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Flights to Athens, Greece: Your Gateway To Revisit The Greek Odyssey!

by Lorean
Flights to athens greece

Athens is the capital of Greece and it represents a perfect blend of the past of a powerful civilization, the life of a modern European metropolis and the energy of a constantly developing state. From fascinating tourist attractions and locations to unknown gems that are beautiful by their own merits, Athens offers an incredible number of spots to explore and things to do for travellers of any type. Here’s a thorough list of some of the must-see sights and activities in Athens after booking flights to Athens, Greece

Places To Visit After Booking Flights to Athens, Greece?


The Acropolis, a celebrated fortress situated on a rocky crag, remains the defining landmark of the city. The Acropolis, principal landmarks of which include Parthenon, Erechtheion, and the temple of Athena Nike is one of the seven archetypal ancient monuments and a world heritage site. Being an archaeological site, there are several ruins that tourists can visit, beautiful structures which they can marvel at and the beautiful scenery of the city below.

Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora which stands to the northwest of the Acropolis was the trade centre, administrative centre and the focus of social vowels in ancient Athens. Today, tourists who book flights to Athens, Greece can visit the ruins of ancient temples, shops, and governmental structures, self-educating themselves on how people in classical Athens lived. Among them it is possible to name the Temple of Hephaestus, the Stoa of Attalos, which is currently occupied by the Museum of the Maison, and the Agora Museum, where there is an interesting exhibit.


The pinnacle of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, now referred to as the symbol of the ancient Greek foundations is an architectural delight. The Parthenoon, built in honour of Athena, has remained to be admired by many for a long time now. While admiring the amazing beauty of the building, do not forget to read about the Parthenon and the role that it plays to learn more about its rather interesting history.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

In the southeastern region of Athens, there is the Zeus temple which is among the archaeological wonders of the ancient city. This was a colossal temple dedicated to Zeus, the supreme god of Olympus and had a colossal statue within its walls, made out of pure gold and ivory. Although only a few columns have now survived integral in structure, the temple was surely a sight to behold for its sheer size alone. The site is opened for visitors who booked  flights to Athens, Greece to come and see the remains as well as gain knowledge about the temple.

 Flights To Athens, Greece Available On Emirates

1. Boston to Athens

Boston to Athens

Boston to Athens | Neonpolice

Experience the immensely beautiful and historically rich destinations of Greece with Emirates’ flight booking service that has been already pre-arranged for exclusive use. Flights to Athens, Greece aim to make your travel a royal affair and also a stylish one as you will learn below.

2. Houston to Athens

Emirates offers a pre-booked flight to travel to the land that brought Western civilization into existence in a very comfortable manner. So, pack your suitcase to be stunned with the blue water of Aegean Sea, famous white and blue Cycladic houses, and the history of this ancient place.

3. New York to Athens

New York to Athens

New York to Athens | Neonpolice

Take a step towards the sleek aircraft and commence the journey of a lifetime to Greece. Whether you want to lounge on the sunny shores of Santorini or explore the historical wonders of Athens or simply capture the quaint countryside beauty of the Greek islands; the flights to Athens, Greece offered by Emirates gives you the perfect beginning of your journey at an affordable price!

4. Los Angeles to Athens

From the safety and reliability concerns that Emirates has taken part in providing, lay back and relax and enjoy your  flights to Athens, Greece without a worry in the world. Whether the travel is for leisure or for meetings, business or for vacation, the booked flight in Emirates airways will offer a splendid experience right from the time of boarding to landing.

5. Dallas to Athens

Dallas to Athens

Dallas to Athens | Neonpolice

Enjoy the true flavours of Greek hospitality right from the time you step into our aircraft for we at Aegean offer a warm and professional service complemented by the best facilities that will make your flights to Athens, Greece as comfortable as possible. You can also relish on an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine accompanied with wines and spirits to spur your taste buds with flight dining of Emirates!

Why choose Emirates for Flights To Athens, Greece?

Passenger Comfort

Passenger comfort and elegance are two key factors that are associated with Emirates Airlines. Already from the moment people get into the cabin, they can observe all the gods of comfort and highly qualified work of flight attendants. Some of the advantages of Emirates’ modern aircrafts are comfortable accommodation, comfortable reclining seats, and innovative facilities for entertainment, in addition, it provides a quiet and enjoyable trip to customers of all ages. On their planes, no matter if it is an economy, business or first class, passengers of Emirates Airline can expect nothing less but comfort and refinement.

Inflight Dining

Offering passengers one of the best in-flight cuisines is one of the principle strategies that makes Emirates airline distinct. The travel gourmands are exposed to a new concept of quality, freshness, and creativity in food, with a world cuisine flavour. From mouth-watering meals by renowned chefs, through to a wide selection of fine wines and spirits Emirates ensures that the dining aspect is among the best in the business. Besides, the airline guarantees satisfied customers by offering a delicious and proper diet for passengers with special requirements.


Yet another factor to choose Emirates Airlines is that they offer a better security guarantee coupled with great reliability. Emirates’ health and safety measures are always dated to match the existing safety standards making it comfortable for travellers since they are in safe hands. It is worth noting that Emirates has a very strict set of safety rules for maintenance checks, training flight crews, and other aspects related to flight safety, and it is committed to ensuring that every flight is as safe and comfortable as can be.

Loyalty Program

The frequent flyer program of this airline is known as Emirates Skywards It motivates the people to fly with them time and again through offering them many attractive benefits. As for the personal benefits, Emirates Skywards provides numerous opportunities to make the journey itself and the stay more enjoyable, such as emulating Skywards miles, obtaining an upgrade, accessing to the lounges, and taking advantage of partner offers. Emirates Skywards loyalty programme recognizes the value of its customer at each of the stages and encourages any travelling – business or recreational.


This aspect makes Emirates all the more credible as a responsible airline since it does not take the environmental conservation assets lightly. The company has taken a special effort in reducing its emission and the effects these emissions have on the environment by incorporating various measures and practices in land and in air. This way passengers can feel comfortable with their decision of travelling with Emirates as the carrier does care about the environment and actively makes efforts to preserve it for the generations to come.


Last but not least, Athens is a city that for centuries has accumulated quite a lot of historical, cultural, and mythological experiences for the visitor to watch and enjoy. Whether you are visiting archaeological sites and relics, walking around charming districts, or having gourmet Greek meals, Athens will provide an unforgettable trip which is enchanting, adventurous, and entirely boundless. So do not waste more time and book your Emirates Airline flights to Athens, Greece today.

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Which airlines operate flights to Athens, Greece?
Etihad, Lufthansa, ITA, offer flights.
How long are the flights to Athens, Greece from the USA?
It usually takes around nine hours and forty three minutes to reach.
Is there a possibility to fly directly to Athens, Greece from the United States?
Yes. Many airlines provide a straight flying service.

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