One can fly from Basel, Bremen, Dresden to Zanzibar easily. Some of the available flight options are 

1. Basel


Basel | Neonpolice


Condor offers flights from major hubs across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, making it simple to choose a departure location that’s convenient for you. Thus, there’s no need to travel far to begin exploring Zanzibar! The starting price of a flight to Zanzibar from Basel offered by Condor is € 229.99 *. Book now!

2. Berlin-Brandenburg

If you’re thinking of travelling to Zanzibar from Berlin-Brandenburg you can opt for booking flights through Condor whose ticket price starts from € 329.99 *. Enjoy a swift and comfortable trip all the way to Zanzibar.

3. Bremen


Bremen | Neonpolice

Low-cost flights start at €379.99* from Bremen (BRE) to Zanzibar (ZNZ). Additionally, with Condor’s unique luggage allowance packages you can pack your things in a smooth and hassle-free manner!

Why Choose Condor?

  • Direct Flight Leading to Comfortable Journeys

As you sit on the flight to Zanzibar, you relax and take comfort in the knowledge that you will arrive at your goal without a detour.

  • Comfort is the Priority

Condor puts your comfort first, providing a relaxing abroad experience to ensure that your flight to Zanzibar is one you won’t soon forget. Fly with Condor now!

  • Seat Reservation 

Condor’s reserving the flight seat feature allows a flyer to customise his flight according to his needs and requirements. 

  • Food and drink 

Condor offers a variety of meals and snacks while you’re on board. A three-course meal and other specialities can also be reserved.

Prices are influenced by availability, airlines, and dates. Don’t forget to check out Condor’s website for more information on things like preferred seats and baggage allowance!

Top Places To Visit After Booking A Flight To Zanzibar

The Old Stone Town

An increasing number of tourists booking a flight to Zanzibar visit Stone Town, a historical town in the Zanzibar Islands, every year because of its many fascinating historical facts. The Old Fort, the Freddie Mercury House, the Former Slave Market, the House of Wonder, the Darajani Market, and so forth are the primary points of interest in Stone Town. 

Menai Bay Conservation Area

Would you be up for an all-day excursion that circles the ocean? This is among the top destinations in Zanzibar. It’s known as “Blue Safari.” When you arrive at the island after booking a flight to Zanzibar, you will see points of interest in Menai Bay such as Kwale Island, Sandbanks, and Natural Lagoon from this tour. Menai Bay is a crazy place to snorkel! There are numerous vibrant fish and unspoiled natural coral gardens.

Mnemba Island, Matemwe beach

Mnemba Island is located near Matemwe, a fishermen’s town, on the northeast coast of Unguja Island. If you desire to be on the island’s north, this place is without no doubt the must-see attraction in paradise.

The waters of Mnemba Island of Zanzibar are ideal for snorkelling. It is however possible to reach Mnemba as you fly in the various parts of Zanzibar island other than remaining on the northern part. You must schedule a trip that includes transportation to and from the tour location. Since fishing is prohibited near the island’s corals, Mnemba Island boasts an abundance of fish and other marine life, making for the ideal snorkelling experience for visitors. 

Changuu/Prison Island

Prison Island needs to be on your list of destinations if you’re searching for the top spots to visit while booking a flight to Zanzibar. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon photos of these tourists playing and feeding the large tortoises of the locality on their social media platforms, as it is a notorious island in Zanzibar. The main pull of Prison Island is its extended population of tortoises whose ancestors have been in place for years. Seychelles which form their natural home are located at a distance of 1807 km from Zanzibar where these animals are found. However, the Island offers additional attractions. Beaches and history further draw tourists to this location.


The most popular tourist destination named “Zanzibar” which is in Africa experiences thousands of visitors who book a flight to Zanzibar. Besides many parts of culture, the Islands attract many people from different countries due to the best diving and snorkelling places, top class resorts, and plenty of tourist activities, only to mention a few. Together with Condor’s holiday plans and packages, you will have the time of your life. To know more visit NeonPolice.


Is it possible to fly straight to Zanzibar?
Various cities and countries provide direct and best flights to Zanzibar, especially Dar es Salaam. Ark (ARK) Pemba Island or even the Isles of Zanzibar.
How long does it take to fly from the UK to Zanzibar?
The duration of a flight from the UK to Zanzibar is approximately 12:4 hours and a half working days.
Which month is the cheapest one for the Zanzibar travellers?
The winter, especially from June to October, is the time when a traveller books an affordable cheap flight to Zanzibar.
Can one fly from the US to Zanzibar or not? If yes How many hours?
In other words, it would approximately take 21 hours and 6 minutes for a flight to Zanzibar from the US.

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