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Celebrate Your Female Friendship On The Occasion Of Galentine’s Day

by Lorean
galentine's day

Forget the outdated cliches of February 14th darlings, for the 13th celebrates a new sort of love, passionate, amazing friendship! Galentine’s Day has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate your girls like the rock stars they are. So, grab your glitter cannons, put on your dancing shoes, and prepare to paint the town with female power and happiness. While there is nothing wrong with celebrating a romantic Valentine’s Day, there is a special thrill in appreciating the eternal love of female friendships on Galentine’s Day. Regardless of your feelings about Valentine’s Day, enjoying the bond with your Ann Perkins-tier pals- the rainbow-infused space unicorns and stunning tropical fish in your life- have a special appeal. Whether you are new to the concept or want to take your day to the next level, embrace your inner Leslie Knope and arrange something unique for the outstanding connections that deserve to be highlighted. 

1. What is Galentine’s Day? 

It originated on the TV program “Parks and Recreation,” is a humorous celebration of female companionship on February 13. Forget roses and romance, today is all about Leslie Knope-inspired events where ladies celebrate their Ann Perkins-tier friendships. From breakfasts to thoughtful gestures, shines a bright light on lifelong love with friends, honouring the unique, unbreakable ties that weave life into a vibrant tapestry of shared laughter and experiences. So now it is a set trend of celebrating this day between female friends and there are different ways of making the occasion. 

2. History of Galentine’s Day 

It originated in the brilliant imagination of Leslie Knope, the vivacious character from “Parks and Recreation.” On this pre-Valentine’s Day feast, Leslie toasted her Ann Perkins-tier pals, coining the phrase “Galentine’s Day” as a symbol of female companionship. This fictitious ritual began in Indiana and has now taken on a global appeal. It is more than just a date: it’s a Leslie-inspired symphony of laughter, love, and gal-power that extends beyond the television screen to real-life celebrations of remarkable friendships.

This non-romantic counterpart to Valentine’s Day acquired widespread appeal beyond television screens. It began in 2010 and has rapidly become an annual event in which women recognize their gal buddies with brunches, presents, and compliments. It emphasises the value of female companionship, transforming a fictitious notion into a real-world celebration of sisterhood, love, and friendship that grows each year. 

3. Galentine’s Day ideas to celebrate in 2024

  • Theme-tastic fun

Theme-tastic fun

Theme-tastic fun

Whether it’s a raucous 1920s flapper party, a neon-drenched 1980s extravaganza, or a comfortable PJ pyjama-drama, choose a theme and rock it like your squad owns the copyright. 

  • DIY Glam Session

Channel your inner makeup artist by giving each other sparkling makeovers, outlandish haircuts, and temporary tattoos. Consider it war paint for the struggle against boredom! 

  • Get crafty and creative 

Channel your inner Picasso and create some holiday decorations together. Consider it a creative evening but with more champagne and fewer glue gun burns. 

  • Movie Marathon

Keep your popcorn and booze ready for Movie night! Choose a genre, rom-com for laughter, chick flicks for tears, or horror films for screams and snuggles. Remember this is a judgement-free zone, so enjoy the cheese! 

  • Karaoke drama

Karaoke drama

Karaoke drama

Channel your inner Beyonce and sing your favourite songs. Don’t stress about hitting the correct notes, instead enjoy the off-key harmonies and the pure delight of singing your heart out with your best friends. 

  • Extravaganza Gift

Swap presents but have fun! Consider Secret Santa with humiliating childhood photographs, homemade friendship bracelets, or personalised mugs with inner gags only your squad understands. 

4. Outfits inspiration for Galentine’s Day

Avoid the rom-com cliches! Vibrant colours scream girl gang ambitions, while comfy chic looks great for brunch or soirees. Rock your style, with sisterhood flashing brighter than sequins. Let us rewrite the fashion script, celebrate in style, and create memories that glitter. Here are a few options:

  • Coordinating colours

For a cohesive team look, use coordinating hues or a complementary colour palette. Own your colour narrative, whether it’s pink and orange, gold and silver, or rainbow bright. 

  • Sequins and sparkles

Add some shine to your party! Don’t be afraid to wear sequin gowns, flashy accessories, and anything else that sparkles like a disco ball on a sugar high. 

  • Comfy Chic

It  is all about having fun, not suffering from fashion weariness. Wear your most comfortable pyjamas, your trendiest leggings, or whatever else that makes you feel your most relaxed and beautiful. 

  • Vintage Chic Gal

Channel your inner Audrey with a tea-length flowery dress, cat-eye sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. Sip cappuccino at a tiny cafe and embrace timeless beauty. 

  • Boho Beauties

Wear a flowering maxi skirt with a lacy crop top and striking jewellery, such as stacked necklaces and fringe shoes. Unleash your inner free spirit with a picnic in the park. 

5. Galentine’s Day party ideas

Ditch the flowers and raise the mimosas! February 13th isn’t only for lovers, it’s also a galentine’s day to honour the queens in your life, your strongest friends. Let’s replace melancholy sonnets with laughter-filled soirees. Dive in for party ideas that are filled with female power, glittering memories, and no pressure- just pure, unadulterated fun with your gorgeous squad! 

  • DIY Picture booth

Grab some cardboard, accessories, and a selfie stick to make your humorous picture booth. Think feather boas, silly hats, and play cards that promote your female empowerment! 

  • Balloons Galore

Balloons quickly provide a joyful atmosphere. Choose a monochromatic style, mix and match colours, or even fill them with a little confetti for a surprise burst! 

  • Fairy lights for flair

String fairy lights around walls, windows, and even the ceiling to create a dreamy, beautiful environment. Bonus points if you can discover some that change colour! 

  • DIY Banners and streamers

Channel your inner crafters and create some festive banners with unique inscriptions or inside jokes. Streamers offer a whimsical touch, and if you are feeling very daring, try crafting your own using tissue paper and tape. 

  • Bouquet Bar

Create a flower station with a variety of blooms for a personalised touch. Allow your girlfriends to make their bouquets, honouring the beauty of friendship with a blast of colours and scents. 

  • Sweet Treats Spread

Decorate a dessert table with heart-shaped pastries, cupcakes, and luscious chocolates. Add a touch of fun with dessert toppers with uplifting words or inside jokes. 

  • Empowerment wall

Create an empowerment wall to promote positivism. Encourage your friends to submit positive remarks, affirmations, or recollections, resulting in a visual collage of love and support. 

6. 5 Galentine’s Day craft ideas to make your day special

  • Heartfelt Friendship Bracelets

Weave vivid threads into intricate designs to create bespoke bracelets that represent your special friendship. 

  • DIY Spa Day Kits

Create pampering gifts using homemade scrubs, masks, and bath bombs to ensure your girlfriends indulge in self-love. 

  • Galentine’s Day Vision Boards

Unleash your creativity by arranging ambitions and aspirations on boards, building a common vision for a fantastic future

  • Empowerment Affirmation Cards 

Create cards with uplifting words and empower one another with positive affirmations to enhance confidence and resilience. 

  • Memory Jar

Keep track of cherished occasions by writing down recollections, compliments, and inside jokes on colourful notes, creating a jar of shared joy and laughter. 



Galentine’s Day’s confetti falls, leaving behind a rainbow of shared laughter, unbounded love, and echoes of honoured female friendships. This unconventional day has woven itself into the fabric of our calendars, a brilliant thread representing the beauty of sisters. Galentine’s Day is a tribute to the vibrant relationships that make life so special. From breakfasts to personal affirmations, it’s a celebration that goes beyond expectations, transforming each year into a painting created with shared experiences and lifelong connections. Here are the best ideas for the companions that make each day brighter. For more information, visit NeonPolice


What is the meaning of Galentine’s day?
It falls on 13th February and is a day dedicated to celebrating female friendships. It’s a day for women to acknowledge and celebrate their close friendships, as coined by the television program “Parks and Recreation.”
Is Galentine’s Day for singles?
No, it is generally celebrated by female friendships. It’s a day to celebrate friendship and the unique relationships between women.
Is Galentine’s Day only for girls?
It is popularised by “Parks and Recreation,” which is generally a celebration for female friends, although the spirit of the day urges everyone, regardless of gender, to value and love their mutual connections.

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