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Explore the Best Places for Nightlife in Edinburgh

by Lorean
Nightlife in Edinburgh

Edinburg is a literary city famed for its many colleges, but the lesser-known truth is that the city also boasts a vibrant nightlife. Several taverns and nightclubs are located around the city to keep guests entertained late at night. The city has a wide variety of pubs, from old ones in the Old Town to modern ones in the New Town, catering to diverse guests’ moods and preferences across generations. Whether you choose a classical play, stand-up comedy, or local bands in small bars, live entertainment is essential to every  Edinburgh Nightlife. There are undoubtedly other locations to enjoy Edinburgh’s nightlife, but the ones listed at Neonpolice are the greatest.

List of the Best Places for Nightlife in Edinburgh

There are multiple places that you can visit for nightlife in Edinburgh. However, we at Neonpolice have curated a list of Edinburgh nightlife. The list of the best places for Edinburgh nightlife is as follows:

1. The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters | neonpolice

We can’t discuss Edinburgh pubs and clubs without including The Three Sisters! The Three Sisters, located in the heart of Old Town, is a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. One of the main draws of this Irish bar is the inexpensive beverages provided in its outdoor beer garden. Throughout the year, The Three Sisters offers food festivals, comedy acts, and significant sporting events on a giant projection screen to keep its visitors entertained. It is one of the best places for Edinburgh nightlife

2. OX184


OX184 | neonpolice

OX184 is Edinburgh’s best late-night food stop, serving cuisine till 3 a.m. It is primarily a restaurant that transforms into a bar when evening approaches. The space is ample, with an upper seating area where you can unwind with your family and friends after a long day of touring and traveling about the city. It is one of the best places in the city and one of the best places for nightlife in Edinburgh.

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3. Tigerlily

Tigerlily, located on George Street in Edinburgh’s New Town, offers a contemporary environment. A slightly older demographic generally attends the location. However, a few groups of university students also frequent it. Even if the stiff drinks are expensive, the distinctive flavor is worth the price. Tigerlily is one of the best places you can visit for Edinburgh nightlife.

4. Why Not Nightclub

Why Not Nightclub

Why Not Nightclub | neonpolice

Why Not Nightclub is one of Edinburgh’s most popular hangouts, it draws visitors from all over the city due to its large dance floor, LED room dedicated to hip-hop classics, two bars, large outside terrace, and abundant VIP seating. With its broad cuisine, there is something for every guest. So you know where to go when you want to enjoy the nightlife in Edinburgh and lose yourself while dancing indefinitely to funky music.

5. Frankenstein


Frankenstein | neonpolice

Frankenstein is one of Edinburgh’s oldest pubs, housed in a 19th-century church. With a dance floor, weekday trivia evenings, and a huge TV showing vintage black and white and night movies, the pub provides an ideal relaxing setting for its patrons. Its main draw is a massive Frankenstein monster that falls from the ceiling once every hour, complete with flashing lights and smoke flowing from its torso, making it one of the best places to explore Edinburgh nightlife.

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6. Ensign Ewart

This old pub, located near Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile, was founded in 1680 and is famed for its Scottish whisky. Every night, the bar hosts live performances for visitors, transporting them to an ancient period of grandeur as it entangles them in melodic live music. So, Ensign Ewart, it would help if you indeed made time for him in Edinburgh.

7. Beer & Skittles

Beer & Skittles

Beer & Skittles | neonpolice

Beer & Skittles, located in Edinburgh’s New Town, is a well-known Sports bar selling fruity drinks. The establishment has TVs, pool tables, and a dartboard, just like a traditional sports bar. Skittle Tipple – vodka blended with genuine skittles — is the place’s most renowned cocktail and must be experienced when visiting. Beer & Skittles will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience exploring the nightlife in Edinburgh.

8. Tonic


Tonic | neonpolice

What makes Tonic one of Edinburgh’s most fantastic nightclubs, if not the upbeat and grooving music, the excellent cuisine, and the one-of-a-kind drink, undoubtedly contribute to the bar’s popularity. Every weekend, it transforms into a club, with the city’s greatest DJs flooding in while you dance to their rhythms, making it one of the most popular spots to explore the nightlife in Edinburgh.

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9. The Hive Nightclub & Venue

The Hive Nightclub & Venue, a favorite hangout for younger university students, has become a must-see attraction in Edinburgh. The club includes live DJ performances throughout the night and several specials on inexpensive beverages, so you and your wallet can both relax and have fun.


Edinburg has fantastic nightlife that will undoubtedly transform your opinion of the city. There will be no boredom with this incredible selection of bars, clubs, and pubs. Having the best nights out in Edinburgh involves being at these clubs and exquisite sampling beverages and unusual food while shaking a leg on the dance floor to upbeat music and a hip crowd. Plan a vacation to Edinburgh and experience nightlife you’ve never seen before. Book your flight tickets with Agoda it is the easiest platform to book tickets. Moreover, you can check the official Neonpolice website for more such articles.


Does Edinburgh have good nightlife?
Edinburgh is famed for its vibrant nightlife, with a wide range of bars, pubs, and nightclubs sure to provide you with a fantastic night out with your friends.
Is Edinburgh a party town?
Edinburgh is a proper party city where you may dance and drink till the early morning hours. During the summer Festival, the lively atmosphere brings the night to life, and late licenses allow the celebration to continue until the sun rises.
Where is best for night out Edinburgh?
OX184, Beer & Skittles, Tigerlily, and Tonic are some of the best places for a night out Edinburgh
Where can I go out in Edinburgh?
You can go to several clubs to explore the nightlife in Edinburgh. However, Frankenstein is one of the best places to visit in Edinburgh.

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