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Is Daily Makeup Good for Skin?

by Lorean

Makeup is one of those two-edged swords we sometimes deal with daily. On the one hand, it’s lighthearted and feminine. A single touch of eyeliner and blush can instantly enhance our confidence. But there is a disadvantage to wearing makeup. We can’t help but wonder if every dollop of powder is clogging our pores. Or, as Alicia Keys famously rejected makeup earlier this year, are we hiding behind the cosmetics that we use for caring for skin? The holidays, more than just a time for gluttony and gaiety, are an opportunity for us all to recharge and review our beauty regimen. But is it better to avoid cosmetics entirely? Here are some advice and forthright skin experts’ responses to our pesky cosmetics questions. You can check out more such reviews at the official website of Neon Police.

Is Makeup Terrible For Your Skin

Of course, the answer depends on your skin type (whether you have sensitivities, allergies, or skin conditions). Still, according to board-certified dermatologist Fayne L. Frey of Dermatology & Dermatological Surgery in New York, “no studies show makeup application has any downside for most women.” “It isn’t harmful to wear makeup every day,” Ariel Enriquez, Skin Trainer at Massage Retreat & Spa in Minneapolis, told Verily, “but it all relies on the components in the products, as well as how caring for skin you are in removing the makeup.” Enriquez encourages clients to avoid products containing mineral oil, lanolin, or D&C colorants. Joel Schlessinger, a board-certified dermatologist and RealSelf writer based in Nebraska, agrees with Enriquez. High-quality cosmetic products would not harm your skin’s health. He suggests using mineral makeup since it stays on the skin’s surface (rather than clogging pores) and forms a natural barrier against environmental influences.

Advantage Of Not Wearing Makeup For A Short Period

Dr. Frey claims that “‘Self-proclaimed’ beauty gurus will extol the virtues of cosmetics, claiming that the skin cannot breathe without it. The truth is that skin does not breathe. You do it through your lungs!” Without a barrier, your skin will “discharge dead skin cells faster,” which isn’t necessarily bad. She claims that using cosmetics appropriate for skin care shouldn’t be a problem. If you’ve been experiencing breakouts or discomfort, you can take frequent breaks to find out which product harmed your skin.

After Holidays Can The Cosmetic Routine Resume As Normal?

Enriquez recommends that clients “always double-cleanse their skin after wearing cosmetics.” “Never sleep in makeup because it prevents your skin from fully shedding,” she advises. On your pillow, old skin cells, cosmetics, and environmental contaminants will gather (Ew!).”

Dr. Schlessinger, like Enriquez, believes that the essential habit is cleansing at night. He suggests that you practice cleaning your brushes. (Guilty!) “Makeup brushes, if not properly cleansed, can carry hordes of bacteria that can cause major skin harm.” In addition, buildup on dirty brushes can cause them to deteriorate faster, harming your makeup application.” You can use a spray cleanser once a week and deep clean them once a month with a brush shampoo. Finally, you can apply sunscreen every day, rain or shine, even if your foundation contains SPF.

Dr. Frey has some words of comfort for women who are sick of their complicated makeup routines. It is essential to keep it real about your skincare routine. Your skincare should not be a full-time occupation.” (That’s something we can get behind!) Because of the SPF benefits of a foundation, many women are hesitant to abandon it. If you’re ready to follow Alicia Keys’ advice and eliminate your makeup in 2017, “The answer is simple,” she says. In the morning, liberally apply an SPF moisturizer or a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.” Finally, you don’t have to stop caring for skin and doing your skincare during the holidays to benefit your skin. (However, going without makeup would undoubtedly offer credibility to your PJ party.) As we approach the new year, ensure that you consistently caring for skin with this professional guidance, and you’ll be fine!

When Should You Avoid Using Makeup?

1. During Exercises

Wearing cosmetics during a training session is not recommended for individuals who enjoy makeup and fitness. Your oil and gland pores open up during exercise. Moreover, applying a thick layer of makeup can even clog up your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. It can also cause wrinkles, dark circles, etc.

2. When Makeup Expires

Keep an eye on the labels of the cosmetics that you use for caring for skin. Products that have passed their expiration date will not benefit your skin. It will cause more harm and annoyance. Expired cosmetics can also harbor bacteria, which can lead to skin diseases.

How To Prevent The Side-Effects of Makeup?

1. Purchase the Correct Product


Purchase the Correct Product

Each skin type is distinct. As a result, you cannot utilize a thing simply because someone else is. Learn about the tips for skin care based on your skin type and choose items that are suitable for it and do not create an allergic reaction. Check the product label to see if you are allergic to any ingredients. If you’re unsure, run a patch test with a testing product.

2. Moisturize


Moisturize | Neonpolice

Regardless of your skin type, it would help if you always used a moisturizer. According to tips for skin care, those with oily skin may believe moisturizing will make the skin oilier, but this is not true. Moisturizing will assist you in maintaining your skin’s protective barrier. It can help you avoid skin problems, including dryness, redness, and acne.

3. Use sunscreen

Use sunscreen

Use sunscreen | Neonpolice

Sun damage prematurely ages your skin. As a result, it is critical to follow tips for skin care and use sunscreen before applying any makeup. If you are uncomfortable wearing sunscreen, utilize a sun-protective moisturizer and foundation.


Is it mandatory to remove makeup before bed?
Removing your makeup before bed requires a makeup remover, and then washing your face with a gentle wash.

What happens if you leave makeup on your skin for a long time?
Your skin pores might get clogged if you apply makeup regularly and leave it on your skin for a long time.

Does Skin Type matter in selecting the makeup type?
The makeup type depends on whether your skin is dry or oily. If the makeup products do not match your skin type, they can make your skin drier or oilier.

Can you wear makeup during workouts?
During workouts, your oil and gland pores open up, and applying makeup can cause wrinkles, fine lines, acne, blackheads, etc.

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