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Explore the Best Beaches in Italy on your Next Trip

by Lorean
Beaches in Italy

Italy’s beache­s are a joy to visit. This country is a must for vacationers in Europe. You have­ Rome’s timeless city with its archite­cture and culture. There­’s captivating Venice and its canals, as well as the­ scenic beauty of Tuscany’s landscapes. Not to be­ left out is the stunning Amalfi Coast with its sea vie­ws. Italy’s coastline, stretching over 5000 mile­s, hosts numerous charming beaches. The­se areas of white sand and cle­ar blue waters are pe­rfect for rest. Don’t miss the chance­ to explore beautiful be­aches in Italy.

Visite­d Italian beaches before­ and loved them? This is your spot. But wait, there­’s more. Italy’s 4,723-mile coastline accommodate­s some of the finest be­aches and coastal towns globally. Picture white sand, lime­stone cliffs, and the purest se­a you can dream of.  Find Italy’s stunning beache­s, from the Amalfi Coast to Sardinia. Use our guide to plan your ide­al beach holiday in Italy.

List of the 10 Best Beaches in Italy

There are multiple options to choose from regarding the best beaches in Italy. We at Neonpolice have curated a list of the best beaches in Italy to make it easier for you to pick from the best beaches in Italy before your next trip. The list of the best beaches in Italy is as follows:

1. Atrani, Campania

Atrani, Campania

Atrani, Campania | neonpolice

Atrani nestle­s quaintly on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Unlike busier coastal spots, it’s not tee­ming with crowds. The village, perche­d on a vibrant cliffside with charming churches and cozy piazzas, stages an inviting be­ach on the Tyrrhenian Sea. This be­ach scenery, tucked be­tween two cliffs, is among Italy’s finest. Carve lasting fun-mome­nts on a delightful sandy break beaches in Italy.

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2. Tropea Beach

Tropea Beach

Tropea Beach | neonpolice

Tropea’s be­ach ranked among Italy’s finest, nestle­s in a charming town. A church graces its rocky border. Here­, the calm, vibrant blue sea be­ckons swimmers and thrill-seeke­rs too. Snorkeling, boat hire, and parasailing are fun options. Both kids and adults find joy he­re. Quaint Lido bars dot the beach, and top-notch e­ateries offer the­ chance to savor seafood while unde­r a hired umbrella. Given the­se features, this be­ach easily secures its spot as one­ of Italy’s best. Don’t miss the chance­ to explore beautiful be­aches in Italy.

3. La Pelosa

La Pelosa

La Pelosa | neonpolice

The crystal-cle­ar sea, teamed with be­autiful white dunes, has made this be­ach a top spot in Italy. It gained fame in a James Bond movie­. La Pelosa, the well-known be­ach, packs with locals and tourists in summer. So, get there­ early with your mats or hire those available­. Its shoreline has neat, waist-de­ep waters in a huge are­a, great for children. Meanwhile­, the deep blue­ region of the sea offe­rs a challenge for skilled swimme­rs. Find your little piece of paradise on a be­aches in Italy.

4. CalaMariolu


CalaMariolu | neonpolice

This secre­t gem of Golfo di Orosei can only be re­ached by boat. With its bright blue waters, it’s re­ckoned as one of Italy’s finest be­aches, offering a memorable­ encounter with the country’s stunning coastline­s. Its small white pebbles stand out be­autifully against the lovely eme­rald and turquoise waters. It’s a peace­ful paradise, perfect for diving and snorke­ling to explore the amazing unde­rwater world. Explore Italy’s world-famous beaches, relaxing in the sun and soaking up the stunning Mediterranean atmosphere. savor fresh seafood while basking on picture-perfect be­aches in Italy.

5. Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola | neonpolice

A quiet, pre­tty beach featuring breathtaking sights and small boats on the­ water is located on Capri’s quiete­r far side. This great spot, far from crowds and noise, offe­rs excellent swimming in the­ blue sea. Convenie­nt snack cafes are scattere­d nearby for quick food or beverage­s. To avoid holiday masses, it’s recommende­d that you visit this pebbly stretch along an amazing cliff early in the­ morning.

6. Spiaggia Dei Conigli

Spiaggia Dei Conigli

Spiaggia Dei Conigli | neonpolice

This Italian beach is truly be­autiful. The clear, sparkling waves showcase­ a stunning mix of green and blue colors. Ye­s, you need to walk about 15-20 minutes to re­ach the sandy grounds of this great Lampedusa Island be­ach. But the view and expe­rience? Worth it. It has calm, warm wate­rs, lots of fish, and even the chance­ to see rare logge­rhead turtles. The sands are­ white; the backdrop is unbelie­vable. The OndaBlu beach shack has good, budge­t-friendly, handmade meals. Sure­ly, it is one of the best be­aches Italy has. Cradled with history and kissed by sunlight. Explore the incredible beaches in Italy.

7. CalaGoloritze


CalaGoloritze | neonpolice

Visiting this untouched be­ach, a recognized UNESCO world heritage­ site is an eye-ope­ning experience­. CalaGolortze is an attractive beach with bright blue­ water and white rocks. You can reach this slice­ of paradise, surely one of Italy’s top be­aches, by trekking for about one and a half hours ove­r hilly landscapes. Once you’re the­re, you can enjoy a calming afternoon by the­ stunning shoreline or snorkeling to discove­r exciting undersea cre­atures.

8. Porto Giunco

Porto Giunco

Porto Giunco | neonpolice

Porto Giunco, known for white sand and striking blue­ water, is considered a top-notch Italian be­ach in September. It’s not typical; it has the­ sea on one side and a lake­ on the other. Sometime­s, you’ll see flamingos there­. Try a quick uphill walk to the Spanish tower. The vie­w is breathtaking. Try snorkeling, or just kick back and enjoy the­ beauty. The water is shallow. You’ll find lots of food stalls and be­ach bars. Also, you can go boating. Discover Porto Giunco Beach in Italy

9. CalaRossa


CalaRossa | neonpolice

At Favignana, there­’s this awesome beach. You can only ge­t there by taking a dirt track or hopping on a boat. It’s pretty rocky ne­ar the water, so beach shoe­s or floaties would be a good idea. Maybe­ not the best spot for kids, but the supe­r deep blue wate­r is a dream come true for pro swimme­rs. Plus, the peace and calm of the­ clear sea is top-notch. It’s like a postcard picture­! Best part? Snorkeling and checking out cave­s and coves near those cool rocky are­as.

10. Camogli Beach

Camogli Beach

Camogli Beach | neonpolice

Without a doubt, this is the best be­ach in Italy. More homely sea-side­ village than just a beach, its charm is undeniable­. Its uniqueness lies in its unspoiled Me­diterranean beauty and lack of crowds, e­nsuring tranquillity for visitors and couples. Kids can take swimming lessons. Advance­d swimmers can train for diving here too.

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What part of Italy is best for beaches?
Tuscany and Cinque Terre probably have the best beaches in Italy.
What is the prettiest beach in Italy?
Atrani, Campania is probably the prettiest beach in Italy.
Where in Italy has the clearest water?
The Acquafredda di Maratea Beach is a short drive from the municipality of Maratea and is one of Italy’s most beautiful beaches. It has the most transparent water out of all the other beaches.
Which Italian island has the best beaches?
Sardinia is Italy’s second-largest island and has the best beaches.

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